The Center of My Universe™ Collection | Forevermark
The Center of My Universe™ Collection | Forevermark

Today I will never forget The day I made a promise And our lives really began Because of her, the most beautiful things started to grow Success took on a whole new meaning The simple moments began to mean the most Now I can’t imagine my life without her So much of what I take for granted simply
wouldn’t exist The thousand tiny pieces that compose our life, gravitate around her She is the force that holds us all together, and keeps our world in motion She is my everything The Center of My Universe™ from Forevermark Less than 1% of the world’s diamonds can carry the Forevermark inscription A promise that each diamond is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced Forevermark.
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62 thoughts on “The Center of My Universe™ Collection | Forevermark”

  1. Luis Blanco says:

    Who is the guy speaking? Where can I find all these lines at?

  2. Sierra Edwards says:

    The woman is so beautiful! This commercial is so sweet! It makes me believe in true love.

  3. CORVETTE1982 says:

    I both love and hate this commercial. I love it because I felt the same way while I was blessed with a beautiful wife. But she lacked the same dedication I had. The same type this commercial portrays. Instead she did her selfish best to throw it all away. I also hate this commercial because I see in it what was stolen from me despite my sincere effort to save it. The absence of love I now live with is what this man says he can no longer imagine. He knows, and doesn't know, just how lucky he is.

  4. M.LsVice says:

    This commercial warms my heart every time I see it. So beautiful…and this woman is simply stunning, so befitting!!! <3

  5. kespin says:

    Fuck you forevermark…you dont need diamonds to love someone.

  6. Karen J Mei says:

    She is sooo pretty!! What a sweet commercial! 🙂

  7. Girum a says:

    The lady is freaking gorgeous. 10/10 👌

  8. Anil Chawla says:

    more like 15/10.

  9. Yasmin Nikole says:

    I wish i looked like that woman. she looks so bright and happy, shes absolutely stunning and everything about her feels so right. like you can look at her and feel a sense of warmth and calm. like everythings okay. I wish i looked like her and had someone feel that way about me

  10. Daniel Padova says:

    Absolutely beautiful woman.  I can see that my thoughts are shared by some others with an eye for beauty.

  11. NESS S. says:


  12. Darryl Newcombe says:

    What is the name of the background music!?!?!

  13. carsting7 says:

    Great commercial beautiful lady!

  14. Ken45 says:

    Geez, someone put this woman in a movie. Put her in a romantic comedy. The women will go see it because it's a chick flick, the men will go see it because she's gorgeous…

  15. DiscombobulatedMind says:

    She looks like Carmen from the L word

  16. SteeLCobra Nostra says:


  17. Alixae Bell says:

    Beautiful and #cinematic  So great to see this brand investing good money to make stunning commercials. I love this #ForeverMark  Commercial and the #diamonds  of course

  18. Kalan Ferguson says:

    Who is she?

  19. Mark Mac says:

    I've got to know who she is…. She is stunning ! I could look at her face every day of my life. Can anyone tell me who she is?

  20. Mark Mac says:

    Damn… I'd love her with my LIFE…. I've never seen a creature as lovely as her…

  21. d3w3yslick says:

    Anyone know the name is the song in the background?!?!?

  22. speedsurfer123 says:

    You are the center of my universe. Here, have a piece of carbon.

  23. ivorton23 says:

    She is one of the most BEAUTIFUL women ive ever seen!! Absolutely Gorgeous!!! WOW!!!

  24. Fan Fateali says:

    Help me Unsubscribe channel name "Forevermark". Not interested any of his business. Thank you, Plz.

  25. fred conley says:

    Find one that already has the diamond.

  26. Kesha Brooks says:

    My son is forever loved. Your gift to me for chtidtmas will be forever with me
    I love you eli.peace ma ma

  27. Hall Andrew says:

    She looks happy:)

    Her name is Paige Spara, all the details of this ad are here in the info. box.

    I don't mind getting this ad, just so I can read the comments…hilarious!

  28. Ola Fadahunsi says:

    DOSEEEE LIPSSSSS DOEEEE… Simply Stunning Beauty 

  29. chloe zoller says:

    who is she?

  30. Ehab Rassem says:

    Her name is Paige Spara for all u thirsty mafukhaz lol

  31. AWDTH1111 says:

    "She is the force that holds us all together. She is my everything. The center of my universe." Man if she left him, he'd be so screwed lol

  32. Louise MacDonald says:

    It proves that money can buy everything.

  33. TruthNloV3 says:

    I wonder what size that specific diamond and the ones surrounding it are. 

  34. WupeViasco says:


  35. orusena says:


  36. Ruben van den Belt says:

    i hope you choke on it..

  37. Taishi Arakawa says:

    It's Movie. Series of two seconds scene tell us everything.
    I have never seen this kind of commercial before.
    Thank you for making.

  38. Jade B says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song??

  39. Gary Carrizales says:


  40. monikaolivetti says:

    Does anyone know backround music ?

  41. pop per says:

    She's the type of woman that lucky guys marry.

    So I can only hope that she's a bat-shit crazy-eyed psycho-bwitch who makes the guy she's with's life a living Hell on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

    Hey, at least I'm not jaded or bitter.

  42. stv3800 says:

    is the music available for download?

  43. Dan 821 says:

    This woman has timeless beauty!

  44. Clint the Audio Guy says:

    Wow, great ad. Just one-upped the other diamond makers out there.

  45. Chris K says:

    One day with the one I love 😄

  46. Troublemagnet says:

    Feminist propaganda.

  47. Lala Haha says:

    Here because I saw her on the good doctor

  48. blueblade455 says:

    Geez, this video makes me feel even more lonelier than usual.

  49. Devil Woman says:

    Lea!!! From the Good Doctor!!! She is beautiful and jusy right for him!

  50. shane gal says:

    yeah, paige has this rare beauty. freddie highmore

  51. shane gal says:

    yeah, paige has this rare beauty. freddie highmore

  52. Lala Haha says:

    Aww Shaun and Lea got married and had a baby

  53. Lukas The Infinite says:

    Yes, Paige Spara is unbelievably beautiful. On the other hand this kind of commecrial presents what is almost impossible to achieve – the perfect wife, always smiling and as beautiful as a goddess… Untrue and unreal picture pressed to men's heads…

  54. AGamingYT inc says:

    Is this Paige spara? 😱

  55. Asma Sarwar says:

    they may have very pure diamonds… which may have worth for them only when they want to trap you …but not have any resale value in market and not even in there own forever mark outlet for diamond jewelry.. as we have this experience from them very disappointing…..!…even a day after, u purchase from forever mark they will not buy/accept back for resale their own product from u..because they don't have trust in their own product …which is very bad experience. In short u can not sell the diamond to FOREVER MARK which u have purchased from them… heartbreaking disappointing..!

  56. Juan Cano says:

    The New York Times had an article on how she doesn't have an anus because she doesn't have to take dumps or ever needs to fart. That's how beautiful this woman is.

  57. RaptorV1USA says:

    …..this woman takes my breath away, literally.

  58. Extinction says:

    Lea, where's shaun?

  59. Sambol Misaghian Shirazi says:

    Music ❤️models ❤️narrator❤️story❤️everything about this commercial is perfection

  60. agent784 says:

    This is wonderfully produced and could have been one of the greatest commercials made except the extensive marketing destroying the immersion of the storytelling towards the end. They could have used a different voice or just left it out altogether, would have been more impactful. "…she's my everthing. The Center of my universe by forevermark…" It's like listening to yesterday from the Beatles only to be interrupted by fart noises towards the end.

  61. Spalex says:

    Her smile 😍

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