The Great Gildersleeve: Flashback: Gildy Meets Leila / Gildy Plays Cyrano / Jolly Boys 4th of July
The Great Gildersleeve: Flashback: Gildy Meets Leila / Gildy Plays Cyrano / Jolly Boys 4th of July

both government presents the great you
know there’s a link between the going on that’s the great gilded slave starring
aro baro brought to you about a crap load company makers of a complete why
don’t they must quality food products woollen out notoriously this evening is in a
reflective mood citadel onto the porch swing after dark
you drive slowly back and forth watching the fireflies looking over the
long breathing the soft money there under seven wisteria boston the aroma of a good fifteen cents
planeta through his head their runs it through and new let me data of the lion king loriann the uh… i remember the first time i ever felt
that them out the first time of the victims who’s doing the early days of the war and it happened right here right here on this long do you think it is the against most of it love at first
sight i remember i was over on that the other side a fitting the heads one
day and leroy i was watching a movie filling up sheraz leroy bilbao then i’ll keep on that truck uh… well as none of your business
because it’s not polite to soup that’s why whistle you learn that the better women for divider into opening not being leroy lady rafael
eight wait a minute wasn’t it i know you didn’t ask bruno malle lost their lives makes no difference anyway issue young woman faster no no no i was just asking don’t care
one way or another needs of the emmy for heaven’s sake seems a little strange if you didn’t
find out what i think was that song and in fact i have to buy no no no i don’t
want to do that defying the law the people’s affairs done another that already i think you should learn my boyhood
whatever’s with doing it always was doing well know that of satellite i’ve got a tasty mistakes melisa hello margie cutting-edge that’s
a silly question idea but as a look as if i would do it it looks as if you are clipping the
locks to right there but it was cut family yesterday well if you should see it it goes very quickly this idea you know terrible thing if you let it get ahead
of you taking no chances organization whose so the neighbors as you said earlier i
mean i was unable to suddenly right going over in finding out does he have to shout edad sleigh ride
but is it out idea i don’t know what you’re talking about
leroy you all speak to me to volunteer kid there’s no political yelling all
over the neighborhood window levi come on in the house everybody we can
stand up against a republican don’t mind but about you think it’s all right to monitor when
other things certainly you don’t think it’ll grow some time
will be able to see next door inside marjorie missile the right away that would open the
window i told you not stand there staring bad
shortcomings on uh… what is it oh a baptist equipment that had very
busy or that is due to really well i know what that is that that she
has not seen the movie level three fed sick it kind of marker strategy at their house peeping tom still active blues bb this logically creek doesn’t think that they have to admit that correct mourn did you ever see amend it a little over dot if you ask me let’s
overdone it up alike a little-known sincere in their to the right place it’s all right if you happen to cap it
at type of thing but no i don’t think it’s fair to judge a woman by a rough
starting there i haven’t even all of the it leave you
alone come away from there here’s a comeback that captain out soon needed for her to get capital of the
awful massive he listed and questionable more rescue well then leroy i want to spend less time were on
that bus people here after tell me he’s reading comic books sake but such is carried it’s not yes but they do it it is a passive not nineteen forty two don’t knock parasol my dear some of the happiest moment of my life
of instead of the paris alls at my life is not over my radio where my guest next where’s my armpit nevermind where’s that helped leroy you’ve been playing commander of
the entire cannot alright then help me find all of the mines helmet you’ve been growing idealist now why would i want a girl idea helmet
i don’t know growing atm everything else around here markets at the time i quit with you you know you really i have a special
place where i can just keep it there on good morning i have well but i can remember the place great farmhouse also burn down if i had fun too all right we’re all you just go on it well what a hahahaha and but later as bad weather but it isn’t
finding work though bidders on on panama so that i’ve been on for me would you
mind in milieu manner why not because gore i don’t know and i can’t tell you we
played two military secrets captain legal until more is having a private
alert yet group we have to take care of the windows and
our concern on promises diverted to class i don’t know yet uh… got everything arm them flashlight smelling salts to might help i’ll show you know what that certainly
work you’ll never get a number of carousel
always that so parable you rewind does and roses party and decide the matter and send
them to do lol good missus ransom and allow me to present myself a lot
more complete your sleeve you’re a red wine at your service or what harming do and i just want to know this is
mentioned that you can count on me in a blackout do you do i life welfare camera well thank you chris is ransom buses david imminently house down
payment details what’s that rackets and apne nomination they don’t have by now letdown cast down shut since then
and i liked yes that show medium and small room you assume you might guess met life we have you been sometime today you probably say that all the everywhere now i guess tiger fashioning the content
happened at many see how much intiki and staffing avocado volunteer spot you
had on the table wrong that might have to go thank you at the gallery might help them are that coward our popular way apc afraid this is a that night because
ransom but as your report and i felt was my duty to stop by and check your
defenses and not posting against incendiary is sitcoms i’m afraid i’m practically defenseless
because guy and not alone in this baidoa uh… constraint al apko alice cool one of those or not ashfield inside marriage was to dropping
iraq now not just on our copy that’s what we’re here for missus ransom
in an emergency just called me only to bladder ovary email but most importantly uh… with uh…
anytime day or night and right next door i could be over here with us and and
shovel in the fines for in this stuff and half of it but i think that side there are no mrs
read some combat another date there’s nothing i could one thing that you know it’s really
think it’s not asking two month old road out though high-ranking maybe i should not stand
the test it’s our happy a man would have to be
critical hopeful deadbeat ruby for me lead me to well it’s that kind of a life hell i’m
afraid minimum will oversee credit kaka bag and i think at the end of the
room uh… we’ll soon see nice no lesson this complex preferably practice
albanians that belonged to my grandmother eighteen of if yours is not a commented that everybody had a good idea
said a month prizes but only with them read from br it but when you sell these all that it
is then mind and in the millions dallas wrongly said there was nothing have nothing at
all that was born out bring there area yesterday dot on dot how i can havoc on
but it’s a pleasure his offensive well now that’s just my mom uh… grandma
beecham again now them all but stands to benefit i dont know blood they work banking on unmotivated about half f let me start asking bob we need to know that here yes some sharp and lineup babette workbook on school
grows into every one of the the e for driving here more of the great man’s
reminiscences in just a few moments but listen i know friend believing if at
first you don’t succeed try try again how i get it you’ve been trying and
trying to buy some party margarine and you’ve succeeded that’s right yesterday i walked into my food storm
was always surprised to find my favorite spread program well now that’s not so
surprising afterall craft is frequently supply weapons of stores from coast to
coast with limited quantities of delicious
flavor friends party in fact were making all the park in
margarine possible under present conditions and every effort is being
made to distributed equitably fair not crystalline of course i dari much like the but i
think parking lot leonard i’m sure you word party has a few fresh country sweet
flavor helps provide such good nourishment to love of millions would
like more of this fine quality spread for their bread toast in roles however with the demand so great
there’ll be times during the present shortage when your dealer can supply so
if park eight sometimes isn’t available i’d say it’s a very good idea to try and
try again please keep asking for p aar chair y parquet margarine day by class now back to the great completely is how
much and his members just like the follows it source of true love and with leland back in those days didn’t seem to settle down make up ur mind or all these other policy take a look at a model of the from line five eight oh two with that would be after that we can speak for a while i remember sitting here on the porch one evening unfolded drugstore person national for
device for you self-discipline dissident leaders all
the myself marjorie was running around in waterford
cc eliminate the dance if you’ve ever with a look but it did not accept i’ve changed my hair it changed
everything i’ve changed my time this is rents and help me visitors i think you’ve got too much lipstick how do you see on yet marjorie that’s not like you you better get used to uncle mark excuse
me and through being a mouse for t_v_ but fans taking the day and this time and see if he doesn’t get
away mrs read superior listen if you want to go up to be just
as it was then forget if you could not missus ransom perf that’s neither here nor there marjorie arsenal sixty which is going to
be a big deal i’ve tried to be a monthly i’m involved and i guess it’s high time somebody took
you aside uncoma it’s high time somebody took u_s_i_ but you’re acting like it to your oldest
salary here you see it he your heart devi who
fucked up and there’s mrs read some of it she’d love to have you taken at the
dentist want you to this because he looked at me too called me of idea don’t you worry about this is
absolutely that’s over of despair leave me alone with my
thoughts fears do you think you go ahead and tell the truth though it might be like it sounds nice waco debt e-ticket receipt e ticket
caristi stock two for alaska right now heats up future tikki tikki tikki community uh… you stay here with me he stopped and stayed with the nobody
else will or to resell he all right mister company all my goodness
methods and waiting for his nephew on the v_ relief he’s your right now that uh… he said that if it’ll be out five
minutes either right icd nice movement either who isn’t recognize cats are good celebrity or the will to
live in fear there you go collapse uh… have a good time okay faded is finally royal garden over weight is just a few didn’t believe uh… view and i don’t mind of today that was a quick refuse you right now i wish she would coming witness the the
phrase but dancing days are over right here but go ahead have a detective don’t
think about the of just you’re not going to just broods about
missus ransom ali that the other stuff throughout the night monday okay front think uh… view salute you that you just uh… credit limit but you’re right but on the porch avocent acted hints that thank you that
in-home interest arts association meeting bar association sitting on a bunch of stuff search
talking about where set i’ve got some ice cream coming later it stratford there’s there’s something
about friends history title goat will go to the bar association right now
they its the world usable tdap no expert level uh… don’t know what i have to give me
watch you going up to thirty th yet fifteen-hour want all the lap of further uh… etiquette that won’t happen everybody that with that enid here wealthy broadcast unionized for union plan right
now uh… nice idea they’ll really t_v_ astronaut bt but
nevertheless you join me leslie no you happen to be
giving them populate the ready for both of us games tend to think
you know that you can still too much and screaming jacket and pants through yeah those udaipur next door inferential something he within information the other day
sharpened coordination uniontown negatively affect right nine kind of a
lessee type demand we have reserved in my opinion
interestingly you don’t know what the raiding and and and than regular continue as a long time new and get to see first activity and
convo miami and see if he’s reading and math
from the deterministic and then the name of the luxury
repeating bologna i’d like to have a state and have a smoke current
configuration within ranch camp inhibiting contingent where you’ve heard of protecting their
fractionated anyway did unite the enjoy again pua coming around are you a south like allies creep split to learn new things that if i said that our friend in some of the people i
could diluted fiercely sup the slightest you’d be deceived below the sahara for all the depressed molly sought decides to leave guys sa peace out from bacteria you to it alone well have a good time everybody have a good time direct oregon that’s a nice old song leverage commitment when this means that you certainly putting a hardik illegal may maybe you have been to the
bottom fluid goes with it they could receive over there with him
on the piano crying your eyes on and i’ve done it for ok sam this i’ve got to do something rare uh… pair a quality review the hottest-selling tactic i want to tell you what do you get them
off staring you know what was it handicaps manufac regimentation dressed
up like to come back again soon i’d like to know tom callahan tomcat
thought he saw buckingham caledonia it would happen montevideo do
you like on each other japanese jacob across the
planet lupa so that was i want to tell you i
would just yet again about the fact that needle cat hang
around with a camera caught curtis hope that if you just on the residential i’ll
protect pat bank if your martin outline of the left
and she came in i guess he’s just in case you love me
upmarket etc who said anything about it that that that the life that brought tears to my screen did you sarami arm if you have any other moms oh former always bring in a letter from the land
afraid maybe is not as cold as it was up at we’ll see this week his soup all old something quick defined as laid out my stupid it’s called quiet notable court quickly falling apart low interest loans aluminum is give you a letter to be for this
nevermind shock not just the thought that time the picture and without which is not the what god tested now that you were thinking of me
remember me that with money that all the green in
the world is something i’ve been wanting to ask
you extortion lamp right along stevens now
shack candidate and one bar excuse me like that unexpected either man and i thought you were going
to bar association accuser i thought that i’d invite missus rants
and that the coroner for an ice cream soda she’s already thanks are you sure of solar water unsettle
your stomach edge courtney strong martin onshore all right but if we go live date for the
sole although you know yes i do want happiness it’s what are you with easter don’t move but just one way to settle this offer fax at yet actually we’ll pick spandex life all around cattleman hahaha but also posted health and we let mrs read sent this out all right holladay at missus selig ethical he about the upcoming if you are seamless at yet lipase minnesota’s throng you you know fallish chaps five yet today appropriate for a little bit like that now a message of special importance in your own kitchen on your own backyard
you personally can help save the lives of several people this year who are
these people there helpless innocent children and tragic victims of war film
by starvation and family wouldn’t countries it is largely up to you how much of the
suffering and death you were allowed you have a real opportunity to help in your kitchen you can help by
preventing food waste by conserving vitally needed food such as perhaps oil
flour in prep wireless people as waste nothing in your backyard your garden can help
supply extra food is so desperately needed people out of all summer cultivate we
flap follow-up crops so your garden through about harvest and i’m cam and preserve your surplus remember the fight against world wide
starvation starts right in your kitchen and in your own backyard mona every now and then the great gilder
sleeve as an adventure which you folks seem to enjoy so much that you write and
tell us we’d like to hear it again so we’re devoting the last three weeks
of our season two recalling some of the great by unfairly escapades we hope you
enjoy them away about me next week eve goodman d_d_t_ over dead one more thing this is buddy poppy buddy poppy is a mighty fine way to
dress up your lapel for a mighty fine cause the shoe you wear one did not everyone flavored played by hal crowther the five dot with clapboard vivica contact and inviting you to attend again next
week for the for the country carpet correctly on the flip for band through the children in your family like
she is then you can be sure they liked abstract
it’s already shimoga turkeys flavored so easy to digest perhaps that is a cheese with that
contains the nourishing food values of mill and it simply delicious bread on
brevard crackers or melted into a luscious cheese sauce for macaroni europe-wide a hundred or more tempting
menu uses for past them provide both delicious varieties golden cheddar fab staff and for mental perhaps death when your shop tomorrow asked for pap
smear the villages jeter cheese form right then b c the national broadcasting
company mooning who the crap closed up on a presents the
great feel this way the that’s the great you know this leaves
starring meryl there brought to you about the crap boots
company makers of a complete line of famous quality food products beyond simply the city lathem bring your book in my office with
you for the dictates of buses who’ve run leading up to the timing on
that mister usery’s congratulations and best
wishes on your fourth anniversary as water commissioner betsy root less today healthy lau like the prices they are
doing behavior is it really four years fourteen student loans for the you know this eve anyone of told me four
years ago that i was going to be a water commissioner either so they were crazy we would have been too which we don’t have a lot of consistency
synthesis requested just say that yes this is just faked what a plumber you know things have been different this
time and i’ve been to sing it even possibly an actor that’s what’s so funny i’ve done acting in my time i did some of the little smoothly you’ve got an edge in the world clementi new he says he feels the other things to active decides to
suggest despite calls for a very little
decisions about effect unfortunately that was something largely got me into
my niece seems mixed up a little theater group
here one year character named bruce fairfield was
running but remember however that second of it
but the first thing you know they had me doing everything including playing a leading role c the garden two oh two tell us a lot of people thought i’ll never forget the time is to be the
first got wind of it didn’t it yes about the issue of this aliphatic i walked in there that people are all right everything yeah well i think he did give let
anybody needed money drinking that some posters is head of the data unless you have one for you front window if i get this darn strain i suppose is also in this morning’s
papers nine hundred but was on the front page random usually get the paper to leave
mentioned feeling like they’ve been lost and found his breakfast references during that’s a lot of the
poster militancy in their own presidency and
advise your starting to talk with the obviously
sakti thi plan didn’t know you have the money come
from student the i did not myself for two days ago relentlessly lesbian are trying to get that have come
one come all in bringing friends really be subject to the in case itself believe you doesn’t start with the final price is printed on the ballot
in about sixty five mhm nineteen definitively the answer
them do you think it will be appreciated bt knives and pins and and he relied player used to go on the family and the man you
did unit and nineteen eighteen term hanuman she was not managed to get the than yes
i’ve hurt you she wanted to remove the early nineteen that’s been a long time ago peak thirty years at least drinking and
partying i’m going to get them the current prime time you see that the crash site fee merrimack you knowing that he and part-time resentment at the time then ice cream injuries temp and humidity the maxine the the the well deals with the famous uh… applied i guess you could have in
the paper all of the haircut no i’m on my way home
i just up and leave your these posters it’ll take a needed it cut the flight relative to determine in a few minutes guess you’ll keep a couple of days most essential ragged though he might
dispute loopnet russia from the test adding actress rehearsal this evening
floyd sab so we’ll have a play of this error
analyst illsley there’s a lot of employed really close to a close date all yes those actors and those love scenes to save you from the issues in the end
of the of the the hello it’s it’s not about two hours ago
there uh… is still enjoying what the play’s
about well seller through them and find religion collected since a busy week getting the tickets
printed in getting the posters out one thing is for his agenda candidate fly well romeo almost another ac right with the judge is given the
studios the mustaches of things scenic pretty fly significantly season that men live non you’ll go to on
the deboers remarks himself slowly conferences began faculty of the middle
east asia that’s going to have to expect that an actor alone leases bruce fairfield gelding he’s the director an earnest prayer that don’t judge the studio suite of me don’t even know
what the play’s about i didn’t say that florida is that i don’t like to class every school child knows there are no peron judging a display that is really a
very well suited to our friend that’s more like it expectancy why mister
fairfield chose the other sleeper the product that’s funny i never thought of
the use of time story tonight is about a million soulful so repulsive in appearance is no woman
whatever look at him old cleaning like a family africans flaw is that the other sears and
certainly not be available as i truly want to just say this will help me
guilty that’s the story of the plane landed they will take you up if you’re
right we have sought to lead the group says to you we liked the the government’s was certainly can make
a as i can say buried under a curse but having our first meeting of the
plane ticket but before i go down there’s one thing i
will not within that bruce fairfield if you try to make a movie on the because of utah partially by the nose will never give you bad impression rock
martin will this play he got me into leave the syrup i hear words about a fellow who saw him
in the morning to look at it well not agree exactly it’s just that he
has a big moves you know i was in fact you think i have a good mood on november the twenty to fifty five do
you know that it up with party in makeup will be going around the big mills and
full of people not more than i am afraid you haven’t
read the plane for the media rent rightly with midway only less not martin well i’ve been busy well perhaps i should explain then without cyrano spectrosc knows that they
don’t play his disfigurement is the whole cause of the tragedy tragedy yes you mean i’d died in the end of course at the end of the things that model uh… like that so much when all the great act is done removed it judy season you’ll call me
and or i don’t buy them know it’s a beautiful story really cyrano is a soldier one of the greatest
saltzman inference and he’s also a poet and very romantic he has a comment in christian and both
of them in love with a beautiful girl named box and me rocks than me but he’s too soon weston always agree even gerchas looking christian is very handsome i think i’ll
go to play the part of christian that kristin is really a very empty
headed young man little girls clothes do alright not not not breaking the rest of the
story christine is still a stupid that when he
makes not to rocks and companies have happening at night he can think of
anything to say so he persuade cyrano to hide in the
bushes and make romantic speeches to earn and soon though doesn’t even likes christians love letters phone do you think christian is stupid but don’t you see cyrano is so aware of his own
unfurnished that he’d never do you have to tell rocks and his love for her the only way you can make up to raise
two christian is different follows dot itself it’s tragic it’s you know splines cyrano his words cyrano spouse in the twins roxanne for christian world doesn sea of attacks on this floor
for us to process the point before she has a chance to find out that
he’s not the man she told me once he’s killed in battle dosn’t heroes team and for years she goes on believing that christians are great love of her
life last you know she just reaches that kind
of them using premium gus doesn’t seem very fair old i think the most wonderful scene how
do you think there uh… yes here thanks who’s the most wonderful steamers doing
he was gone he’s been attacked by an assassin and
he’s done botanic gardens the loan with rocks and sit down with some kathleen committee ubi roxanne it’s late in the afternoon on the stands long disdained and all through the scene the autumn leaves a phone stands for rocks and it’s not i’m not mad or that
she’s been carrying extra hard all these years a letter that was written to harass
christian lay dying on the battlefield long ago she doesn’t know it but it was so you know who wrote the
letter and cyrano takes it from her and reads it red-top martin but you roxanne i a m dot a dying tonight might be of love my heart is still too and i’m done but how are you reading the scene never again will my eyes millions to see
you soon imagine those new gestures of i’d love
to watch and i cried out to priority mostly you
my peers mike tyson my lovely nouveau riche non defoe my heart was never left me for a
second landlords shinobi even in the of the world the one who loves you beyond the law
soon you cannot be reading all of the night
is done and number fourteen you’re having a good kind friend coming
to amuse me or sin blo u martin it is always there we’ll hear more about the owners leave
us you’re on there is still mister lange since we’ve been having his general
shortages fred’s for bread i became an even bigger booster for
parking margarine well i’m certainly glad to hear that tell us more you see i
serve partly for years but during this salvage and sometimes
had to buy other brands i never realized there could be so much
difference in the flavor and quality of spreads now i know and i are family likes park
in the best it’s our favorite spread for roles
breakfast toast and waffles and that’s why it’s like a continues to be the
favorite of millions it’s always of such high quality and so
fresh and country sweden flavor that’s a reason to reply park area sometime so
hard to find in the food stores these days you must mean because it’s so
popular yes even low craft continues to make paula park in the eyes of a
possible under present conditions there’s still isn’t nearly enough to
meet the big demand each dealer however is getting his fair
share of paula parking we’re making soul keep asking for it by name petain r_k_ a
y parking margarine by the kraftfoods company well bessie may have been better productions assunto
below i never saw there was one that had so many directors
quizzing connected to the students director uses around the bosses everybody doesn’t do anything actually just like
in the movie it’d be exactly yeah for my fellow that so many advisors
directors everybody around the house was telling
me how to read my lines including british my dream is busy rehearsing a play for
the following week she went to visit with her two cents
worth it start here on page twelve monkeys uh…
i remember but don’t let your full of their my mental life lost a leg electromagnetic soared to achieve through i draw my bright soared to achieve stereo recanted i don’t play soup bowl with an air
action are not progress yes lee enough i do not interrupt my
concentration pocket so can i ask you to be caught arthur slide off my trip over there ocracoke exactly what i told you a
thousand times it’s not a man named sir missy’s fighting it through i’ll be quite off today mister fairfield showed me all about
fences bruce is a beautiful fencing kept one more or less and i’ll be able to cut
his head off donato falwell this police officer p_m_ makes fun of cereals no i think it’s not very funny nothing funny about psychological journal thinks he has a big no these are very sensitive about see i don’t think yeah things out because you well because he acts leroy i can’t possibly learn this part
of your talking all the time i want to go out and play did play a little copied
asked him to play promise not all that about the cause
somebody else on the gravitate leave me alone are prompting alright alessi side off bicycle with an air my mental i
talk to elect hydro-electric sort from a cheap right you are done by as well try to
reverse of what i think ashoka undressing icon largely tonight’s
my dress rehearsal your play doesn’t go on a lake suite miller the road i’ve got some difficulties to nobody
helps pcc marjorie it it shocked me what do you say enrolling ideally roleplay itineraries mind must now freight thirty somewhere far
far away no i’m just reading figuratively hai with it default you know i try to make the conversation we’ll have no check i’ve got hot chocolate rights here votes i don’t know i suppose a dare by metlife
also lacking hydraulic rights or from its cheap what no data that i don’t know the fireplace
doors of a here hospital for tax from a material so we get this is that right cleaning fairfield eleven of the others the anything there fairly low duty at uh… everybody allowed into the presidential that i got my lines prepping now let’s have some idea chali babbit lights
hat fifty-minute leadership back a little
please expected almost together sleeve using the setting a little modern
personal mister trivial of that’s in my department cars that i
don’t want to talk to about that old man we’re not going to be able to do with him what did you say fairfield we can’t do
it through seattle this is a fine time to
tell everybody the night before supposedly warm and sunny autumn and
it’s everybody in town expects me to appear tomorrow night we sold all these
tickets their posters all over advertising that was your idea to undress dotnet completed outlets of
white can vote on c_ quite give me one degrees well i don’t feel that it’s
radiates what you mean it’s not ready i know every line of the play of words are
i’d say if they did not read it for production i have my professional reputation to
pick up you know what about might have been rehearsing for two weeks i follow
my friends banal but george i’m gonna do it lists annual expedient won’t if you
think i can topple one moment intended to slowly by professional reputation finally do forty on any state or some
other the might of external so that’s it you could just using me let me remind to fairfield oh i’m sure a
m of the finance committee for this theater to deny that it made its project
need another word of it forgive me combined uh… you know all of these rehearsals this trade up i could find part time part will go ahead as stupid as they did you go to a
disincentive for the moment so identity got a little bit kitchen archetype of the loosened food mark what’s going on for this reason
merely suggesting that we get closer the little our second
production hope that that’s a soon and it would be
off second production what i propose to do with europe with
permission of goals is to perform connected into the mud hi repeat reversing it for a month it’s
a much better shape incident nope what do you say that it was the you know you’re gonna do this all the
time you will get a previously it’s a chance of margin she plays the lead you don’t want to stand in the way of an
opportunity for her w caution about it you what we’ll find something to do with the
models production or to have to be something you can learn quickly of
course will you do it reminds me ankle march zero handed to them and i am not don’t feel like your party is small
it’ll be great haha here we got a letter g_e_ can track hiking casey towering adelle if there’s
any other cities accessory heart here’s a program can tell and without a
program harsh first cannibal alfred hitchcock endgame cysteine everything straightened out did you see this will not be delivered pages that i feel this way what’s
happened here i i thought you were going to take action to know split here all that backdrop in all that minded will make it ally looked like just find out more
product is like an actress i wouldn’t know it with it’s horrible words you don’t go away or not i’m nervous and nervous is right a lot more to campaign i a m another
real remember a thing i’ve gotta say but is not forget that he got the cannon house like they’re
ready for you marjorie identity of the president all right is to do the sleeve going we counsel irregular too ladies and gentlemen because of a local
firearm inside the nest a request of you know smoking in the theater i thank you they here k doing a lot of us a little bit of a lot
of flight any operating evident micro avila
kentucky came on a laugh at bad eggplant no ladies and gentlemen the magic that
israel is just ask you to make it small announcement uh… vigorously at i’d fly by knowing the circumstances beyond our
control ladies and gentlemen we were unable to it present cyrano that perjury action items always do it the circumstances beyond
our control except that happen instead we were forced at the last
minute to substitute a very fine little production called it delicate something about it and office we’re going to give you a
pseudo next time ladies and gentlemen cerullo positively be our second
production yes i guess i asked that all several uh… well i i don’t know that i could do that but i’ll tell you what i will do housing is solid hello dealer you know if you see of universitat this is a kind of songs cierto might
have some to a lady if he didn’t sings it was not in reading so i can assure uh… lol gave me he and while i’m still on the land mother and bringing morillon noon prerana and uni means alot more wells when i hold you by but uh… banishing within my maddern the reside mission uh… uh… renoir liz of fair safe it’s something beauty just in a box seven mr peppy lab
directors something to say to me yes fuel afropop ab get off the street so we can get on the
case you’ve sent me out the who teach yourself the the seat if you’ve been converted
into a piece of the laptop is performing this he the right place you know next
week a rousing chloe right now neediest the executor men let him ideal next week rock-bottom
jealously then said no that valujet act uh… at all of the play redfield is so it will return in just a
minute right now during this time what all
spreads for bread are scarce a name that’s especially welcome in food stores
from coast to coast is parquet delicious flavor fresh parquet margarine whenever your food beer cans of fly
you’ll you’ll find the party is the same fine quality is always country sweden
flavored rich in food energy and with fifteen thousand units of important
vitamin a in every problem the kraftfoods company is maintaining
the high quality that is made park aid a favorite of millions and we’re
continuing to produce paula parking we possibly can are only regret is that there’s not more
available of presently every family’s complete needs so please be patient when
supplies are temporarily short and remember to keep asking for that
good name in quality spreads ph r_k_o_ why parquet margarine made by crap every now and then the great guilty flee
has an adventure which you folks seem to enjoy so much that you tell us we’d like
to hear it again store where devoting these last weeks of our season two
recalling some of the great man’s early yesterday asset you have another one
next week so we should listen in if you could ignite books now how wonderful helping menu planning it’s perhaps that villages cheddar
cheese we’ll go from there to so easy to death copies of this error than a hundred
appetizing way tabs that spreads perfection conservatives in fact that step melts molding let’s just go to
the jury is sauce you can forward case divisions of
macaroni eggs and fish because there are a hundred delightful
ways to enjoy perhaps that’s rich mellowed cheddar cheese flavored so by both varieties of this delicious
cheese food golden shudder have stepped and commando have spent you need president easy the national broadcasting
company school scrapbooks confidential as that’s the
great filters so if you the cooler pittsburgh right fielders leave starry
marlboro brachial by the crab boats company makers of a
complete line of famous quality food product for the past couple of weeks we have
been recalling to use some of the great yoga sleeves early experiences tonight
the great man wants to talk about one of the biggest days in his whole life we give you an hour from portland media
loosely ascend as well as i live i’ll never forget last
fourth of july due to birthday as the day the first annual outing to
the judge was sort of come one come all the green you fred i’ve been up late the night before the
committee on arrangements and i was planning to celebrate the anniversary of
the independence of our country by sleeping a little late this morning about seven o’clock outside my window lululu this is through the war on them that was only a year ago can you believe
it you couldn’t buy filers anyway in those
days for freeze their avoidance also then you
can find some way to blow himself up on the fourth i figured i’d better get down there and
see what knew you are you doing stop it don’t tell me that i’ve got a years or i didn’t have will hold your fire light get down there you can’t deny a small boy the fourth of
july as tuesday but i still remember the time i made a
mistake it’s going to be a salute my hip pocket and my best friend sneak up on me with
the peace upon it was burned in my memory i did one anything like that to happen
to leroy place so i get up and she even got dressed fell on my wife palm beach suits my wife
and issues that i had one in the years at oregon state breakfast was a rather the sort of the
eleven th i guess we’re all excited mighty kept jumping up and down and
rushing off places i’ve finally told saddam marjorie i said for heaven’s sake like
somewhere i’m offering broadcasted on you make me nervous i suppose he helping
thirteen eight months i think we’ll after breakfast one thing at a time you
as my serial leroy white kitchens ready i’m ready for life cereal when i get up there here you have the skills briefly rob back to talk about football that says you’ve given me pretty fast all right all those things that uh… uh… however my favorite fruit bread without
a breakfast sponsored you’ll see that without letters this is that all dot that’ll didn’t have said there is a screen the smoking how do you like a good example arrive we could i really i go out there and help her
distilled slowly add the confusion she’ll find a
way out of it what time we leading to the picnic
ground himself ought to be coming by here for supply left for example are we going to take care
happy delegates cousins anyway you are right up together batista’s or howled don’t tell marcia i wasn’t aren’t harmony idea i think you went out into a ranger and don’t you love pretty in your nice
flights in it pretty clear i think that you are not i feel like it if you were manly right yes uh… nobody’s going to make me mad
to date but don’t keep trying real hard well we had work to do that morning but
all of a sudden nothing to do we should drop everything and hang up the flag
what’s the use of having a flag if you don’t hang out on the fourth of july
duties filler three different but fears to be a garbo two flights thing and six percent right here robert surrounded by the flag
then you open the product window get as many sascha largely at the prop
it up with a stick literally can’t find the states to use a
kodak are not stop yeah abu-halima night another window you hold on my lips arctic what for what do you think this whole lot of
that’s all that no i don’t talk and we all know knock
you have to be right we might get out there refuse your headline book go to the flag of the window in his sweater and partly out himself then you look down doodle dog will grow up so still subsided doubled always rings okay won’t know why you’ll come back here at the little devil area happy in the mail files straddling the windowsill in your
stomach at the pump each suit that’s just been
cleaned contract there’s only one thing to do decided future way back in periyar tutoring in space when your life
hangs in the balance and then it happened your elbows with the hanger i’m going to
drop for the guillotine right in the back he appeared there was a rapid trapped
what seattle booking for five hours press juice for five minutes the power of his logic and with the wind
knocked out of your pocketbook them some fool happens long and costly frnd no doubt this is not only limestone data
now at home honored the safe at last paper delivered with my little family but might have been at least interested
in looking at the trial rule glory we proudly from are adequate we all went up front to look at we all agree that it looked just fine
and that’s gaps army thankx yeah how do you like a dream guilt-free i had my way i’d leave it
there all the time visited uh… bsa lipa han but there are other things to do in time
was wasted so i gave you what alone let’s get going abroad in order and will
this be a thing abidinghopelutheran lealan i wonder if
you could give me work activist at rock not me but i think that
would be a little id you are you going out the best of the
things they can impact yes you under i’m gonna sit up reports here for
a while and think about the declaration of
independence repudiated manana telesat dot on this weekend and the
cigarette and i thought how different this was the
mother of four fertilized aquatic o’connor that i’m in space you wrote i don’t know the answer i live in the
world of high schools mike capps financial means revealed
roman candles reference from police fifty-cent skyrocket too anymore suddenly i lived on the law can give him
a little boys admitted to beat the age of six believed was resume craig fuller from across the
street disbelief for a camp and use them as they did what he said filtrate i said to get their aren’t light uh… levi’s inside right now yes and work to do the trick aline rap later translate and you gave you the kenneth acecomm
though that’s fine political offices oakridge studio fathers told you not be
enough to get people grade would you believe you killed him hahaha outraged what’s extreme for former who confirmed
that they can bring that front craig you really don’t you think that overlook regard for the gate and i knew it wouldn’t keep at the gets to see lee right asap i haven’t ed idea why can’t i have to do and i’ll
show you were asked by wine can well no adamant that come on oak park applied manually milkar by dr uh… and no gravel avocado crop up what was going to do i sent them easily wondering how little boys that related
to reach the age of twelve but pretty soon they were back again literally like collar you agreed to avoid no reason to get
angry with him if you want to imagine things discovered how the game conduct ngo here that uh… i think there’s a very wise
decision vary widely rommel would’ve been smart because
there’s a bit was sold with if you left the few facts a little
excitement and a lot of buffalo and preparation it was noon before we know what the
jolly boys overdue leela donald depressive standing on the
front porch week leroy margie and her boyfriend the wagon of insight parent-child canton on claptrap yes that was blowing they wagon denies that a pretty the red white and blue bones on the
table of arson and somebody had planned red white blue
print people from spokesman we police government and the bottom like
seventy percent and believe it or not even for me hotlanta wanted hide government of call quiet but they’ll knows what it does dvd lol life
building at the letter that the worldwide
blindfolded made in front of the country leather work before not tolerate or aftermarket
grandmotherly right now about people monitoring let’s get a connection did turning it down the all altogether alone he had dead about entry welfare stop dot wall behaviour are canada and the the yes there is looks like he’s going to be
a great victory you know when a person’s hungry there’s
nothing quite so satisfying as a slice of bread with your favorite spread papa came out of my favorites that nixon but it’s often so hard to get right now
are being asked to go easy on bread so there’ll be more four hundred people who
really need it so surely you’re not trying to sell me
on the idea of using more that’s why i’m not the point i’m trying to make is that the
bread and spreads our basic hunger satisfying forms two of the foods most vitally needed in
the world today here at home we’re fortunate that
there’s some of both for everyone although we’d like perhaps put it out by conserving bread and spread when they
were in short supply it helps everyone to get a fair share that nothing is going to make me a spark
a fairly and appreciated fine flavor and value or more and i’d like to just add that kraft will
continue to make fall apart a migrant possible under present conditions and distributed as fairly as we can thanks again for being so patient when
supplies of parquet are temporarily ltd yes it’s quite a day the fourth of july everybody had a good time writing out
the picnic ground clear i was a front for the driver margie and marshall college sat together
talking very seriously deployed with playing his book mostly request to be filled with the
leader answer sounded pretty good life is all dressed up for the intent flights forty judge of that on a pair of darkness
isn’t that at some point intended for leg of the farm that’ll do
it he did when was looking very pretty good
big straw hat on leela was wearing something she called
the places camera planes soccer but i like it let me play d the barely got out to the grounds of allies nice would cease fire decides that the
speed but a good deep pool at one point the unload the baskets of food everything was so she still tribute trial asap already applied under the
tree about whether they are in the occupied pressed ahead of the sea by
since president of the jeff who said you were going to be the chef jack’s actually i assume they would just turn
off your super you assuming too fast yeah i’m pretty fair and a barbecue
myself i will attend a barbecue influence plus excel with is just so happens delivered my
recipe for barbecued frankfort yes is acknowledged that this inside and not
by me right i gotta so i think that there are things
like the let me know well my sauce makes it a slide a hot dog i still think you have any regard for i
guess you let me be the shareholders outside colleges there’s any way to the area for awhile i guess they do the job
report the for we’ve got an organization where
the reputation of maintaining summerfield as a trial jolly voice for
all of that cvs is right i’ll withdraw my claim to chest jobs so
why not architecturally not judge you take or no molecular streets photo of the for heaven’s sake you might ask for it
the first place dot that has nothing to do anything to hide let redrawing for show so i’m really finally prevailed tomato cruise ship and somehow i got stuck with a job
afflicting would for a fire some actually i was looking for new york i finally found it down to the correct streetlight which issues are what you
guys would provide na leroy with perfect tax cut in the middle of the what is the
project it’s workable every miami gratefulness
there’s nothing the matter with us in the whole my boy it doesn’t need any
projects i can you help us it isn’t necessary to ground to have a
good time boys oblivious to starkly i’ll gladly i’m still a small band pro-life the building a day i was harder than you
think broken but i can do it gossip fever thank you don’t respect he and slap her are you going to manage that et cetera apne bete length developmental waterfront of eighty six i finally got my dream marshall blur to
go out and collect firewood they’ve been moving around with nothing to do they
seem to have an excuse to go off for a walk by themselves person they came back an hour later they
forgot to bring in a fight latency in mind going back for some more hello that time the rest of us are
getting ready to go swimming a commission of school the journal of
the evidence in this country mister clinton is only for when i say he
wasn’t sentiment that either are you referring to mrs read some sure what’s the matter you better watch your step therefore
remember mister gil garcetti’s been engaged to practically every woman
ponders picnic lawsuit all appeared in commissioner when report life a lot so along with us please temperament profit mentioned about dvd that i get an evasive no and unity
activity part monthly bill for your honor the acting lessons from him or just walked in and anybody can fault rinchen pollack and pablo floating that until at
the just landed back in the whole mantra
family told me well we can actually water without my
knowledge yet must be heavy and you think information let me let me try to get the vehicle on
flatly denied going swimming not judge activity good way to work up an appetite bt and dancing and i think active jackman families musically i wouldn’t go unity
city the magic online at some level only didn’t not committed the remaining course right now too don’t count the
that’s ahead cannot be beat all of us last one was
right for a there like it that’s no way i love the idea the half-hour many people afraid of that
uh… that will that work commissioner a really care lives free ride it’ll go but no one of three also if i
do blasting the swim underwater as a
phantom death why i’m spectrum and sandy slavery it outside it was a lot for this event stallini aftab you cut the uh… ordered makeover you want to say they have a day don’t
worry a lot like to say that all why first i thought highway it their that they don’t like it becker wrote they want to see me step by
at the water he arnold can’t do that k called deviate from the depleted overnight trip to just long-sleeve
a_b_c_ news workers ninety a lot of time you can get hit on the banking down my
throat helen do you know i did it went back to your way vivian tuesday i’d say anything until community believe that what is
that yukiko it’s just right sticky telling unionized maddening effecting rescues rely on weekends and on the floor in here instrument faculty that preventive care one hundred and do it there would you really think he did that shall we say have in when i read the monthly death before
they go on the back him for it yeah god deficit com all forever people are having a good time in the
whatever the judge may discover needed but if you break the case is sauce wasn’t so much i only eight
sixty eight seven but i will say everybody was nice to
help clean up afterwards even leroy did little work the right at that time too much weight
because that would do about the cayman marshall marjorie homeless guy just left to go out to write back in a
way intended perhaps it is just as well no night tonight tonight is the account
martin youbet loans out there think groomsmen yes he is leaving owns arpa pretty tonight an appealing get away from the ferrari by completely means comfortable waltham other gets a little slapped down plot day colby whom they say no could you could send him to leave knock-knock no i can hear every word is
a commitment to a player accordion floyd give us a chance hot day lloyd placing myself so reasonable opinion of they couldn’t seem to get my mind are maybe it was because i couldn’t help
noticing that judge kept trying to slide his arm around me dealers nothing to me towards just the same when she called over to
the concious by judge as a good idea leo i don’t we
all see at one point something we all know well in the city well that’s just the well here it is in the end him flowing k bear the thereafter back head car fairy moreau the the we hope that all of you can have at
least today this summer’s finance our last part of the line this is our last broadcast of the season but in the back again for the kraftfoods
company on september in eleven th if you look at your calender you’ll find
out that september the eleventh is in some deal all it’s wednesday so you remember that in tell your
friends next season you’ll hear the great gilda
sleeve that’s me given on wednesday instead of sunday it’ll be the same network and your local
paper will give you the time of the station i guess all the members of our cash
looking forward to the vacation i’d like to thank everyone of them for
the nice times we’ve had two gether all this year as louise harrison who plays marjorie
flawless heavily-armed leroy and lillian randolph whom you know the bridge getting outside immediate family they
surely mitchell who plays leela ransom and even adair whose e-book thanks to the jolly boys i thank you
brian and ken christy were floyd and chief gates and uh… that not so jolly little boy
tommy bernard who plays with great and a jolly johnny lang announcer uh… and of course that every season it goes
by it we appreciate more and more are two
final standbys over also plays judge robert and which of the grand with
mister beatty as we cover the close of another season
of fun on a great deal this leave we’d like to leave with you this very serious
flaw hold your appetite holed up with the
american idol starving child student record childhood hunger biting into his wide
eisen pollack she ways just for a moment pretend that you
can see on the side this child was normal worst of war now
faces famine pollens spring is back to our children
frolic in the summer israel children of europe and asia long for bread help to feed and you can buy by repeating as little
wheat and rice is possible by turning in used fats and oils eating more of the
political foods as much as possible from your own garden preserving all you do not need wasting
not a scrap a trout in europe when he got some strength back in his
body well thank you for this is an bc national broadcasting
company who

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