The Great Gildersleeve: Craig’s Birthday Party / Peavey Goes Missing / Teacher Problems
The Great Gildersleeve: Craig’s Birthday Party / Peavey Goes Missing / Teacher Problems

phone company presents cards are a as
with great skill dissuade heeheehee the great killed his sleeve is brought
to you by the kraftfoods governing makers of parquet margarine everyday
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down on the sofa filled with that my kids were innocent central richard
congressman which come home and only how to use drugs put off the screens the who marvin’s unexpected maneuver deconstruct
have supplies and somerfield some of them but the sofa mandalay fluid others but their heads against the
screens trying to get out for two years on the problem with this
one the policemen more prone to do loading to the you’d that waldman the right behind you existing seattle practically the only if you think they
tried to deliver health well craig p well i don’t know mister yeltsin’s
cabinet ragnarok create are likely to seven but it’s unimportant don’t be fooled me significantly lower creativity around
lately how’s everything over your house motherwell issue i think i mean huh plan now but i’m sure that must be some
misunderstanding tray and surely what would be delighted that you play with it you ask him nicely yet let me say he’s really happy huh distressing about this that where is
this what i love that leung that what that is uh… analyst with me yet uh… i thought you might as well
these international crises come up pretty they have to be finished pillow in prison youths giftware decided about leroy if it’s
true identified the secret music nuno new york what do you think i can tell you for karl marx final without power he did a buddy right handball without her waking pete high-cost i think i need to get together
the whatman really that unusual for a and your congregation company ragged yahoo co special thank you candy apple hooked up
and say crew are not the yes was this great country stuff darlington having heard what craig told me yet yes you do in this country leroy amanda’s presumed
to be in the certainly been proven guilty nyhan are you reading balcony let’s get to the bottom of
things here i want the facts leroy the plain facts without a vision and
without embellishment black just tell me what happened hang up cannot apartment me nano reason why creek and clean actually with
rescue boys we’re on weight three i mean is there any reason why he
can’t be include lab lunchtime and abroad hydrated will decide or what that’s not the democratic way detroit presidency decided by election gold election where it is the most votes
he’s elected to put an end to this argument i think
is an old election of officers all three both combine to make fremont friday over to miller voltmeter self legally home address proportionate it’s not considered good for my boy you both for the element of the other
men both for you that way to resolve the justices more
modest more generally plans for the navy well anyway that’s the way it’s done now eligible as well on the bolger
election of options you can get along together like before you secretly i’m right basket to have it leslie valley park see you later little past leatherman mike will be there ect without yesterday i guess uh… always up e uh… have alone on an emblem ready although no one of them bruno right now on and what happened uh… leroy try to get a hold of
yourself you’ll never have any friends you know
unless you learn to be a good sport and a good loser knowitall we can always wait for the other part of
the major first mind-blowing you must set them an example so you’ll lose uncredited we will discuss now blow your nose entranceway doing your own business choir almost relieved after our religion are
definite the phillips said in an emotionally
prozac manually lock it on sitting there when in fact i read it i’m uh… i’ll michael jordan making friends with the
boys legally that goes for brothers and sisters too a friendly gesture brings a friendly
response really i never saw any one time catching
i want to know that marjorie why don’t you just ran upstairs oh because you won’t last the times monday when i believe you
lovely was the wrong has not been able to say but i don’t know what it is all about actually economy dances happy birthday i’m glad she’s gone you better be a
little nice to your sister young man at the rate you’re going to be the only
friends who have left and stop that sniveling i’m sick of it review of your society is so you as much to blame is on the body i would create comes over here the next
time the ever does i wanted to play nice of you understand playing nicely ok douglas didn’t get
clean up user then the consent of so much develop development started out as the feeling fine put the screams and everything stop it what gets in between can can we do something about reply still leroy finishes up leopardi co dot etc people over there i’ll be back in place thank you telia com romania may have to be growing can go home willing to spend just before supper you see craig’s forgot moving lower if
he’s willing to forgive and forget it why shouldn’t you remember my boyfriend beat gesture
brings a friendly response he grew up in plain nicely and providing loans burden and i mean it remember and microbial mourn her who can we were playing rampart full-time you can’t come uh… d proves that i wanna comparable and
martin pollution so my mom black unseen ob gyn when the market practicing unki weird applicant pool we might even catch practically all the rewrite no together have tried
it override reminded people who said show primary i don’t want the background and they’re not appropriate combining a
part of it the right you can track pack k drive a little yourself my point afterall really wrong welcome crematoria the second one why weren’t united ltd ridiculously it will be back very
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if you don’t mind you’re trying to sell something on it crafts party margin is added yes that’s
a letter to sell it orbit around the bush you realize you might be boring people
now just a matter of this one of the reasons for use in his pocket
the reasons florida to spread the place wonderful it’s a fine energy food and it’s mighty
economical true well why didn’t you say was trying to get our cake tastes good
it’s good for you that saves you money is that right quotes sure more why don’t you say so well park
is correct market to market directly point blank for oregon trying to convey european
corrupted blackmailing now their favorite are apparently kara cat market margarine p_r_k_ uh… why it’s
wonderful war monica practical terms we’ve and we
won’t lose any money one craig’s having a birthday party this
afternoon and you’re not invited what’s so terrible about that doesn’t really hurt you that he just put the whole thing on your
mind and go outdoors in play you’re interested in something leader or you’re
not listening to me apparently my boy you just torturing yourself that presence of set now there’s something to be thankful for at least you don’t have to give great
depression carmen clay i got for christmas is but you don’t have to give him a press on smiling play is here comes to my kids and craig wintom tear it up and read
them five minutes model airplane he’s already got one leaving is this something you’d like to
do better to call a p he had to go to the dentist he doesn’t have to spend the whole
afternoon minute you see that you get no braces where something else you can be thankful
for you’re out of the dentist here comes a truck problems intrude uses it was the very people i think he’s been they’re not friendly i’m sure they’ll come out and stand
around that night me and i didn’t know you really have you know pride all right we’re going to go out there to
hang around if you have no pride but i’ve got work welcome my boy if you look there’s no work site leroy why don’t you marjorie go for a
walk on it sometimes in the senate krajena problematic on the first live but well it’s his birthday marjorie leroy speeding badly because he
was invited to craig’s part it every year because something to do
that would be fun like black i’m asking you government is giving the parties let’s frickin steve how do i need a new one there reduces to iraq enough to do anything
she can help make your afternoon class marriages nothing i can well i think i think i go over
differently dot dot what more do it managers children to be so selfish honduran the monthly drop with another
man actually i’ll tell you what let’s do the right that’s got less check of yours about that not i’d like to see you sure who wouldn’t like that but i would
covalently right there’s a favor to me we get a lot of fun nor a lot we might cook something proliferate unchecked the uncertainty blackmail to me where we have to get them right away
from all of my point is what they’re doing refer to the issue at hand over two
million no smokestack shackled abstract definitive we don’t want to check it out is that
pat buchanan knows that already you aren’t perfect don’t leave
me alone just passing through we’re going out and play leroy checked the
bank brother if it’s not a great say about giving us a couple potatoes
you might take some potatoes out there i want to see ur couples that’s pretty
yesterday you were and what haha no repair for interrupting a very ugly
right here the proper market recovering at finding period i believe that i a provision in
our uh… adjourned we didn’t have a nice
today through the country expedition appropriately lebron yeah that’s the spirit let me say haha two months se ha ha uh… d there so this is about hampton looks fine yes sir you’ve done a wonderful job my
boy i don’t think that someone period creative inside econometric damage that i don’t know whom i don’t think there are enter nuns watched meantime smoking-related moment dr usually lam hate-filled move length thirty my demolition i’d be brutal at home but i can’t enhanced and the
best of times every numeral room there’s a lot and then through the line noon instigate we can have more fun right here in and
he would create remind and continues to young boy who create friends in the pump previewed right on your feet would
really dermagraph campbell huntington’s be like trying to run a little whom contemporary a client do you do haha who’s really going to try it completely cool and so high jumpy amy unifier u_n_ today for the figures weekend for exactly lunch plate they you giving to the
funeral the group shoes william give mom and pop men who’ve been childlike me louis reissued on track brotherhood brian no no new one through through among women gentleman who usually right can you spell huh long behind her wanting to build a bigger back to what are you doing here not you said charlie trie luke well yeah he’s going to come out in the
lobby do and he cap i view maret t in the air with the end of their one i wondered why you buy that craig karti could deliver the imitation no no he didn’t go to produce a bright red having a party i can imagine how difficult it is ideas they told craig republican have the right i’m sorry there’s been a
misunderstanding you convicted parties consequences party without here what do
you think that we are out do you want me confidence i don’t
know what could give you an idea like that injured completion grand according to this ongoing more outlets good morning i’m afraid he was not
transfer from piper that doesn’t matter and i hope you’ll come to me together
three relative of mine how you look this is not hockey democrat bank marlin clinton’s line well i don’t buy it you take a ride the of life and then you can help the other
unpleasant electronic regular flights heeheehee and if we can get it great devoted to the rhino and leroy who
wrote the grading d and then you know you can’t even if you
think it should but he seems to be active minded
contract does stink but liberia’s modeling clay ordinary just pluck meanwhile presents holding
back cricket terribly care at yeah all taken
meticulously here that again anywhere i would like to
come around and that we’ve got a few grown up dot their apartment family and friends like away there are a
good friday trade more grown up here in florida and i think i guess bearable nanyang when
c_n_n_ do hope you’re only learning community
unitarian it outlet if you work uh… never miss a
fine happy birthday to you know please
contact me democrat me joke uh… bay i don’t know how well you know which
begins the vision for the picture and humpty imagine teachers me when i’m getting very intimidating and i a m
approaches hook on to you know struggle to get a loaded united
recognizes that issue and when you get a break the tripoli bank is so much to act you take the print i took the liberty i pronounce it delicious the i can tell you what catholic apricot
tree what about you and i can’t deal with the connector
contacted valentines happily aliphatic carbons down-home can pick something for me especially when i’m done in do you get a
lab wanted a guaranteed to burn you know i do deliberations sometime tomorrow chemist in cleveland room and everything and anything
connected nutrition difference for me well it’s it’s four o’clock p the immune and recruitment effort and the where how have some work better haha home newsroom projetos i give you the young men later there we are here in thailand and
well product and natalie and i and that had the privilege of that after craig buck cancers is alright created a credit to yourself and mister unlike some of the child in the
neighborhood if i get might go to a close yan efficiently and and and i think the
white one of the night before than some of your worried that they had an
agreement for your good friend of facts imagery from the from around the world
he’s never problem crate great here seagram’s truly learning israel who are trying to get an
endorsement every day millions of women all over
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european blackmun compare their creator procure arata market margarine they are to a marty
it’s wonderful ladies and gentlemen tonight our program
is being awarded the race may i present the internationally
syndicated columnist novelist critique and port mr jimmy stewart thank you know every student of radio entertainment
have long felt that too little attention is paid to the music which is such an
influential element in the best dramatic programs and since jack meek and has done what i
consider a very creative job with the music on the builders we program i’d
take pleasure in handing him the jimmy star plaque for outstanding originality and
composing arranging and conducting music for a radio many friends union very
honored yesterday it’s nice to know that mister major
contribution is appreciated governor i hope enjoyed by our home by john unscramble coming back in contact with included in the capital of the family
leave erickson floating around on charlie mitchell iran’s and procurement
round put it online saying good night for the
kraftfoods company makers of the famous line of crap quality food product
goodnight president again next wednesday for the brother adventure of the great
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like me you love it might mean instances at ever not the intended all right and market margarine they are k_a_d_y_
it’s wonderful schools more for and uh… the that saturday night for the first time
in weeks you lose weight will spend an evening in the company of his beloved
companions at the tally was club up over four months and barber shop right away laura last battle and uh… at neverland valley says and and uh…
waivers are egov will all florida any enough that not the issue i selected take this opportunity to
congratulate you personally on that last note to say that was a bit cohort was lovely request for controls worksheet does work name just entering in a town meeting at
that and and the wellness all at the electricity it is time that month uh… you probably don’t think i’d be
sentimental accidents but i should just like to say at this time days bringing
you found me policy permission to mention that nandan it’ll really wanna make speeches this
time but i should just like to say at this time i see just like to say the loneliness of find a bunch of follows anywhere that
right here and that goes for anywhere nightmare fly i think it calls for a song tsongas pbn
one is does he care about the tavern in the town land for him to do with anything dot when i got one let him know that people like that one
twentieth undetermined number of them to be doing okay just will restore
elizabethan great lover alone isn’t enough union may be useful uh… to myanmar like remodel use of all
around you know of news news you’d know lalit that’s the on gaming no no media baby care were going home our
community would make a lot it all ho and from who in and and low little don’t do it wouldn’t u hill it pistols dimes whose life’s losers school cooper like that you hear me coming light yours carefully i personally related literally what are you doing up two and
a lot of somebody pistols and rifles twelve-minute whole but also as you look at what we’ve
recommended sewer you’re telling me callings design executables uses suggests that i yes this is some of the original
intrinsic means to be a little bit stopped so i can find out particles called karma quiet all of you often are you load not what was happening again i didn’t
get kisses p missus dvd’s he’s yes he’s speaking v haha as well and appearance here when
you repeat that last recipt i’m afraid i didn’t get used to be why does not wish to yell at
them and always club it must have been three hours ago or
rather he left us all voltmeter can come home didn’t come home burn well this is p_r_i_ the loaded any concrete thicknesses do you know what i think i think he’s missing adults who are in a speedy you just
leave everything to me are called police this is a job for the missing persons
bureau side climbing the homicides have you
know i don’t an interesting person well anyway there all the police go to a
speedy and don’t get excited you just go back a little bit and keep
calm we’ll find your husband void it we have
to drag a reservoir i can let me let me stand back will be well secrets about release often on it camera through the chief of police
laetitia cannot solve a lot to how the avalanche combat although i must be
calculi my comment quickly quickly that a lot against it how are you going if he had to sit there marjorie or i
wanted to tell her double upstairs both of you so come on
back to bed three o’clock in the morning no time to
be running around the house your bare feet opened by saying come online coming nine hahahahaha throughout the body will go on to them there’s nothing to be alarmed about to
understand there’s nothing to be alarmed about is that it does know what it was a lot to do that crucify him russia umpire don’t worry i’m gonna end
of the by the deputy glenwood canyon it’s not going to have missed it hello angelina but i’m afraid there’s been foul play peavey has disappeared campbell whatever actually don’t think my mistake
evi are just a thought you don’t photograph on their someone
trying to get or whether he could have happened what’s worse the police as usual to
prove themselves completely incomparable denied quality two hours ago told me
right away and he’s not here yet so i take it over when by phone floyd
monsanto to round up all the other deputies when they get their reform asserted
party you mean you know if i have nothing well i think one of us all to stay here
so the others can report back uh… around martin large shell writing
in hi things like ono without really into what they got the photos racism at all uh… got on and i think it might not
like that did cal anything that is that octet categories but i just keep it cold well-kept likening policy was initially for
heaven’s sake put back on that when you’re a menace to the community it just
so happens that i have a permit for this guy let’s stop waiting around where a
higher in this is an unfit mother current let me let this is an unexpected
pleasure i’ve attached chevron yes she just this
minute arrive basse-bolle on all the encounter paid it might be endocytosis
something so i guess land all if she’d just ran over a month is about the pete
yet but i’ll tell you all to pause his wife called me about more than one
thirty and asked if he was here wrote you know we said goodnight talk
about ten thirty point eleven i’d probably has laid down some place
doesn’t have a little nap not people still is right it had been any body else p well i did right away i called cheap actually himself right over here that was two hours ago now i don’t like to say this that this
is typical the cheap is dead on his feet imidazole department that’s why i call it involves but we’ve got to do with a lot of
dragnet calm every nook and granny are you going
to break followed a three-man dragnet under any others coming judges really liked and raising rooftop
mode of those days well t it’s about time comic book group
white people expected g god what did you find anything protest janet dot for missus rents uh… actor
estimate that a fine but said that you can see you through the only ones i get older suppose there was a real emergency
suppose i’ll just a minute commissioner while drive you to go calling out the
deputy localize the nobody who’s the lucky because somebody missed
i was going down to about that we got to depend on the police
department wider debbie burglars running wild all over the place commissioner you
just kind of your department in our own and omar well then let’s go ahead and
let let me see ok heaven’s sake if they could have all night amanda’s missy
cheap his wife is tearing their hair do something job all throughout the site called what went on
to the earlier commissioner when a man is missing we don’t go tearing off after
the first loud mouth of the ginza one heart that he is not part of that when a man is missing we go to withhold
personal primary fail under its belt lockport note them evi the mortgage within the safe deposit box the key to the state deposit boxes in
the city the combinations of the state prison my
amplitude drawer don’t forget the water the rubber plant holiday like that just in time the old senator nunn when he’s more of them and then any of
us water from a great deal loosely vandross
the moment right now i’d like to say a few words
about party margin remain bikram most delicious the most tasty the smoke just
a second friendly i interrupt welder as a regular listener i should have
something to say about these commercials they should be factual preprint sensible naga well i was about to say the plaque
in margarine is a delicious bread for bread rolls pancakes and waffling or
you’re getting somewhere barkin margarine is made from top quality
ingredient wait wait what you mean by that i mean the park areas they control
its product of american farms the finest farms in the world wife park is the most
of which is the most sam and i all its own don’t get carried away you’re talking to adults would just like
the flight back how about this fact parquet margarine made by crap contains
fifteen thousand units of vitamin a profound all year round and that’s worth
knowing and the sum of all up everyday millions of women all over america serve
parquet margarine because it pays so good track him i had my captain gibson hotmail meridional million bryant gang like the
people of oklahoma and marlboro man um… are aware of marketwire throughout the entire care
while u wonderful deadlines on the it would just simply
buzzing the proprietor of the vehicle to specific for example drawing wasn’t important
foremost session all right and that’s kind of our
national language in the world remote the me and in the world you would want everybody seeing if you
were gone art and music bryant just that they can about the peas and i
thought of the song a missile uses simply a question group
tasteful making payments conditional why didn’t you he had everything to loot for could
probably had his reasons can we get stuck in the early at seven
twenty gentleman we call this special meeting of the job
it was glad to take up the question of one of our members who is uh… and the president of the bt you haven’t
said anything we don’t all know jives let’s get on the brasstacks i’m sorry if
need wasted a few seconds of your valuable time this together so nobody
wants to do u blowing off all night last horrors working on that one financial can really
go on the restoration of got to stick together
chief is right you right cheek california speedy iska what are we going to do about what back
can we do if i was gone he’s gotten paid you know when he was still on lefty that’s one of the questions which we his
friends make will under what are you talking about i’m referring to the possibility of
temporary insanity or an agent loss of memory frank smaller scholar he left a note
here in atlanta where everything with the colors of life sure he had no more
amnesia life maybe stilll ride the untill halloween
or we found out a little more than that commissioner the department’s been investigating
what’s new teaching an old mount well we hope you received the before about
eleven forty five batman and we know others on the eleven fifty
five point southborough and said you weren’t listening to him i think we may conclude he went some and i think so without silly with south
whether or not it narrows i’ll search a little
commissioner notes it wait a minute if i take it noel new don’t need one and i know you got on the eleven fifty
five there’s another thing that will go to
goes not i didn’t know the withdrawal of troops
have been for three months i sent my mother-in-law home on that in
april she was with us for easter welwyn banking on must state she plays a
detective you’re about as smart as fearless plastic mister gilder sleeve i would like to
point out to you with the department has made no official investigation of this
matter why not for heaven’s sake because we’ve had no official complaint that’s
why that’s no excuse for just sitting around people usual fred what do you
just sort principal loss coming would you judge but she does
right gelding gold all the law makes me sick between cops and judges i don’t know how
many of us to sleep in on this night interactivity you always back each other out one and
washes the other net mister gingrich levi refused to lose my temper i don’t criticize your department not that i couldn’t either gentlemen
gentlemen let’s remember why we’re here well why are we have all these meeting
i’d vote for poker we’re here because that that was not able as gone
into the science north or south easter whiskey is gone we have a duty we have an obligation to his wife to
mississippi why should we buy them but we’re
supposed to do own i think we should call armistice treaty in the body and
express our regrets as a client and simply put ourselves at our disposal
in any way sounds crazy them even if that’s what
club do let’s do it i want to do the right thing we ought to him for he’d appreciate i think it’d be interesting to do yeses
nice gesture i think it would be best if one of us
were to act as a spokesman for the group we’d although of course but i think i
would just speaking while you peavey was a pretty good friend of mine
judge for a minute ago but i’ll make a speech regular sleeping what he’s good with
women and out if that’s the role of the group i knew it up as a jurist and as previous
personal attorney i’d like to remind you that it was me she called in the middle
of the night that’s right need not to judge by his personal
attorney not the police he was too smart for that mister diller sleeve i am going to get
tired of you writing the department pretty soon intellect and shinji if you were to make the statement but
i’d go ahead if it means so much to do that’s settled if someone will put it in the form of a
motion all those in favor say aye aye let’s do it now did you know we can
still play roller coaster wall with one and planning or you’re going to be the end of a
million times house got different peace pact dot com damaged harried we checked in the overnight setting for a lot just check payments will be t moves there’s a light with our group image and that’s what she said i’ve heard enough money when they showed mister for me might as well doing millions making too
worried but there were new fellas she’s in a rather interesting we have to be just as tech was possible
does lead up to make it naturalistic i’ll do the talking yet execute printed mr pete missus pili mister yeltsin heated tvs and we wondered if they are probably at
the forest and mister months etc we just wanted to see and planning fred overpowered good evening this is being me yet you know no news i’m sad to say you’ve heard nothing yourself men and
women anything windows you know that word clever he said what’s all the commotion uses the humorous to get worse and i
believe new nine alan and cheeky holiest as i had the pleasure of the other night that
that it wasn’t exactly a pleasure under the circumstances but that we’ve met you know it was two months and no well pleased to meet him is that the
a_b_m_ killer ability decoded boring mehendi mississippian we had been intended is p it will happen to be members of the
jolly boys club at which your late husband newton with
your husband was formally members is to use it and i believe we shall always think of him as a member
of our group the indian we show alright cheap issue all the state of mississippi is in
every michael that we just thought as an organization we should call on you and state
officially profound regret and sorrow and his unexpected lifted departure
something else and we just want to say that there’s
anything we can do why we need to act only to had to do isn’t it goes so that we wouldn’t have anything
particular in mind missus people dressed in a little later in germany that this
was the cleaners we could pick it up all pro-life power thought was simply to be helpful
in any possible way during your time style speak yet room waiting you know they’ve become
everything and and and they all right uh… late one night a week mississippi needing if you could see in the initial whether
your husband used to be ready for a moment of games businesspeople i’m sure that you feel different that’s
right when i will leave many gifts or flower number one he was on the terrible
running clients he must have been out about it mister moses right-click recipt never
lost his temper a bloated never saw or use profane language you
could be proud of him man we realize that missus buchanan and
that’s what making you know that it demanded that
nam the immediate using parliament appealing
we met maintain when diane i think we’d better go places bb remembered wider screen in
that probably tired her to stand around
gassing was strangers and because what if any of it there is anything we can get into in
anything alone rejected dinner that c uh… goodnight mississippi devastating before we go i’m sure that we are are
taking an unnecessarily pessimistic view of the situation insurer that somewhere this very moment mister feeding just thinking of you possibly making plans to retire to him you are the center of the universe carloads ear resistivity growing involving the the prudent or something playground folks mister gilder slave
might hear something about mister freidy every day millions of women all over
america serve for k_-mart to run because if they sold growth fly it soon discover for yourself
although it’s like a face when you spread it on bread toast in roles three of you know for for for k
margarines find fresh flavor to any other brands as millions do it’s true everyday millions of women all over
america serve parquet margarine because it tastes so good look first for the module of crap
quality flyer k_-mart around made by crafts wanted market competitive market home again home again tomorrow you like me at the moment like movies
instead catch oh market-watchers there aren’t a lot it’s
wonderful yes it’s been really worldwide will u well infinite the friend who was the sorry to trouble with would you mind forwarding my language
group thanking you in advance repeat p_x_ did they tell mississippi the for me that when the parent goes back to
sleeping in his own room she can reach me at general delivery food point
comfort virginia k there’ll be indictable all more waiting for your offer in the family is
hungry is likely to be the way to satisfy half the price with hopes that the delicious cheddar
cheese food children love caps that smoked cheddar flavor on crackers or
toasted sandwiches and forming on the street you can have a smooth golan
passed a few sauce ready literacy for perking up the flavor of macaroni
they’ve been hot vegetable dish get most delicious varieties golden
charter incremental perhaps that for a variety of men who uses as for p a_b_ s_p_ five from you double
teams have steps useful this is n_b_c_ the national broadcasting
company the crab closed up as a present operate
as the great kill this lays out the the great killed a slave is brought to
you by the kraftfoods company makers of market-watchers every day millions of
women all over america serve parquet margarine because it tastes so good wanted martin conviction okay from the problem in the entire then you
like the moment like management center entire margin agreement ka market margarine they are ko why it’s
wonderful i would see what’s going on in some way builders leaves nation that hillary
mahatma gandhi and would issue are not fully right i would we’ll tell you get them off the
something you’re not supposed to dampening the pollen anyway aache you committee lifeless light k dr hang on here where you saw what you have
hiatus cash unilaterally without nato’s that he’s
doing location dot trend nevermind though tonight market statistic it bothers me rack certainly willing his sister’s marks demonstrate clearly
that she has a sounder method of study than yours you keep your knows in your book uh…
man if you need something to keep you awake i will supply a ok ok alright i’ll study well gotta rising to keep postponing we all have to do things we dislike it okay a placard well how are beginning to get at the
root of this whole thing studying is not something to be enjoyed
leroy it’s hard grinding work it’s nothing at the time when they’re not learning anything you
concentrate you would enjoy it so much uneasy concentrate she constantly didn’t mean to tell me your teacher
asking for two other concentrate what goes up at school anyway does reading it is worth you’ve got to go over in your mind my
boy concentrate on it get the media think about everywhere start doing it right you learn some unveil particularly hot under the
sobriety received you concentrate exactly i’ll get going examine you when you’re through it’ll take you to boot news’s someday you’ll pay a fee for this leroy security will answer it leroy you just
keep working it’s about life you are concentrated media that the
other come out old by all means break about a week uh… you know dude have not received and leroy is learning how to study our best
as sign on to anyone instead shock martin you’ve got to go to the
majestic whitney and she taking i’ve been shaven it probably saving a fiction now but i mean they assure fixes it just don’t mean a
lamictal samba after king wasiyu academic making it
down in general if they can meet our sense of humor
shocked my own man the killing another that promise we will
actually not a study for the latest in a lot of driving
selfless books just in washington this is that the
other i’ll pull it all hang out well anyway i’ve got a stickler delia
side of great sitting right on the nasdaq
down not losing and then make sure that it’s not too
late to any in saying possibly the you aren’t and fallen i don’t want to just get my boy i wanted to keep digging keep chewing up we were talking why don’t we just sit here on the sofa digimon mighty conduct while thinking
geometry billion united sit here and look at a
magazine something so we will gladly harm and will be just a squirrel was too
little change much people even norwegian that’s it mhm food don’t have the latest home doing nothing colleagues they have contracting steve look at this lululu uh… armstrong you know that’s okay we start there although you know you stay right here i can help you issued i didn’t want inquisitive leptin dog in a policeman’s secret lines lor practically mentioned and start martin
dot what can you say at sea by dr eight that you might be there why don’t you think will yes leroy aren’t you pretty near finished system that’s why my system is better missus ransom i have to go now are you
have prepared on castro it ok important question is have you
learned anything you see our concentration helps how are you back what even study this to use it let me see ebook we hope to build strong
mom who’s going to take up a little irina we can drive down it now which was a lesson you were supposed to
work twenty tel don’t tell them all american history
well i don’t need to book betsy there when did we fight the
revolutionary war dot yet optimal he got in the white house where american
history stocks i got me on the pilgrims cotton fifty
years before the revelation willis minded this they were teamleader mal sharpe roamed in just a
second and find out as well as learned his
lesson at pilgrim state who was captain miles standish complete wait never mind when you add up who loves me pecan pie he was not he married john alden i mean priscilla compound the don’t you know anything utility history but you are that’s cool can you spell likens self-harm let’s say you spell that separate weight sprout wrong nevermind how much is nine times nine quick that settles a lot of talk with your
teacher tomorrow morning hit two things on leela ascap outlet but can not where’s my hat clearly wanted organic and i will find out why i’ll go to
school with you tomorrow can escalate that will be only arrived late it’s the end of the what is a big girl i
know you and i would try malady h_c_a_ again man more about the great deal this way than
just another right now wired from the kraftfoods
company makers of parquet margarine delicious flavor fresh like a margarine
is the craft quality ma another t_v_ gretna here i am again the seat you keep
your commercials briefing factual so what will carry on a stick to the
fact that as i always do forest park in order and as of the largest bread for
bread it’s also a tasty topper paroles muffins
pancakes at walker tried for killing a restroom there’s nothing in the world
solo live now no one has tried everything so torment
down well let me put it this way parquet margarine has a crap quality food
products made from the finest a vegetable oils and other carefully
selected american farm products more like it if it weren’t things up now because we
all want to hear more about the great usually sure thing parquet contains
fifteen thousand units of vitamin a profound and it’s one of the best of the
energy foods you’re like parquet for its smooth
spreading texture and it’s delightful fresh flavor triad annual join the
millions of women all over america who serve parquet margarine because it
tastes so good that sparked a margarine p_a_ arcade why it’s wonderful not said now let’s get back to gil virtually if
we can cut catch up with him he and leroy are hurrying to school you’re not lately i like the bell has
more on the air it has not at all children to go out on
the playground recess place dot com recess supports me
in the morning a lot of it a little earlier in the
schools high-minded promises recess from what and get the school aristotle a playdate perot what do you mean select people play with her on a school wet indictment net here are a little later on therefore
let’s win this war what more this way shorter and more
direct here and then god total nonsense couple with cartoons like this one brenda mind
i’ll take that chance como inside locate the contact info miracles a
member of the school board remembered novel logged more valuable working with me work okay economically all right sir walker quickly and what this means it’s got to talk to somebody darkness
blood hit tomorow because i want to talk to
your teacher he’s the one responsible what you learn
what people who are people where are you argue anymore about it later on which way down here this ruling all huh crewneck sweater daryl but primarily place one of the the contractor not what’s her name again
wine world he behaved comeback some other kind of
it has to do nothing fancy lugar who want to the at the studios with that one if i did it
with you well well definitely got broken that renewal for a few
minutes but we did yesterday and let the pics it’s about that you quietly itself you wanted to see here the studios is in won’t lienbangtravel result home casablanca forms rome please write or are these ideas taken from as well be brief came down here to find out why leroy is
learning anything why is it i don’t think he’s doing any work on the
average mccarthyism and it’s not like that or i can say doesn’t speak very
well for the class quote we continue and john informed you both used to gil loosely since it was me but i don’t want to play
we do the best we can the children trong while they do robert
no it’s hard for them with harper collins you feel about going in the field we’re
always is more than ever after all these minor but he does or anything he doesn’t know anything he comes home i have to have a simple
question about well anything i’m afraid you don’t
understand our problems did elusive and stay in the problem is a symbol of
abc the problem is the problem some learning
it how they got the proper discipline here
in the proper instruct mister gilbert but i got when i was a boy if i don’t
know what you are the companion in the middle of pratham comply taxpayer that’s why i am our life somebody outside in case you didn’t know this site after
the middle school tried to deliver god killed in this class will have to look
at it killings that weekend filled do you think loans just what’s going on here before he
could win finished and your why don’t you just about to the
teachers and for that last takeovers it out fluent atlanta had to say that ulysses teaches smoking just to have that calls for what kind of examples up for the
children useful to calm down to it i don’t see how teaches our people you
know they have to have some rights robert ludlum guy in charge of the
passenger side of the senate expected montag ought not going to come down to
my office with pocket satellite first wife class sit down for us live from anyway nice to see the just what was your
purpose in coming down here this morning well let’s just up in the loop sadly was
featured right on time know aren’t needed haven’t protect me from this terrible
with i’m glad you’re not that kind of miss riley is one of our most competent
and most that he teaches the children a daughter and rightly
chicago let’s face it j_b_ lovely personal ad for the woman is
obviously a historical ties that’s not the kind of young children such picking on i’m martin had little slightest idea what it is to
be a teacher these days well i’m sure i don’t think you have run on the school
board on or something i didn’t see you at the last meeting knows this all the wonderful thing i forgot my could make that anyway but we don’t get paid hardly
anything you know leave it’s mostly honorary the teachers are paid hardly anything to
do but they’re down here every day all day
long and nobody are most important instead people like you come down here
in fine for from order from about five seconds we’ve got your by just wanted to
know why it why worry is implied it before then person who won because we’ve got just about twice as
many children here as we can hang there aren’t enough speaks everything up
equipment is old the text books arrived eight weekend
hope to keep his we’d like to talk with him all we can do is try to keep
watering hole just hope that somehow they learned something little things are
so very odd believe me like them to take a look at the school
board uh… taking school board all unfold perhaps you’ve missed both committees all they do is give me a long
explanations about why nothing whatever can be done materials are hard to find we must increase the tax rate we mustn’t
over expand maybe some people will move away in there won’t be so many children well that’s true about billy materials hogan brothers were able to build an
annex on their store where did they get the materials meanwhile three my teachers have resigned for next
year and i don’t blame them why would anybody want to be teaches with a look at their overworked or
underpaid they have to try to address respectively
are nothing the week because i want to hear we must be
perspective a little time to d when this is one that has to work in the
parliament and on saturdays and all through the tension just to support her one time and let’s talk this has to work at the
library evenings after teaching all day we get more help wore encouragement no
benefit to both lowest twenty-fifth sometimes it gets so i just speed you live in a blow up now well it seems hopeless the whole thing
seems hopeless don’t want this to you you want the please non-smoking there isn’t a teacher in the whole
country who have been thought of clicking below you can’t believe that
because of the whole school would fall apart if you quit no one cares what happens to the school
of the children’s defense no one cares but the teachers that’s not
true people realize that song laugh i’ve not he’s dividing you see
right here people resigning or anything assure you of the people who care enough right all right usually covenant and agree uh… judge within a few minutes ago that you’ll be
with me right now dad is important and out continue with this weekends flows directly like what’s so important jobs we’re going to
call a meeting of the school board tonight looking for another meeting you know
they can fifty june fourth and call a special
meeting you’re the president of the board i
think i have heard would you all ought to look at all yours call a meeting by june fourth two may
have no school obviously i don’t know what this is all about is just another europe also lives lancaster school early this morning
visibility down a judge i’ll tell you that the teachers are up and i’m sorry i have not been silicon payment by using
you black pants they’re only this morning you meet her that you think that strike
aren’t sure i don’t have to strike objects they can just quit just quietly quit that’s what they’re doing free of liquid
already for next year outfielders along with a certain of the turnover among the
teachers i’m sure it’s nothing to be alarmed
about right past the school early this morning
you told me that you take a couple of find out what’s
going on and so just passing it by by the teachers have you had a really
good features that make complete sympathy and understanding i think they
know flight typecast school only this morning
olga asap other things we have to think we’re trying to hold taxes down we have to think about it she said you would say that looted mistreatment i don’t mind telling you she’s about
ready to quit urself here it’s the inverters she was vacation identification melissa lives and you
will go out of the waste my time arguing with you want to put this up to the
board would you call me these are no new
problems kidney we’ve had been brought to our attention i see no reason to call a meeting before
i read the report do you call a meeting or is i’ve avoided or not how do you like that i think that might be a very good idea
but i won’t do it not like your thoughts that are on track
you were going to be a troublemaker investors we live by i think it’s not what your hind quarters
you’ll go lago some people who can i’ll go to the fair feel bad apples day together you know i
hardly think why i have to look at my office it may be appropriate pleasure to have you with a pleasure to
be interest rate on this indian guy what you’re going to monopolize you
completely i don’t know if you’re going to singularly would not my purpose in
asking to come here i was hoping to be allowed to address your position whole that briefly that is after all these charming lady’s or most
of them and some others even edwards what was to be the topic you get this
thing on that i will tell them something that i don’t
know about what’s happening to our schools is really very serious because if people rocks there’s a lot of political more i’m
afraid that might be bothered controversial controversial crushes controversy for the most controversial problems in
this town of people we know it wipro i’m sorry that you see we have a
policy we never anything controversial to be
brought up a time mapping nottingham conventional he keeps being so much and i think that
we find but i’d caught the women’s club that was
interested in education for a few that’s why don’t we meet in st louis
likeness and talk about things but nothing controversial i know you will understand we have a
policy juicing publicity tetramerous column is fine i don’t think i think
again uh… review ladies and gentlemen let’s stop protecting this isn’t just a story we made up about
what might be going on a mythical com name somerfield this what’s going on right now in almost
every city in town in this country our schools were overcrowded art teachers are underpaid our children to being robbed robbed of an education is the only time
in their lives they can get but it was being done about it because of poor people who work in
shabby treatment teachers are leaving the teaching profession in groups no new teachers are coming along to take
their places there’s no inducement to anyone to
become a teacher things as they are we have been proud of our public school
system every reason to be in this country only one in five times
per cent of our national income is spent for education in great britain but having a tough go
of it these days they spend twice that and hui shortchanging our own children the future of the world is in their head on every side of this we see the
ignorance and stupidity that can rushes into another war the only cure for stupidity is education for the sake of our national security as well as for the sake of our children
themselves we must do all that we can to raise the level of education you may not realize how bad the
situation is we heard you to go to your own trial
school and find out for yourself find out how many children are in his
class find out whether he’s getting what’s coming to it find out whether your local school board
is cutting corners at his expense if they are doing something about it you’re the only one who can join the parent teachers association or
any other group interest of the welfare of your school don’t just say you’re doomed take an
active part insist that your child’s teacher be paid
a living wage insisted she be given the position of
respect in the community but she deserves so that others will be attracted to the
profession insist that your school board reduce the
size of classes provide enough teachers are not schoolrooms the george i will get the attention he
needs if it means raising the tax rate a
little remember we’re doing it for our children they are the one last clue from the
world every day millions of women all over
america serve five k_-mart’s run because it pays sol-gel prior to see if you don’t prefer a party
margarine find fresh labor thru any other brand as millions to it’s true
every day millions of women all over america serve parquet margarine because
it tastes so good look first for the margarine of crap
quality parquet margarine made by craft they’re working for my kids to get some
kind of thing home and then we’ll return brian feel
like you’re on the front moving her denver margarine are arcade margarine there are clear why
it’s wonderful the regular glavin play by our current
goodnight written by john women who have more the really good by black maple included in the past are well
technically louis farrakhan william randolph surely make will be about about
andover footage online playing tonight grab food
company maker of the famous line of crap quality food product lippman again next wednesday but the
brother adventures of the great builders wait for your own or that you tried to help them it’s achieved food that’s really
different rifkin mellowed cheddar cheese flavored easy to save in a variety of
tempting way time steps planned usually percent which is in fact mail smoothly
the ritual and she is also his slices in a distinctive way for perhaps this can
be constantly wedges windshield for serving with room for part of her why not viable varieties of this
delicious nourishing cheese food asked for poland chatter perhaps death or
pimentel patrick dat ascii type in the double key half-staff she’s who war this is in the city the national
broadcasting company lor allowing

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