The Best Golf Drills to Hit Pure Irons – 5 Stroke Challenge Practice Day 15
The Best Golf Drills to Hit Pure Irons – 5 Stroke Challenge Practice Day 15

swing day today I it’s gonna be a
breakthrough type of day I think that’s it it I hope you’re enjoying the five
stroke challenge we’re getting better we’re we’re jamming on through Dave what
15 crushing it you guys are awesome comment below let me know how it’s
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description below you could check all that out we’re doing a swing day today
we’re working on swing so you do this at home in your net indoors at the range
wherever you want we can hit balls okay and here’s just kind of a general thing
when I ask you to do draws and phase or high or low or whatever don’t worry
about if you can do it or you can’t do it that’s not the important piece the
important piece is you try but I was a high handicapper at one time in my life
as well and how I got better it was I was forcing my body to try things I hit
a big banana slice couldn’t draw the ball but I just kept trying trying try
really exaggerated movements to try to help me get better and ultimately it
paid off so whether you can or cannot do it just try and if your draw is a
five-yard fade that’s fine too so just do what you can do don’t worry about
everything else don’t worry about the technique behind it so much you want to
learn your body and your motion so that helps you get better here we go here’s
how it’s gonna work today you can start off with a wedge pitching wedge and
you’re gonna go to shot slow two shots medium and two shots high okay
that’s gonna be most of today and what you’re gonna do is you’re only going to
adjust the height of the ball by ball position so medium height ball is middle
of your stance low would be just put it back a ball about a ball distance back
and high would be a ball forward of Center that’s your baseline setup for
these shots today so we’re gonna start off with a wedge we’re gonna go two
shots low to medium to high and then to low to medium to high and you’re gonna
do that three times with a wedge okay do it great job it’s tiring I know
now you’re gonna back up and you’re gonna do the same thing with the 7-iron
to low to medium to high three times okay to to to do that three times in
that order right now go good stuff now back it up a little bit more same exact
thing with a 4-iron okay it’s a new pitching wedge 7-iron now for iron low
medium high three times through that here we go you question it okay
now what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go back to the pitching wedge same thing
low medium high just one time through and then back up to the 7-iron same
exact thing one time through two to two then back to the four iron to low to
medium to high just one time through right and do it here we go okay question it now here’s what we want
to do we want to play 18 holes on the range in our mind so a course that
you’re familiar with that you know all the holes roughly the yardage okay play
them in your head hit your driver hit an approach shot and then if you’re
chipping hit a little chip shot so you kind of got to know if you hit the green
or not based on how well you struck the ball and you’re just learning how to mix
it up going from your driver to a mid iron to a short iron to whatever hybrid
fairway wood whatever it is you’re learning how to actually play now after
range mentally so for me I’m gonna play and play Torrey Pines South Course in my
head okay first of all a long par-4 little dogleg right here we go
I did a full review of these mats at least a large one that I have a link of
video to that up here for you to check out to3 you want more info on the mats
I’m using they’re pretty good for a home use I’m really good I like a lot so uh
in my mind mentally i solid strike I think I drew it a little bit I think I’m
in the left fairway left side the fairway about 160 160 left so see
mentally I’m like oh we’re on the ocean we’re hitting back towards the water
little onshore breeze blow in the wind 160 pretty close 7-iron just solid
strike middle green hit that really well I’m on the green putt to putt got a par
good par Matt solid start second hole three sixty something I don’t know
driver all the way so that she gets I probably got a little under 100 probably
90 yards 80 yards left gonna go uh-hmm I’m gonna go 54 degree wedge may birdie great shot at least a par hit up your
next up is a par 3 down here a little green you know the one hanging on the
edge of the cliff visualize your pin placement I’m going like middle left pin
you go left you’re in the canyon I’ll go 160 downhill can’t go long
8-iron center to the green just play safe here good you get the idea I’m
gonna finish my round and let’s see what happens all right last hole hit it in the
fairway you know it par-5 so I played this course cuz you all can
visualize it as I go but I take a shot I’m going for any by three 3-wood over
the water I’m gonna miss to the right if I miss
I’m missing right so I stay out of water hopefully he’ll did a little so I
probably miss the green but I missed it right I didn’t hook it at all fell you
could feel that if you did all right so a chips I got the chip shot I went in
made it Eagle horse know all right so there you go that’s your swing day this
kind of practice especially the playing that 18 holes in your mind is going to
be a game-changer for you if you don’t do it consistently do it okay this is
one of those practice days that’s gonna be a breakthrough for you because you’re
gonna do this kind of stuff more often it’s gonna help your game and then when
you get to a course especially when maybe you’re not comfortable with you
just gonna have more confidence cuz you just played it 500 times in your head
and that’s what you want alright so comment below if you liked
today’s drill hit the like button subscribe to the channel if you haven’t
done so already round logo over here more video content over there I love you
guys we’ll see you next practice day take care hey kids come I got a chore
for you boys party

12 thoughts on “The Best Golf Drills to Hit Pure Irons – 5 Stroke Challenge Practice Day 15”

  1. john price says:

    love the drill matt…You have some amazing back drops!..Ocean to the left..beautiful views to the right!!.. I have parkland lol…. keep up the good work matt.

  2. Michael Harmon says:

    Not going well Matt. Winter weather, no indoor range, just stretching. Great videos though.

  3. bydacoola says:

    The best! From low to high is good! You can learn a lot.

  4. martin rodger says:

    Loving the vids. Any drills for practicing short game on the range as it's wet and dark after work. Feel I missing out in the week and then can't catch up @ weekend.

  5. Slymax95 says:

    If you are only changing ball position by a ball, I think I am changing my ball position too much. Will work on this as soon as the range re-opens. Thanks for all your help.

  6. Andrew Jones says:

    I'm in a hell of a slump. Started this as an 8, up 2 strokes to a 10 at the moment.

    The positives: I've learned how to start my driver more straight, as opposed to typical 5°R sweeping draw, due to some of these drills. My chipping and putting are improved.

    The negatives: I'm not confident with irons at the moment.

  7. Rob Neville says:

    Working great – Short game is so key – getting up and down 1/2 dozen times a round means rounds in the 70s. Hitting regular shots purer as my shorter swing improves with these practices.

  8. David Dear says:

    I appreciate your positive attitude. Always get excited to see your drills and videos

  9. Richard Oakley says:

    Why are on your toes in the title,

  10. Eric Pramick says:

    Pretty solid idea for a practice routine. And absolutely love the backyard setup.

    One question, why do you have two mats set at different distances from the net?

  11. D Y says:

    for the 4 iron, do you place the ball in the middle of your stance and apply (low, med, high) ? or do you apply the low, med, high in the regular position you would place the ball for a 4 iron?

  12. Dyson Golf says:

    Great info man.

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