Tennis Forehand: Racket Lag + Point Of Impact | Connecting Tennis
Tennis Forehand: Racket Lag + Point Of Impact | Connecting Tennis

Hey guys Gaston here from Connecting Tennis welcome to another video today I wanna talk a little about something that
a lot of people have been asking again I’m trying to get into the all the
things that I’m getting out of the forehand course the forehand week and there was
something that I felt also like when I talk on the last video about the hitting
in front this is gonna be connected because we’re actually going to talk
about the racket lag on the forehand and this relaxation you know this freedom
this smoothness that you can have in your hand to make you know the slap
on the ball but when you look at the you know at the forehand in low motion it
actually you can see how the hand has a freedom to work and to slap the ball in
front and have a really clean point of impact in front and I feel that a lot of
recreational players struggle with this you know they feel a little more
stiff like I say that many of them and not
only recreational I see it at even at higher levels how people you know and
playing struggle to get this freedom in the hand and to understand that the
racket lag is so important because it’s gonna allow you to get the ball you know
a good point of impact in front like we were talking in the last video that we
work on the net you know if you haven’t seen this video go you’re gonna have the
link somewhere around here just take a look at that one because that one is
gonna give you an idea on how to hit in front of a couple of drills to hit
from this one I just want to show you and just want to
talk about you know a couple of I’m gonna put from the side the camera after
and show you the different angles on when you have to to let the hand go
alright so let’s get into today’s video so for the semi Western and the eastern
grip I’m gonna show you both but you’re gonna see that on both of them even if I
would do a continental the rocket lag is always there when I talk
about rocket lag what is the rocket lag when you take the racket behind to make
a shot the moment you start to bring your body forward if your hand is loose
what’s gonna happen you’re gonna make this rotation so quick that you can see
that the racket drop because it’s like you know when you pull something you
know you pull somebody real quick that the body goes but the hair to stay
behind this is the same okay think about this you’re pulling the racket so fast
that the racket is gonna fall to then create the lag on the hand to then hit
in front if you don’t have this racket leg and your hand comes complete here
you can see like this you’re not going to have any racket lag your point of
impact it will be here how you gonna hit with the hand in front
there you’ll be always cross-court so you need this racket lag okay this
break here I’m gonna try to make it slow motion here look when I prepare here the
moment that I drop and I start to coil look the racket what does here you can
see this okay again the moment I start and start to coil
look how the racket drop creating this L okay this 90 degrees on my
hand to then come forward and at the point of impact yes create a natural
movement to hit the ball a lot of people ask me how much do involve your wrist on the point of impact world after the racket lag which it would be the first
involvement the moment of impact your hand is gonna come you can see here your
hand is gonna come 90 degrees okay here until the moment of impact really in
front and then from here you’re gonna make a natural movement of the hand you
know hitting the ball and closing you can see like putting my hand here to
make you make you pay attention into the natural movement that the wrist does that
after hitting it’s just the natural moment of closing the hand you can see now your arm it’s in a perfect natural position and
then keep rotating okay and now we of course envolve everything to make the whole
rotation I see many pros and it really makes me
makes me mad and makes me sad you know I think sad is the best work when I see
process teaching you know players to rotate like this I mean guys like only
by doing this you know my hand is hurting you know I can feel it how you gonna teach a player to rotate
like this you know from the moment of impact instead of making a movement
forward a good follow-through and in natural which is important to take care
of your wrist the natural movement players from here just rotating like
this like I mean I mean whatever just pay attention that everything has to be
a natural movement for your body if you don’t have a natural movement if you
don’t make a natural move in the long term you’re gonna get hurt you’re gonna
hit a ball you know stronger that you should have and then you’re
gonna feel pain and then it’s gonna become chronicle you know guys first
involvement racket lag once he gets in front after the point of impact your
wrist has to make a natural movement boom impact a natural
moment closing and then after this once is in this position you know natural
what what comes rotating is the body that is come coming forward so you wrist is only rotating naturally is not that you’re hitting the ball and rotating your
wrist like this alright so now let me show you I’m gonna
show you from semi Western and Eastern okay so for people that uses different
grips from the side how the hit it would be in slow motion okay with the racket
lag you’re gonna see the racket lag happening the point of impact and then
how the hand goes alright let’s take a look first the semi-western then they eastern how all of them okay both I make the break here on the moment when I was dropping
the ball okay imagine the ball is coming but the moment you start to turn
and to coil with your hips to go forward your racket it’s already drop it
could be like this it could be like this depending on how you you know I know
players some of them you know take the racket here some go straight with the
racket like Djokovic you can see that Djokovic the first thing he does is taking
okay the face of the racket facing behind which is with what I do some
players don’t turn too much some players stay more here and then from here they
drop so here the racket it would be facing there you can see the mine is more
facing down and then coming forward with the racket lag you can see that the
moment that the ball is just bouncing and panning there
what happened you’re gonna see my hand here you stop the video this racket
lag it would can allow you to have this you know this trigger in the hand to
drop and then from here boom here in front and have this you know when you
see players that feel like man that was really fast that’s what I was like a you
know like it like a shot exactly it’s because of this I mean of course with
the whole kinetic chain and everything but what allows okay the racket lag
what allows it is the hit in front the point of impact in front and then
having this you know like the example of slapping someone in the face
kind of like the same you know you when you’re going or slap something you
know don’t talk about slapping someone in the face you’re gonna slap the racket
you know when you’re gonna take your hand here and you’re gonna take from
here you’re gonna take your hand behind you know to hit somebody but the moment you take it when you start to come to foward your hand is gonna it’s gonna be
left behind to then slap same thing if you’re
gonna toss you know baseball you’re gonna take it back once you start to
come forward you can see that you know the shoulder is left behind the
hand gonna be left behind to them throw in
front same thing for all of them alright you can apply this with many sports on
the same way works here alright so I hope you guys like this one
I want it just to clarify and talk a little more about this like the video if
you liked it share with your friends subscribe to e-channel if you didn’t I
will see you guys on the next one thank you.

9 thoughts on “Tennis Forehand: Racket Lag + Point Of Impact | Connecting Tennis”

  1. Roosevelt de Menezes says:

    Your videos are great! Tks for it. I'm from Brazil and share your channel witch my friends

  2. Wally Friend says:

    Gaston, another good video. You are right, the wiper finish is a natural follow through and is really inconsequential because it’ occurs after contact. In fact, a lot of coaches are so focused on finishes that the student gets focused on it and never learns to hit the shot properly. What’s important is what happens at and before contact. Finishes are really important in helping diagnose a problem. They are the residual evidence from the stroke. They are not the stroke itself.

  3. VL Ruata Sailo says:

    Very important 👍👍

  4. Craig Sanders says:

    Excellent teaching! I recently changed from an eastern to a semi-western grip and hitting the ball late was a major issue. Another issue was I was dropping the racquet too low beyond the level of the ball and my elbow was too close to the body causing me to graze the ball ”windshield wiper” motion instead of hitting the ball way out front causing a ball that has topspin but also power that causes the ball to be deep in the court and/or penetrate the court. This teaching made a huge difference for me. Thank you SO MUCH!

  5. Jonathan Chen says:

    Thank you for showing eastern forehand grip as well!

  6. alessandro signorini says:

    Very good advice, sometimes at normal speed it's difficul to catch these particulars,especially the forearm natural follow through against a forced rotation of the wrist on contanct with a windshield wiper motion

  7. intento3inflexible says:

    Great video Gaston! Is very dificult to learn stay loose, but this is the key!! 👏👏👏💪💪💪

  8. Liam Randall says:

    Thank you Gaston! This is so helpful! I was recently taught incorrectly to do the “windshield wiper” twist of the wrist to get more topspin, but I haven’t felt comfortable doing it. I’m so glad I got to know the right way before I became accustomed to the unnatural way.

  9. Daniel Souza says:

    Muito bom, mesmo eu não sabendo inglês sua explicação é muito compreensível!!!

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