The Golf Swing – How to Turn Your Shoulders for Power
The Golf Swing – How to Turn Your Shoulders for Power

as an instructor one of the most common issues
i see with my students or other amateurs is they’re not able to make a proper or complete
shoulder turn now to keep your attention I’m just going to show you how to do this as quickly
as possible get in front of a mirror bend over make a shoulder turn your head has a
lot of movement to it it gets over your trail foot the reason for this is because the taller
your posture gets the more your abdominal wall gets rounder and so does your lower back
and this creates an angle where you’re going to have head movement now to counter for this
we have to have hip movement moving back to target and then drop your hands down and hopefully
be on a straight path and hit the ball with a square clubface very tough to time very
tough to even hit the ball for most amateurs using this method that’s why i’m not in favor
of it what you want to do again get in front of the mirror whenever you feel the abdominal
wall rounding you want to tuck your glutes underneath again from the side angle tuck
your glutes underneath your beltline is going to instead of pointing at the ground it will
be pointing a bit higher until you feel your abdominal wall flatten out as soon as you
do this you’re going to be able to make a shoulder turn that has much less head movement
and it also has your legs and glutes so you’re going to feel like they’re connected they’re
both going to be activated in the swing so this is gonna create more power as well very
simple very effective anyone can do it it doesn’t matter i’m not particularly flexible
but i can make a huge shoulder turn and this is why i’m able to do it correctly the longer
the club gets if you have a driver the more you’re going to be standing upright the more
you’re going to have to tuck your glutes underneath to flatten out your abdominal wall and get
a correct shoulder turn there’s a second benefit to this so if you get in front of the mirror
once you get comfortable doing it tuck your glutes underneath and make a turn you’ll have
a nice angle with your shoulders relative to your spine whereas if you don’t do this
you’re going to flatten out with your shoulder angle that’s something that’s always been
taught in the golf industry and it’s widely accepted that getting a shoulder angle relative
to your spine angle creates more accurate shots and more powerful shots but it’s never
been explained specifically how to do it so there you go if you see instant results in
the mirror and you’re happy with it go ahead and hit the like button i’ve been doing some
research on how to create YouTube videos etc. and i’m told getting like are good now if
anything it’s good for my ego i have no idea what else it’s good for what i’d actually
like to see is if you want to see a certain aspect covered of the golf swing by all means
put some comments it’s early where i don’t have a lot of followers so i can probably
answer your question and make a video relative to it or if you want to submit some swing
videos i can see what i can do about helping you out with your swing now as always we want
to do some examples so we’re gonna take the old method first and curve the abdominal wall
and have head movement and then move everything drop the club down you’ll notice with a 4
iron it should be coming out a lot lower than we’d like and i think this is one of the reasons
why a lot of the shorter golfers or even taller golfers who use this method have trouble hitting
long irons into greens well we didn’t hit it very well and it didn’t pick it up so let’s
hit that again not my usual method so we hit that one much better it’s actually pretty
online generally we’ll see a little push draw with that method and we should see around
200 217 yard carry so pretty nice carry out of it so you can see a lower trajectory very
tough to stop on the greens then when you see guys with more of a centered turn like
dustin johnson he’s able to hit these really high long irons into greens so hopefully we
can replicate that here using the correct adjustments tucking the glutes under until
our abdominal wall is flat so hitting that same draw but as you can see much higher softer
landing pretty much about the same carry ideally i think id’ like to be around 220 to 223 with
a 4 iron it’s tough to get that exact measurement let’s hit one more probable swung a little
too hard at that one caught it a little thin but i would say that’s a pretty good miss
if you’re hitting a 4 iron 211 i’m just gonna hit one just cause i can that’s better so
this should be around the 220 carry we like to see maybe a little shorter 218 226 total
so maybe i’m overestimating how far i can hit a 4 iron but that’s not the point it doesn’t
matter how far i can hit a 4 iron it doesn’t mean i can teach golf what is important is
understanding that i can give you instant results by explaining something in a manner
that should apply to everyone regardless of body type so again if you have use the instruction
i’ve given you you have a correct shoulder a nice shoulder angle relative to your spine
angle then please subscribe that is the third thing i forgot to ask you to do as the internet
told me to do this as well so subscribe if you want to subscribe and share this with
some friends you think would benefit from this instruction by all means i just appreciate
you guys watching and sharing some knowledge with you so thank for watching have a good

2 thoughts on “The Golf Swing – How to Turn Your Shoulders for Power”

  1. Mark Gay says:

    Interesting take! I just stood up and tried it. Tested my normal stance with butt wink and didn't turn as easily as I do with butt tuck. Thanks, I will try this on Sunday.

  2. Jared Fawson says:

    Could you shed more light on rounded abdominal wall vs flat and what you mean by "tuck your glutes"? I rewatched a few times and am still unclear. Could you show from right handed perspective as well? Left hand side threw me off

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