Teen hospitalized after golf cart fall
Teen hospitalized after golf cart fall

this nice high school student facing a long road to recovery from injuries she suffered when she fell off a golf cart in st. Augustine baby steps she’s gone from being completely on a ventilator to getting off of that so that’s a good sign and she’s moving her arm her left arm a lot we’re still working on the right arm that’s the sister of the accident victim 17 year-old Olivia love she was hurt one week ago and as you just heard or recovery has been slow news projection reporter Alison Henning joining us live outside Orange Park Medical Center where the teen is being treated Alison you know when you’re on one you really don’t think something like this could happen with a golf cart no and that’s exactly what her mother was telling me this afternoon she has been trying to process how a golf cart could do so much damage Olivia’s injuries are very severe she was taken here to Orange Park Medical Center and underwent emergency brain surgery last week the good news again in all of this is that her family says she is making progress seventeen-year-old olivia love is one week into a long road to recovery last Wednesday night she fell off the back of a golf cart and hit her head on a driveway the impact fracturing her skull and causing bleeding in her brain according to this report from the st. Johns County Sheriff’s Office there were three other people on the golf cart when it was swerving left to right and love fell off no one has been charged ever since the night of the crash her family has been by her side whenever I don’t have class I’m here yeah I took a semester off I just couldn’t imagine being two hours away while she’s going through this so I’ve been here pretty much sleeping here every day and I’ll get to the school when it comes to it but I’m not really focused on that right now as she makes small victories from day to day the community is rallying for her sending encouragement through cards and prayers it warms our heart how much people love her and just want to support her and want the best for her just thank you just thank you for oldest support it’s it’s really just overwhelming and keep the prayers coming because she needs them as loves family waits for the swelling in her brain to go down they’re decorating this helmet with stickers from all of her visitors and her family says she is a very strong girl and there is no doubt that she is going to pull through this but they do know it is going to be a very long road to recover so in the meantime they are just asking for your prayers during this process also a family friend has created a GoFundMe page to help the family with their medical bills you can find that under this story on news for Jax com reporting live in Orange Park Alison Henning Channel four the local station

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