The Greatest R/C Car Chase Ever
The Greatest R/C Car Chase Ever

*Engines Reving* *action intensified* *police sirens* *car crash* *car crash* *helicopter sounds* *heicopter sounds* *driving towards the Heli* *crashes *Cars trying to start*

100 thoughts on “The Greatest R/C Car Chase Ever”

  1. silênt nøødles says:

    I remember watching this shit when I was little

  2. Javaid Iqbal Shah says:

    fruit stand right there for more dramatic effect…..

  3. X33 Ultrasound says:

    Cops need to learn how to land jumps.

  4. olteanu alexandru says:

    A lot of decepticons and autobots in this video

  5. Jetrick Gordo says:

    I'm trying to imagine how they film this especially the close up during the chase. Makes me laugh a little.

  6. Marlon Gacha :3 says:

    New Need For Speed looks awesome

  7. Dan Erickson says:

    Nice camera shots!!

  8. Jonathan Lopez says:

    This guys are so talented. They Evan have an rc helicopter. Amazing this ppl.

  9. Snutz, D. says:

    R.I.P. B.B.

  10. Vendacator says:

    Why am I here?

  11. DefinitelyNotABot says:


  12. Juan Cruz says:

    Damn I just realized this was released back in 2012. Why is YouTube just recommending this now? Anyway, that was pretty cool

  13. Blazze777 says:


  14. Mark Hatch says:


  15. 1hard2findbro says:

    Rip Big 😇

  16. Kapapu says:

    Around 2014 friend of mine send this video to my nokia 500 old phone via bluetooth,, and today its randomly on my recomendation lmao

  17. Charlie D says:

    Fucking kool! I Am a real Master Auto Technician and R/C buff and I approve this video!

    🔧🚗 🔩 🚔🔨🚁

  18. The Alaskan Husky says:

    Knock off need for speed

  19. Based Patrick says:

    The new need for speed looks great.

  20. Richard Cranium @ Dicks Inn says:

    What did the Camaro driver do after beating a mustang?

    Turned his Xbox off & went to bed.

  21. Allen Jones says:

    All these comments and nobody's gonna acknowledge the Rob and big black are 2 of the 4

  22. Abubakar Juma says:

    The jump was nfs most wanted last scene escape

  23. nightspeed98 says:

    Fast and furious one was better. Curious what cars were used. One looked like a 4tec.

  24. Joel Williams says:

    This makes me happy!

  25. Leo unknown says:

    This is 100x better than the need 4 speed movie

  26. StarBirds 007 says:

    what is this chassis made of??

  27. Chozeh Abaddon says:

    You idiots. I love it!

  28. Some random fatass asian says:

    Not gonna lie I was hoping the Porsche would crash so i could make a Paul Walker joke

  29. Robert S says:

    Hey at least its not CGI.

  30. Block Dude says:

    Nfs heat looks great

  31. M Giovanni says:

    The Fast and the Furious RC edition!

  32. Mighty Megatron says:

    @1:36 that helicopter 😂

  33. killachief187 says:

    Nice ! 😉👍

  34. Vishal Dayal Panta says:

    New most wanted looks kinda real 😲

  35. Phil Jackass says:

    Physics lesson.

  36. sam2x13 says:

    I call B.S. There is no way that crowd plow out ran the police, jumped a helicopter but didn't run over one person.

  37. ClarkesMadRc's says:

    sponsored by traxxas and pro-line

  38. Terry Bruce says:

    Too far fetched, in real life a Mustang will just make a lot of noise but wont be able to run away from the Corvettes.

  39. Matt Berry says:

    Surprised the mustang didn't go into a crowd of people like they all do in real life

  40. Hideo Kojima says:

    I thought it was a crew 1 trailer

  41. Sir Neymz says:

    The police never drift got it!?

  42. Meekanemone GamingYTz says:

    i want my cartoon show like this!

  43. The Sprawl says:

    I keep expecting the Team America puppets to step out of the cars

  44. The Sprawl says:

    'Merica / fuck yeah! / comin' again to save the motherfuckin' day yeah

  45. Diptangshu Bej says:

    Need for speed not wanted2

  46. 29kalel says:

    Mustang for the win and awesome finish!

  47. Vrathaaset, Reaper of Lordran says:

    The cops would've won if they had uprighting hacks like the racers.

  48. JayXJ says:

    The Mustang wasn't supposed to land so smoothly at the end lol.

  49. Beast Alan 邵成鑫 Siu Alan says:

    NFS Edition!

  50. Blaagnarth The Destoyer says:

    Rip big

  51. ULTRA INSTINCT Zack says:

    2012: Hold up wait a minute sutton ain't right

    2019 YouTube: Put it on recommendation

  52. MarkNight says:

    The fuckin stupidest thing existing on this fuckin stupid platform

  53. Mir Mujtaba Ali Talpur says:


  54. whitelivesmatter ? says:

    "i want every single unit after this guy."
    "EVERYOONE!!" -Cross 2005

  55. 007 says:

    If this made in 2019, the mustang would've ran into a crowd of action figures.

  56. Don Jackson says:

    Must be a Mustang dream… 2 Corvettes can't catch him hahahaha!!! Nice video 👍

  57. Roblox_craft guy says:

    a lot of nfs mw stuff in that vid

  58. TBudz 85 says:

    Corvette cop cars thats a new one

  59. Trillinx says:

    When your mom wants you to play outside instead of playing NFS Most Wanted

  60. JayXJ says:

    Why is the GTR making V8 sounds?

  61. waterrR says:

    Me and the boys when we got no drivers license

  62. Lance Uppercut says:

    It was slightly ruined by some guys playing with there joy sticks sucking lemons.
    Kwl vid indeed

  63. Stanley Plock says:

    Awesome! I was waiting for the cops to do a Pit Maneuver.
    Maybe next time?

  64. Neelanshu Kumar says:

    1:06 lol

  65. RiotontheRadio says:

    Why are old as fuck videos from 2012 being recommended to me in 2019

  66. Andre says:

    Still better than any Fast and Furious film

  67. Vic Terzian says:

    I've never seen this before this was so awesome

  68. Kiiroi Kodomo says:

    The cars are made of jello

  69. slickmet says:

    This was awesome 🤣🤣🤣

  70. Bryan Swilik says:

    Stupid , but Great !

  71. Karthik M Nair says:

    No Corvette RCs were destroyed in the making of this film

  72. Fulvio Leo Cabrera says:

    R.I.P Christopher Boykin

  73. Aye says:

    The ultimate midlife crisis

  74. Jamal Accra says:

    i remember watching this so long ago

  75. Jawa Deepak says:

    7 years 💥😑

  76. W1CK3D WAYS says:

    They should make a part 2

  77. Mad Max says:

    Smart car

  78. Daily Dose of E85 says:

    Pure gold🤣

  79. honeymak says:

    hey…..a good one

  80. Skilled Gamer says:

    comparing to year 2019 ur content is best

  81. Ahmed LAHLOU says:

    Amazing. I loved it. Great job guys !

  82. Kai甲斐 says:

    Wait… this is of Duck Season right?

  83. Shivam Kumar says:

    Still better than nfs trailer

  84. Yushamen Thari says:


  85. CozmicPlayz Minecraft says:

    Fruit stands every time man

  86. Julian Cheatham says:

    Peep Rob Dyrdek and Big in the beginning my guy.

  87. TheBoltMaster says:

    So this is how car chase scenes in movies are filmed

  88. Funding Gym says:

    So awesome ! 16430

  89. DexDecentDrip. says:

    2:09 The Mustang said We did it!
    Others: I was scared 😧

  90. The Most Original Gamer says:

    2:08 wat they talk ⁉️

  91. MerksPintSizedPenis says:

    This has to be the most autistic thing I've ever seen

  92. scruffs says:

    Better than all the recent fast and Furious movies!

  93. Obvious O G says:

    I used to watch this when I was like 4 and I haven’t watched this in years so I came back

  94. John Owens says:

    WELL DONE, THAT WAS AWESOME ! I miss my RC car this video makes me want to dust it off and go for spin . 🙂

  95. EyedIce says:

    The Bullies asking me if I found anything interesting and I said their souls.

  96. МЕХАНИКА БЛАГ says:


  97. Lowe Brawl Stars says:

    It’s very nice video.

  98. DAYDEN RAMOS says:

    Not 2019 like

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