The Best Golf Setup For More Distance  | Distance Mastery Series 1
The Best Golf Setup For More Distance | Distance Mastery Series 1

Hey guys! Andrew McCombe here the founder
and CEO of Golf University In this Golf University “Tip from the Pro” I’m with Grant Field the Queensland PGA Teacher of the Year and coach of PGA Tour Superstar Cameron Smith. We’re at Riverside Oaks Golf Resort in Sydney, Australia and Grants going to teach us
the importance of sequencing in the golf swing and how about all of the elements working together? Well, ultimately increase our distance
by at least 15 meters or more But before we start and if you haven’t done so already
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and in control of this area of your game But before I help you find and fix this area of your game, let’s find out how to get more distance This “Tip from the Pro: brought to you by Golf University the world’s premier golf improvement program In this video let’s talk about one of the things that I see is one of the most important things in the golf swing and that’s how we start to many people in my opinion don’t pay enough attention to how they set their body over the ball So let’s talk about what needs to happen For me, I always like to start from the ground up.
So let’s start with the feet For me with the feet we want to be basically If I’m using a 6-iron like I am here from the inside of foot to point a shoulder width apart and I want both feet Slightly flared, you know, sometimes
we here right foot square and left foot turned out. I like to see both feet square this allows For the ankles and the knees to sit in the right position and then allows the body to be able to rotate If I have my feet square whether it be the right or the left square it actually inwardly rotates my knees Which pause in my hips which for me is going to affect how my body can function during the swing? so again Feet are going to be slightly flared knees are going to feel like they just pull out a little bit which helps us with some pressure down
through the ground and then From there. We’ve got a couple of main bends one is forward from the hip joints so we can see from behind We’ve got a nice straight You know spine with a little bit of curvature
sort of natural curvature to the spine And then from there
we have a little bit of bump towards the target So what I mean by that is a lower half weight
or pressure is going to slide just slightly to the left So let’s call it 55 45 percent and that’s going to counterbalance the angle to my spine alright from there that allows my hands
and arms to fit in position because For me being a right-hander.
My right hand is lower on the club I need to have some angle from which my hands to sit properly and for my body to be able to rotate around So again once more feet knees forward a little bump and then arms can hang and Then we’re in the right position from behind There’s two main things we want to see here one is My balance from a front to back point of view
a lot of people tend to set up back too far in their heels What I like to see that we’re balanced. Let’s call it through the laces of our feet So a good drill for that is you know If I take my set up and if I’m too far back I rock too far forward Rock too far back Rock forward and then settle into my posture So I feel that balance through the feet and that helps me feel the right balance the other thing is I want to feel like my chest or my scapula is set back in in position
what this is going to do is allow for proper arm function in the backswing
and which will lead us into our next takeaway video But you know This is going to allow the body to work properly away from the ball if I just grab my driver just quickly if I was to set up I have my driver the main thing that’s going to change Compared to my iron swing is my
with the stance is going to be fractionally wider My ball position a little bit forward
and to do that to counterbalance that weight I’m gonna have just a little bit more pressure So if we were measured on a force plate we’d be looking at sort of 58 59 percent you know forty one forty two percent that’s going to allow me
to have a little bit of more spine angle away from ball for my body to be able to move into that backswing I hope this helps and good luck with your setup if you need to practice it or you want to practice it
the best way at home is jumping in front of a mirror and get that instant feedback of
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8 thoughts on “The Best Golf Setup For More Distance | Distance Mastery Series 1”

  1. Balanced to the Core says:

    As a Pilates Instructor, I found this video INCREDIBLY helpful! I like the slightly flared feet – makes so much sense. Thanks for a great tutorial.

  2. GolfGetaway says:

    Great lesson as always 🙂

  3. GolfUniversity says:

    Do you think this lesson will get you 15 metres or more distance if you get all the elements in your golf swing working better together?

  4. Nectar Cold Pressed says:

    Amazing how important balance is to the overall golf swing – thanks for this lesson

  5. Nectar Cold Pressed says:

    Amazing how important balance is to the overall golf swing – thanks for this lesson

  6. Kajana Club says:

    Nice. Thanks. ⛳️

  7. Jill W. Fox says:

    Learning a lot! Even though I don't play, I do watch golf on TV and understand it better after watching your videos.

  8. GolfUniversity says:

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