The Hammer Golf Swing : The Hammer Golf Grip
The Hammer Golf Swing : The Hammer Golf Grip

In this segment I’m going to talk about the
grip. The right-hand grip and the left-hand grip. If you truly had a hammer and there
was a nail right here how would you hold that hammer? Would you hold it like this? Would
you hold it like this? Your
hand would be parallel with the wall. If there’s a wall here, your hand is parallel to the
wall which would be straight down the target line in golf, which enables you to use your
wrist in this manner.
They talk about turning your hands over in golf, and for some swings, that works. But,
not for the Hammer Swing. The Hammer Swing, if there was really a nail; would you ever
turn over to hit it straight? No, you would (swings hand at wrist). And that is the wrist
hinge for the Hammer Swing. Right-hand grip. Pick up a hammer. You have any questions?
Pick up a hammer. Left-hand grip. Similarly, if there was a nail right here and you had
a hammer, would you hold it like this? Would you hold it like this? Would you want it to
turn over? Or would you want it to hit straight? You would want it to hit straight. So, in
my left hand, I’m holding this hammer in a way that it would work to hit it straight
in. In that position I see three to four knuckles on the back of my left hand. Pick up a hammer.
See for yourself. That is going to hit the nail straight in. So, and this is tremendously
important, try to hit a nail in straight in some other position. Left-hand grip. Right-hand
grip. And that, basically, is the hammer grip. Pick up a hammer. See for yourself. Try it.
And, here it is. The hammer grip and hitting a nail or a ball straight down the fairway.

15 thoughts on “The Hammer Golf Swing : The Hammer Golf Grip”

  1. Hector Tan says:

    That my friend is beautiful logic. Already I'm a believer.

  2. Upstate Flyer says:

    What on God's green earth????

  3. bowhunter2439 says:

    I think hes hammerd

  4. 16penney says:

    Sounds a bit like another golf swing method: the Jerry Heard swing. I pound nails for a living, used to play golf a bunch too. No carpenter I know of uses both hands to pound a nail, which is why swinging a hammer is so much easier to learn.

  5. Terry .W says:

    actually a lot of instructors get confused as to how to release a golf club properly. they say to rotate your forearms through the shot. this is incorrect. the right hand hits the ball straight on. "the flip" occurs when the ball is too far back or you have an improper weight shift.

  6. fatalsignal says:

    Yes … I think this is the best understanding about good grip. I think many lessons do not explain why the good grip is look like that. I had a very big slice trouble when i started golf because of my bad grips. I corrected my grip by myself, but I payed very much costs and time+ for that…. I think this tip is the easiest and basic understanding mechanism about good grip.

  7. Mollineaux says:

    Unless you are under 16 and starting out forget about developing a swing like Luke Donald. What this guy says not only works, it will give you a sound swing and save you years of frustration if you listen to him !

  8. Domingo says:

    You actually have zero knowledge of how the golf swing works, it is actually embarrassing.

  9. Domingo says:

    You are a fucking ignorant. @TheRealOzzie234 is right. Go grip it like luke donald and stall and jump and flip all you want have fun hitting it 250 all over the place. If he is wrong which he isnt, Just explain david duval to me.

  10. Domingo says:

    What does Duvall have to do with this drill, Your so ignorant, What if all you know alls who are all PGA professionals talk nonsense and ruin talented golfers with bad instruction. With this drill your clubface stays so much squarer and it helps to move your body in the way it should hense duval with a 'Shut' club face number one player in the world untill hank haney weakend his grip and oh look fell off the face of the earth.

  11. Mark Friedman says:

    Simple and clear.  Jay is a master at explaining the real fundamentals of the golf swing. 

  12. Eric Harkness says:

    Get ready for some hooks with that grip! Take it from me – if you don't hold off, your wrists will naturally turn over and BEHOLD – the dreaded snap hook.

  13. Chris Gardner says:

    Jay – Is the 4×4 a training tool you use to prevent over the top?

  14. meistertynemouth says:

    I have found that it works great but I must transfer my weight right over during the swing. If I don't a snap hook is the result

  15. Methodic L says:

    I wish I saw this ten years ago damn it! I spent all this time struggling until I came across this and I'm finally consistently hitting it straight and far with ease. After trying every silly drill and thought process the so called teachers tell you to string you along and make sure you keep sucking so they can keep taking your money, it turns out this is all you need to know. Basically the secret to golf.

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