The Hammer Golf Swing : How to Choose a Golf Club

In this segment I’m going to explain how the
hammer swing can help you select clubs when you’re between two clubs. I’m sure that many
times you’re in a situation where you don’t know if you should use one club and swing
hard or use a less of an angle club, a stronger club, and hit it easy. For example, you’re
a certain distance, 140 yards, 150 yards, and you don’t know if you should swing hard
at an 8 iron or easy with a 7 iron. The hammer swing, and you probably know the answer already,
makes this very clear and easier to do. Because, we know that it’s more difficult to hit a
nail straight in with a bigger, harder swing than it is with a shorter, easier swing. So,
if you’re between clubs, let’s say you’re not sure if it’s an 8 iron or a 7 iron. Would
you take that 8 iron, look at that nail and hit that nail in super hard? Or, would you
take a 7 iron and take less of a swing? You see that nail and you want to hit that nail
in easier. Which one is easier to do? Obviously, if a carpenter had a chance to hit in a nail,
would he rather go like this, or like this? It’s always easier with a smaller swing. The
hammer swing clears that up very easily. If you’re between clubs and you’re using the
hammer swing, go with the longer club and swing easy when you’re in between two clubs
on the course.

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