The Best (And Safest) Way To Pick Up Your Disc Golf Disc
The Best (And Safest) Way To Pick Up Your Disc Golf Disc

18 thoughts on “The Best (And Safest) Way To Pick Up Your Disc Golf Disc”

  1. Eric Beich says:

    As an almost 49 year old with lower back issues, I will try these. Thank you!

  2. Daniel says:

    Great to see other aspect of Disc Golf other then throw farther.

    Keep up the good work.
    Now, to the rest of your videos!

  3. Von Nebo says:

    I feel like some peeps would be like "HA, WHY DOES HE PICK UP HIS DISC SO WEIRD." and laugh at you.

    But really, good information.

  4. disc_oidal says:

    Wow.. And for the first 30 seconds i thought this was a rip on Avery's "deep in the game" series. 😀

  5. Matt Barajas says:

    I've done the one leg pick up since I've hurt my back years ago. it makes a big difference and makes your legs stronger over time which makes your drives go further

  6. tyvek05 says:

    at first I thought this was a joke video,  then I realized that you are being serious…………   really?…..   huge face palm.      if discs weighed 25 pounds, then yeah this advice could be usefull….  BUT discs don't even weigh HALF A POUND.  dude,  bending over to pick up something that weighs less than 8 oz a handful of times IS NOT GOING TO HURT YOUR BACK.  it is actually good to arch your back and move the vertebrae and stretch out the spinal cord.   this advice is very ridiculous and just uneccessary.

  7. N1c2k3 says:

    Been dealing with a herniated disc (not the plastic kind) for 4 years, and I can tell you this makes a difference…

  8. Bethel Barrett says:

    Thank you for reaching the community in helpful ways. Your camera presence and the way you present yourself is both professional and genuine. I have seen a person do such for the mountain bike community (bikejames). He then developed other concepts such as nutrition and a product (flat pedals) and coaching that developed into a revenue business. Perhaps you might get some ideas by looking at his site. Anyway – wish you much success in your adventure !

  9. Atla57 says:

    Cool stuff, man! Don't mind the amount of dislikes, I know a lot of people will dismiss it because it looks a little goofy or they don't understand that it's not the weight of the disc, but repetition of bad form. After an hour of fieldwork and picking up discs, my back always feels like crap. I'll try this out!

  10. Clayton Vining says:

    Great advice thank you.

  11. Wesley Petticrew says:

    love the videos! Have you made or can you make, a video of how you warm up and stretch before a round? including shoulder, arm, hips and legs? Thanks!

  12. penisbutt says:

    I was waiting for the foot disc flip over to pop and grab in the air

  13. Mark Scherer says:

    having injured my back playing, this is a valuable little tip to help keep it healthy!

  14. DISC GOLF NINJA says:

    ok. one of my issues with dg is constantly being in a vulnerable/ gay position. especially when gay rapist hobos are always on the course.

  15. Alex's Gmail says:

    I thought this is going to be stupid but he proves a good point

  16. vvav says:

    People should follow these tips ALL the time, not just when disc golfing. Good mechanics when lifting and bending over will save you a lot of pain later in life.

  17. John Smith says:

    This is a parody right?

  18. jarred marques says:

    I drop to a knee to keep my back straight

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