Teeshare Golf Club Membership Program
Teeshare Golf Club Membership Program

Myrtle Beach, the perfect golf experience! This is Justin. He wants to join a golf club but doesn’t want to pay high membership fees or play just one course. Justin joins Golf Teeshare, a
revolutionary membership program that’s only a few clicks away. That was easy!
Here’s how Golf Teeshare works. Golfers select a home course based on location
and amenities and play all affiliate courses at the best member rate. Plan
your vacation when you want! Make new friends. Justin posts his handicap
courses and dates he’s booked and connects with other golfers of similar
skill level. A weekend of fun in the sun awaits without breaking the bank.
Golf Teeshare follows through with a great discount by ShipSticks to pick up
and deliver clubs to any location. Golf Teeshare makes sure you have what you
need for a great time on and off the course… It’s in the bag!
Members receive discounts on pro shop accessories, clinics. Club fittings and a
free swing assessment are tailor-made for Teeshare members. Golf Teeshare gets you ready for the best rounds of your life, with an extensive community of
players to share those memories. The Golf Teeshare membership is like making
great contact with the ball …you know you’ve set yourself up for the win. Our
service breaks new ground and affordability while enhancing the golf
club experience. Let the joy of playing golf sink in. Golf Teeshare rewards you
and your foursome with great Clubhouse savings. Golf Teeshare, a community
building, golf club membership at an affordable price. Join us today as our
course list spreads nationwide. Visit GolfTeeshare.com for a list of
participating courses and a complete list of benefits.

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