The design of the new Ford Puma
The design of the new Ford Puma

The look of the Puma was greatly
influenced by human centric design. Human centric design at the end of the day is a creative way to solve real design problems. We have not only great emotional
character on the outside of the car. As well as a large amount of
functionality on the inside of the cars Could we make a car that is the most
beautiful car people have ever owned? The whole idea of the car came up
with a need to create a practical vehicle. But at the same time the car had to stand out in a very iconic persona. So what makes this vehicle stand out is the fact that the car really has enhanced proportions. It’s about 55 millimeters wider
than a Fiesta for example. You can point the end result to the purity and design to that one sketch that we picked very early on. We always referred back to that sketch and I think this is what makes
this project special for me. Well for me what stands out is just the front face with these high mounted lamps and the lamps have a very expressive bold shape. They are like a canoe … and then as you come close to the car there’s so much sculpture on the vehicle because we managed to pull the wheels so far out. Human centric design is really about designing creative solutions for customers problems. So we took some inspiration of how
you would change your home interior by just having a different look. Taking that inspiration by bringing
the zipper seats in there. Not only does it allow you to change the personality of your vehicle but it also gives you that great convenience of having covers that you can wash. We do a lot of detail work where we try to find out what
is the right balance of craftsmanship that you need to get the
perfect execution for this interior. So we have this great balance in Puma between living big in a small space. Where we found a lot of opportunity
was in the rear of the car. One of the things that we found is that customers are very sensitive
around luggage compartment size. What we created is a room in the lower section, which is then covered actually by rubber. Which is water proof, easy to remove dirt. easy to clean. If you want to you can even drain it out. We ended up with a space which is around 450 litres. We ended up with is a height of more than one meter, which easily managed some new golf clubs. We really ended up with something that
nobody actually believed we could do. Being able to put two golf bags
standing up in this vehicle. Another thing that’s different with the package tray when you open the tailgate it is
automatically out of the way. The second piece which was
important is the load floor. The load floor can be put into three positions. The key question from my point was
always what matters for the customer? At Ford we design around people’s needs and dreams. This way … you’ll not only solve their daily problems … but also fulfill their aspirations.

100 thoughts on “The design of the new Ford Puma”

  1. Amit Dayama says:


  2. Suryá KK says:

    All these designs and sculptures for the car doesn't work in country like India… people just compromise to milages, ground clearance, Wi-Fi system More than that the re-sale value!

  3. jai shankar says:

    We also want in maat colours where no company in India is doing ….. Maat colours may bring some good image and sporty….

  4. piyush sharma says:

    Bring this to India

  5. Bala Murugan says:

    Dear Ford , if you launch this car in in India with the same quality, then I will buy it

  6. SHP says:

    Ford copied maruti swift

  7. Jebasingh Jose says:

    Suzuiki swift + Hyundai i20 =Ford puma

  8. Abhinav Pandey says:

    Must launch in India.

  9. Dipankar Patil says:

    It will launched in INDIA in 2030

  10. Abhishek Sinha says:

    In love with Ford.I used Ford Fiesta Diesel for 9 years.Its truely different, handling and build quality is above par.Ford is Ford.Awesome

  11. Lokesh Jadhav says:

    Swift plus new ecosports=Puma

  12. Finlay Cronin says:

    In terms of customisation what options can we choose to add to the all new Puma.

  13. sachin tiwari says:

    Dear ford please launch such type of amazing cars in India

  14. muhittin samba says:

    İt seems childish

  15. Shivraj Dayalan says:

    We need electric cars.. Say no to petrol/deisel cars.

  16. Naveen Rock says:

    Plz don't buy any vehicle frm cord.. Each service atleast they charging 10k and their spare also very high compare to other brand. Even bmw Audi also not charging like this. So plz plz i won suggest for ford…

  17. yogesh batheja says:


  18. Debrup Mallick says:

    Amazing car… looks Stunning

  19. jitu sharma says:

    Launch in India also

  20. King Karthick says:

    Really Amazing

  21. King Karthick says:

    Is this car is Released in India?

  22. shishir kumar says:


  23. Makam Vishnu vardhanan says:

    Only Ford……
    After my Ford Ikon, waiting for next perfect ford one

  24. Tri Musthika Kirana says:

    Is it available in Indonesia? How much is it?

  25. Vanipenta riyaz basha says:

    Please make it to launch in India also with the same features … It will rock in Indian Roads also.

  26. k Mallikharjunarao says:

    I love this car..super

  27. Sen Dhill says:

    Just luking similar to TATA nexon luk wise

  28. Toni Lopes says:

    Well… I own a 99' ford puma (a sports car) and looking at this makes me sad. How the hell are they making an SUV out of a sports car, that just makes no sense to me.

  29. Amit Kumar says:

    electric cars rather are better and smooth

  30. Manju Manjunath says:

    Wow superb car

  31. Sha Navas says:

    What a bad front grill r u giving to u all vehicle…. not get a pleasure while looking to u r car…… do not copy austin db5…. it is good on it…. but coming to u r car it is nit suiting…… it gives a look of confused mind…. just look at hyundai….. its all smily grills

  32. Rajat dhole says:

    The car headlights looks a Porsche style or a like Aston Martin 😅when we see this car from side profile it looks like little bigger version of Nissan Micra😶

  33. Harsha R says:

    " sir it's a puma car "
    – Danish sait

  34. Roadtrip in INDIA 🇮🇳 says:

    In India you must launch this car & phase out the figo! Your marketing strategy in India is very poor. Look at swift and baleno, you will get to know why they are selling best it is just because of their design. Welcome ford 🇮🇳 @fordindia

  35. Oka Surya says:

    its nothing special… RIP Ford Indonesia, Go Home Bye

  36. Manjeet singh says:

    Suprbbbb car

  37. Joyjeet Paul says:


  38. Jagadeesh babu says:

    Garbage looking

  39. Matthew Perry says:

    Looks like Toyota supras fat sister 😂

  40. satya deepak says:

    Lately realises about design I believe

  41. Kala Singh says:

    Very very good design launch soon india

  42. Kala Singh says:

    My dream car ford puma

  43. Sahil chaudhry says:

    If its not launched in INDIA then what are you doing


    nice design! when is it arriving in India?

  45. Manoj Akunuri says:

    please mention the safety features in Every video and the material and quality please bring the same DNA to INDIA we don't want cheap plastics thanq

  46. Vijay rajan says:

    It's look like maruti Suzuki 2019 new model oh my god something went wrong🤔🤔🤔🤔think clearly 🕺🇮🇳

  47. Balkan News says:

    I have Ford Puma cuope 1998 i am from Croatia 😀 i love Ford cars

  48. Haridaskayamkulam Haridas says:


  49. Bas stories says:

    Please launch in India with ecoboost engine

  50. Isaac Clarke says:

    Beware. Indian retards below.

  51. Abhishek J R says:

    Bring it to India. Much needed one to regain the share. Aggressive pricing is the key.

  52. savari giri giri says:

    A mixed impression. Bit of this and that.

  53. David says:

    Nächstes mal bitte wieder ein kleines Sportcoupe…. ich mag meinen alten Puma.

  54. Sreehari MW says:

    Looks more or less like swift n i20 combined together

  55. Modi Miller says:

    Where is the space for Spare wheel? The boot doesnt have a provision for this.

  56. KKK creations says:

    Can u please make logo on the grils infront of the banet. In the middle…. It is more butiful look. If you people make logo on that radiator grils. Its very beautiful to look. And very great full to ur design..

  57. shahabuddin mulla says:

    Beautiful car launch in india

  58. Fab Sch says:

    The name should quickly be changed.Why not B-max Mk2? My opinion: there was just one Ford Puma: the little, sportive coupé from the `90s. This car will be a future icon, another car (Family car) named Puma could bring a bad influence on this.
    This new "Puma" is a newer version of the european "Fusion". Not less, not more! It makes me sad to see how FoMoCo treats the own history.
    Btw: I like the new car, and certainly it will be great to drive…but it is not THE Puma!

  59. gurwinder singh says:

    I think boot space should be more and whole cabin should be more broader also

  60. Kriya Design-Build says:

    Sedan version can expect it in india? Dear Ford motors, please launch a C segment sedan (like city, ciaz, Verna, rapid, vento). F for Fun to drive; F – for Ford 🙂

  61. Anthony Harris says:

    Oh this is funny. You guys had the Ford Puma while here in the US we had the Mercury Cougar

  62. ODSTP471 DRPPJR says:

    Change the name if you want this model to succeed.Change the game before its too late.Otherwise it will be a big fail.We …..owners of real ford puma have been waiting 20 years for that????SO SAD!!!!! BOBCAT IS THE NAME …NOT PUMA .

  63. Shadowb4n says:

    Eww, another abomination crossover clunky car…

  64. Chris Viper says:

    Can't wait for the ST version

  65. sandeep singgh says:

    So cool car

  66. Subin Subramanian says:

    Mix of swift santro liva nissaan etc

  67. Viscous Shear says:

    why does a puma have 4 doors? almost as much of a fubar as trying to make a fwd mustang.

  68. youlou youyoulou says:

    pourquoi prendre le terme puma pour sortir un Kuga ? la ford puma est un petit coupé sportif au yeux de chat,pas un gros SUV!

  69. Andrew Drabble says:

    I'm a Ford man but this new Puma is not a Puma. Animal Pumas are sleek and fast whereas this Puma looks fat and dumpy. Ford did the same with the Cougar but to differentiate the new car from the old called it Kuga

  70. Nacho Gimenez says:

    Bullshit, people want a remake of the original Ford Puma

  71. King Brilliant says:

    that is so ugly… reminds me of a Nissan Joke, the car is too narrow, too tall, too stodgy and manages to be asymmetric from almost every angle.

  72. Harsh P says:

    I love it. Me gonna buy one day for sure.

  73. Sean Flannagan says:

    Not a nice design at all very unacceptable sorry but that’s my opinion…..

  74. Temeş Adrian says:

    You could have went with a more lifted porsche like body. Just my opinion.

  75. Marco Antonio Reis Junior says:

    Puma Brasil recebendo pela produtividade e resultados fabricação Ford Brasil.

  76. Sushil Thorat says:

    Yes designs are great..
    But the design should fulfil the infinite other aspects also…
    To call itself as a great design…in the design there should be equality, liberty, fraternity and justice to all…in the universe.

  77. renzo badalamenti says:

    I believe that over time he bought scorpio mk2 will never buy a Ford anymore.

  78. x allla ka bap says:

    Best ford car India me launch karo

  79. Dumitrescu Rares says:

    Please, just stop designing side mirrors on the doors because it looks horrible and kills the entire look of the car.

  80. rachith perera says:

    only american manufacturer in the game against toyotas and hondas world ❤️ much love ford 😍

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  82. Richard Lecco says:

    Why isn't Ford offering the Puma in the USA??? It would really make up for discontinuing the Focus here. Are they really that dead-set against selling cars here that the only one left is the Mustang?

  83. Gaziur Rahman says:

    Awesome car fantastic design Ford

  84. Jarvis8bit says:

    Subscribe & press Like, to get one for free – yes?

  85. James Engles says:

    Sportage kia 2019

  86. Sharique Moiz says:

    Looks good & compact.Does not look like a perfect SUV…

  87. Sachin Muthyala says:

    Is that the 2nd generation model of Ford ecosport

  88. shubham goel says:

    I don't know why this cars looks like a bigger and bolder baleno 😅😅

  89. UberGeweii says:

    "we always referred back to that sketch".
    Great and all, but how about referring back to the Sketch of the original Puma?

  90. Aravind D says:

    This looks great…. why does these never make to india… Ford India still sells ugly cars and crys poor sales

  91. David Huante says:

    Im so proud of ford rn

  92. Star India says:

    Please launch in India 🇮🇳😥😭😭😭
    I'm die-heart fan of this car😭😭😭😭

  93. PraSanta TRAVELING vlogs says:

    Is it coming to India?

  94. Nepy everything is My life with chiquitín says:

    beautiful but where is the help wheel

  95. E S says:

    Like it, but it WON’T come to North America, just like when the first Puma came out, and all this about the cargo hole and versatility of the trunk, where is the spare tire? If I’m on the side of the road with a flat tire, a spare in the trunk is more useful than some hole I can fill with water that I’ll never use.

  96. DAVE MILLER says:

    No You ruined the Puma I've had over 10 1999 Puma's I hate it alot

  97. omvg93 says:

    Why not a new Ford Capri????

  98. AMAL E M says:

    Why the puma is not available in Indian market. If there is any chance to launch in India?

  99. charly good says:


  100. Dániel Kövesi says:

    hUMaN CeNTrIc dESiGN
    CReaTiVE sOlUTionS
    Buzzword buzzword buzzword

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