THAAD moving toward full operational capacity: MND
THAAD moving toward full operational capacity: MND

We begin with the deployment of the THAAD
missile defense system. The fact that key parts, but not all components
of the battery have arrived in South Korea led to a lot of speculation that this was
just for testing the system — like what effect its radars would have on people living nearby. But the defense ministry says no, this is
the start of a full-scale deployment. Our Kim Jung-soo has the details. South Korea’s defense ministry has affirmed
that the installation of the THAAD battery is proceeding smoothly as planned. The ministry’s spokesperson said the U.S.
military is working on several tests to ensure that the THAAD components that recently arrived
in Seongju County… reach full operational capacity as soon as possible. The latest estimate predicts this could happen
within days. “Although not all of the components of the
THAAD battery have arrived, the existing battery wil become fully operational in the coming
days. This is not a test deployment.” A full THAAD battery consists of four key
components: a launcher, interceptor missiles, an X-band radar that can detect incoming threats
at a range up to 600 kilometers… and several fire control and communications units. These tie the whole system together via external
commands to identify incoming projectiles and initiate the launcher. The battery deployed in Korea will include
six mobile launchers, with each one able to carry eight interceptor missiles, but only
two of the launchers have arrived so far, along with the radar and fire control units. South Korea will soon build basic utility
systems on the property, a former golf course in Seongju County. Once that’s complete, the entire battery will
be assembled and installed at the target location… sometime before the end of the year. Earlier in the day,…. South Korea’s National Security Adviser Kim
Kwan jin and his U.S. counterpart H.R. MacMaster spoke by phone about the latest developments…
and the two agreed that the deployment is moving ahead smoothly. They also affirmed that the alliance will
impose punitive measures on North Korea if it goes ahead with further provocations. Kim Jung-soo, Arirang News.

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  1. Earl Kent Sucalit says:

    china's warning to us of deploying thaad is like warning your neighbor not to buy a gun because you want to rob his house

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