Textured Knockdown Repair at Golf Course. Episode 5
Textured Knockdown Repair at Golf Course. Episode 5

it’s done it’s done hi and welcome to
the coating life my name is Anders in today’s episode we’re gonna take you to
Rockaway Glen golf course and winery before we get started I just want to
give you an update on the fire hall showers so that project has been very
frustrating that video will be coming shortly they’ve had some water damage on
some of their bulkheads and it’s California knockdown so we’ve been
asked to look after the repair sometimes textures can be really hard to
match Niagara, what’s not to love So i’m gonna meet Krener on-site and make sure
that the taper is finished so that we can do our texture
we’re not contracted for the painting and the taping on this project just
texture alright so according to Krener here he says that it’s not California
knockdown but that it’s actually troweled finished with a sponge so I got
a run out to Kayla’s and grab me some sponge oh yeah we won’t have to argue
about the finish later so we didn’t end up needing to use a sponge we actually
were able to finish the edges by the use of a trowel when you do knockdown
whether it be California knockdown or any other type of trowel down what you
want to do is you want to apply the drywall compound or machine mix you
allow it to harden and then you go over it and knock down the
parts with your trowel what do you know Chris was right I was wrong
well how about that but how about that this is a traditional California
knockdown the texture is not as thick as what we’re doing at the golf course it’s
super heavy texture we’re applying the compound directly with the trowel by
dabbing it up against the wall yeah once it’s had a chance to set up
and we’re going over it again and here’s the finished product after it’s been
painted as you can see it blends perfectly with the pre-existing texture
you can’t really tell where we started and where it stopped Chris did a good
job if you ever find yourself in the Niagara region come to the Rockway glen Golf Course play around eat some food to check out his lovely Museum we’re professional painters not
filmmakers who put that there in all seriousness safety first
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