The DTouch Golf Vest is Hot (Literally)
The DTouch Golf Vest is Hot (Literally)

it’s 20 degrees in February here in
Chicago and all I’m wearing is this vest but it’s got a secret weapon this is the
first ever McEwen Reviews It. so what I’m wearing right now is called
the D touch golf vest and it looks like your everyday vest its fleece it’s warm
it’s nice but inside it’s got a secret little compartment here that holds a
battery when you turn this battery on what it does is it gives you the ability
to turn on the jacket and now what’s happening is there are heating coils in
the front and in the back of this jacket that actually keep it pretty warm warm
enough to be outside 20 degree weather in Chicago hitting golf balls at a range
this is like perfect now the other cool thing is if it wasn’t 20 degrees let’s
say it’s 40 degrees I can go back and I can turn it down and this temperature
drops a little bit and then there’s another setting where it’ll drop down
even more so this thing kind of has it all and then go back to nice and toasty
in water and what it feels like is like you’re wearing basically a seat warmer
from a car right when you get in your car you turn on the seat warmer kind of
have that nice warmth that’s what I have now and at the same time you know
obviously a mobility of wearing the best while I play golf what I was concerned
about was the battery pack it’s a little hefty it’s a little bigger it’s not like
your typical let’s say your phone backup battery that you would use to keep you
know to recharge your phone but hitting balls and swinging here not an issue at
all couldn’t feel it didn’t bother me the great jacket actually the other
really cool thing about the battery being in the jacket is that it actually
has two ports to charge your phone and that book covers it it’s a pretty simple
piece of apparel keeps nice and warm and I would really recommend it and I’m
looking forward to this snow getting off the ground so I can get out as soon as
it does with this on me can’t wait that’s it this has been the
cure and reviews it thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time the place of
golf right now

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  1. MegaUragun says:

    Don’t buy. Garbage. Returned.

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