The Best Engine Oil in the World and Why You Don’t Need it

rev up your engines, five-star mike,
Amsoil versus royal purple which is a better oil, well they’re both excellent
oils but from my racing friends that race them all the time, they say the
royal purple is the absolute best, now you’re paying a ton for that stuff it’s
super expensive stuff it’s overkill for a regular car engine, but if you’re
racing a car you know you want the most protection you could possibly get and my
friends they race cars they all swear most of them, by the royal purple
they used to like the Mobil 1 but then a few years back they all switch because
they said oh our oil pressure is running lower and the oil temperature gauges
cause race cars have oil temperature gauges too, they were running too hot and
a lot of them used the royal purple now they like it it’s expensive oil,
you don’t necessarily need that much protection but for race car
guys they swear by it, shitumori says Scotty I got a 88 Honda
Civic wagon with 300,000 miles I know a little about working on cars but I want to
learn more, how hard would be to swap my engine with lesser mileage one
expectation, ok watch my video how to replace an engine in your car that was
me putting a used engine from Japan in my son’s Toyota Celica, he’s still
driving that thing, it runs like a clock and that was over ten years ago in Japan
they don’t drive cars that much and they’ve got some kinds of laws that once
the car gets to a certain age and has a progressive tax, so like you got a 10 year
old car you pay more tax and you would paying the lease on a brand-new car so
they get ridden of them, then they pull out the engines and transmissions and ship them to the United
States and sell them, f you can find a Japanese engine for that it, could have
maybe 30-40 thousand miles on it do it watch my video it’s totally doable you
can do it yourself and if you don’t want to rent an engine hoist one of those
cherry pickers the one I got I paid a hundred and ten bucks for a brand new on
sale from harbor freight tools and yes it was made in China but it’s an a-frame
with hydraulic jack built into it simple technology and the Chinese are very good
at building steel products for stuff like that, josiah van der ham says Scotty
what do you think of dodge caravans made after 2014 thanks, I don’t think much about
them, the dodge caravans even the click and clack guys years ago, they said you know
why the dodge caravans could hold eight people, so one guy could drive and seven people
can push it when it breaks down, they had the worst automatic transmission, they had
nothing but problems and Fiat owns the company now, Italian owned American
company that’s nothing but bad news, they put a lot of Italian technology into them and
believe me things are breaking down their lasting even less than what
the original American designs did, don’t buy one ,your throwing your money away, you want a good van
get a sienna van, don’t waste your money on a dodge van, killer boy 903 673, should I
buy a Ford Ranger or a Saab 93 turbo x get the Ranger, those turbos are
endless money pits, SAAB is a bankrupt company and those Ford ranges can last
forever if you take care of them but they’re completely different
vehicles I mean what are you looking for you know,a Ford ranger is a good little
pickup truck and a Saab 93 turbo X is basically a racy little sports car,
you’re talking about apples and oranges there, but I would never buy the Saab I
mean they’re endless money pits they’re hellacious things to work on, their
engines are in backwards and you got to pull the engine out to do minor work on
a transmission they’re hellacious things to work on, I mean you
really can’t compare the two, Rambling says Scotty what do you think of the
first generation Sequoia versus the first generation Armada, okay I think
Sequoia I would like better but the first generation Armada is better than
the ones they’re making now, because that was before
Renault took over Nissan, so it was just Nissan on the Japanese designing and building them, they were better built I mean they really were and if you go back even
further into the past to when NIssan was called Datsun they made indestructible
cars back then, they made little B210’s that had no horsepower but they
could run forever and they made the first real good popular Japanese sports
car, the 240Z’s they were the first real popular Japanese sports cars, now Nissan doesn’t make such great vehicles but they did back then, Jack says I have
a failing window is my only option to buy a new one, depends on your vehicle,
popular ones there’s a very big aftermarket for, which less
popular ones aren’t like Jaguars there isn’t that much, but if you got say a
Toyota or a Ford there are places in China that make the window and the
window regulator the whole assembly everything except the glass that you
reuse, for less than a hundred bucks and that’s what I generally do for my customers,
cuz I say look, if I go to the dealer and I buy those parts it might be 450
bucks, but if I can get the whole thing with a three-year guarantee for less than 100
bucks that’s what I’m gonna do, so check with
your car, now some cars they’re not available if they’re odd balls, but that’s
the one advantage that I always tell people, if you buy a car that everybody
else is driving like a Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Ford f-150, there’s a
tremendous aftermarket so you can get a lot of parts and a very reasonable price
that are gonna work for quite some time, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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