Tennis In Poland テニスしてからビーチに行く Meet “Alice In Kumamoto” On The Beach(海外まとめ)
Tennis In Poland テニスしてからビーチに行く Meet “Alice In Kumamoto” On The Beach(海外まとめ)

We are on the Warsaw Beach. (18th of June) Right now, we are on the beach, Wisla. We are having a picnic, it’s Saturday night. Nice weather and so many people here. I’m having a little wine and some Japanese foods. -Here we have an elite business man, Yuki.
-No, I’m not. (He’s humble) Hello! I’m from Kobe, Japan. I live in Vienna, I come to Warsaw once every three weeks for work. -Even though, I live in Vienna, I travel all across the Europe,
-That’s great! Going to Hungary after Poland, After that, going to Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Cyprus, Russia and then back to Poland. -That’s amazing!
-Please to meet you ! Here we have Alicja, the winner of Yukata concours 2014. I heard that Kumamoto’s going through tough times, that is why I’m going to Japan in July to support them. This is my way of returning the favor because (I used to live there) I am very grateful to Kumamoto. So, I’d like to give help to. I used to call myself “Alice in Kumamoto”,
that’s how much I am in love with Kumamoto.
Go Kumamoto!

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  2. Visual Nova says:

    0:56 : Haha, the kids saying Hello to the camera 😀

    But damn, you're Japanese, where are your テニスの王子様 super-moves at 1:23 ? I'm disappointed > Unsubscribe (´・ω・)
    (cliché will live forever)

  3. 【iYuta】YouTube Channel Yuta Ishikawa says:

    Polish Thanks to Tomasz Walter

    ポーランド語 Tomasz Walterさん

    Want to help subtitle my videos in your language?

  4. Me in HD says:

    How is your life in Poland? I would like to move there. Can you tell me more about your life there? Do you enjoy your job?

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