Tennis (by Rizatch) – Game Grumps Animated
Tennis (by Rizatch) – Game Grumps Animated

Boop a dee beep, boop.
[Arin laughs] A: Tennis! D: Tennis! A: Tennis? D: And…tennis. A: Mmm…tennis! D: Tennis! A: [deep inhale] A: Tennis. D: Have you considered…tennis? A: Awwww, tennis. D: Awwwww, tennis. A: Mmmmmm… A: ᵗᵉⁿⁿᶦˢ. D: Tennis. A: Tennis. D: Tennis. A: Tennis. D: Tennis. A: Tennis. [ball boops] A: Tennis. D: Oh my god.
A: Tennis. A: Tennis.
D: [laughs] A: Tennis. D: Jesus Christ! A: No, get right up on the–
get right up on the net. D: Really?
A: Tennis. A: Tennis. [Tennis ad infinitum] A: Tennis.
D: Tennis. A: [laughs] D: Tennis. D: Arin. A: [laughs] D: There has to be a way to hit
a different kind of shot, right? A: I– [blows a raspberry] [ball boops] D: Would you please fucking move? A: No, why would I move? A: I’m getting–I’m 100% safe. [ball boopin’] D: This is the worst.
A: [laughs] A: [laughs] D: [laughs] This is the worst. A: [laughs more] D: I’m giving us the trophy for worst. A: Can’t YOU hit in a different direction? D: I can’t, I’m trying. D: I’m trying everything. A: Even if I move, it doesn’t move. D: All right, I’ll try back here. [Dan loses]
A: [laughs] D: Perfect.
A: [laughs] D: I HATE this game.
A: [laughs] A: This fuckin’ SUCKS.
D: [laughs] [beatboxing music] [last ball boop]

100 thoughts on “Tennis (by Rizatch) – Game Grumps Animated”

  1. Do Ma says:

    1:03 Dan's change in mood from angry to laughing to angry is funny.

  2. Max Emmel says:

    those captions are so well written tho, like the details of getting tiny letters when arin said tennis softly

  3. black light Foxy says:


  4. Zach the Cat says:


  5. THICC TUMOR FELLA Man says:


  6. Nater K says:

    Wait, what sport is this?

  7. Thomas McCarthy says:

    Have you ever repeated a word so much it doesn’t sound like a word

  8. Christian Sitzman says:


  9. Chris isboss says:

    You gotta eat the tennis

  10. Patricia Ruiz says:

    The face on him at 21 sec 🤣🤣

  11. Nate C says:

    Have you considered … tennis?

  12. Christian Hadwin says:


  13. Nathan Swan says:

    Why does the character proportion design remind me of Captain Underpants in a way? Danny straight up looks like Harold

  14. Joseph Cyronder says:

    Is this… supposed to be funny?

  15. Ryan Cavanagh says:

    The smug look Arin has is hysterical

  16. Austin The Kat says:

    What game are they playing?

    I think it's some kind of…football?
    Fuck, I dunno sports.

  17. Tahlia Crosland says:

    Arin looks like the Lorax

  18. alaskancurry says:

    This made me so happy😂🙌🏼

  19. WilderChart8 / Dinky says:

    Reminds me of that one Wii Sports video

  20. dave zwierzyna says:


  21. Lemony pie says:

    Anyone else hear tetanus?

  22. Jordanbrodegaming 12 says:


  23. Mr stark,i dont feel so finger lickin good says:


  24. Colleen Gundersen says:

    Ten(and I cannot stress this enough)nis

  25. Sitano Moto says:


  26. Original Garcia / O.G. Family says:

    At first I thought this was on the Gameboy then I realized yes there's on the Gameboy but how would they play together?

  27. Trevor Adams says:


  28. Kaylie Brinkman says:

    I was hoping this was the moment as soon as I saw the notification!

  29. imbroglio says:

    idk why but this reminds me of Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends

  30. Casper the friendly blue ghost says:

    I love how dan slowly loses interest in the game

  31. Derp Link says:


  32. Naief Alromi says:

    Love the artstyle

  33. Partlycloudy says:

    T e n n i s .

  34. Evan does random says:


  35. Rasmus Oskar Thorsen says:

    Things become funny if you just repeat them enough.

  36. Tatum Fowler says:


  37. False Sanity says:


  38. Luke Nasti says:

    Much more effort than mine haha

  39. True Power says:


  40. Mariorox1956 says:


  41. P0ta551um [PABA] says:


  42. Kratos Aurion Plays says:

    0:20 What the heck is up with the closed captions on that tennis XD

  43. Killer Cinema says:


  44. cartuneslover18 says:

    To the person who animated this. How much for a commission on this brilliance?

  45. Mister Timber says:



  46. purple dragon says:

    It's like one whole minute of them to sing tennis the f*** ?

  47. Ace of Spades says:

    "… Ąŕįņ."

  48. Kertis Monks says:


  49. Mario is Here says:


  50. TB 7788 says:


  51. Vera prokić says:

    Mmmmmmn tennis

  52. Mike Downer says:


  53. Irish Mistake says:


  54. Dimentio The Jester says:


  55. MarioB120 says:

    Well, done Rizatch.

  56. Keri Brooke says:

    Wow 666 co-
    Oh wait nevermind its 667

  57. Eight Block says:

    Love the artstyle !

  58. Martyn de Weert says:


  59. blindsightedkill says:

    I love when Arin is cracking up and Dan just fake laughs

  60. kade stanford says:


  61. PepitoElPacheco says:

    i only have one thing to say..TENNIS!

  62. Unity Sans says:


  63. Mikko Simonen says:

    It bothers me way too much that they're hitting the ball into their own side of the court.

  64. Sloth InPocket says:



  65. Raffy Punzal says:

    gotta say, i love these character designs. its super unique where they have the same height but are still largely different in silhouette

  66. Heyhicarolina says:

    That was the best.

  67. Marc Opperman says:

    T E N N I S

  68. Pig warlock says:

    When he said tennis I felt that

  69. just a kamen life says:


  70. The M.K.M. says:

    this has to be my new favorite grumps related thing

  71. Koopa Kid says:

    0:26 if anyone wants it on loop

    Edit: try 0:25

  72. Dusty Partition says:

    Have you considered…

  73. GrimmTheReaper says:

    Tenis Tenis Tenis

  74. MrGameTv says:



  75. Lacoulas 555 says:


  76. booty_ hunter420 says:

    The part where dan says "have you considered…tennis?" always gets me

  77. Hypnotic Skull says:


  78. Doggo Dom says:

    tennis, tennis, t e n n i s, tennis, a R i N

  79. NECRONYX says:

    The new Pong looks great

  80. smelt says:

    . . .


  81. Hunter King says:

    Arin lowkey looking like the lorax in this lol

  82. xBluefirex1 says:


  83. Fuzzy Boon says:

    Arin's face at 0:21 matches too well with how he says tennis

  84. Joaquín Rodríguez says:

    The animator clearly didn't know the rules of tennis xd

  85. Nate Taylor says:

    T E N N I S

  86. Olivia Denholm says:

    Tennis doesn't sound like a word anymore.

  87. C C says:


    You're Welcome.

  88. Talldolphin Gaming says:


  89. The Green Pen Gamer says:

    Can we just appreciate the fact that the book that dan’s reading says: What’s all the Racket

  90. purplepotatochipPPC says:

    10is/10is Great Job!

  91. smol Spinel says:

    Have you considered Tennis

  92. soule187 says:

    It's funny that this could be a scene from a show, but it's literally just two guys hanging out lol

  93. reva farley says:

    0:08 is my favorite.

  94. Shift 21 says:


  95. Deragon Gaming says:

    This takes place in the future

  96. SethBlizzard says:

    This is like a Cartoon Network show. I love it, this is so well done and gloriously funny!

  97. WDX5 says:

    When they said "tennis"

    I felt that…

  98. johnspizza says:

    I wonder what they're playing…tennis perhaps?

  99. GeoDash1457 says:


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