Team Trump Implodes as Scandals Multiply
Team Trump Implodes as Scandals Multiply

100 thoughts on “Team Trump Implodes as Scandals Multiply”

  1. Joseph Friedman says:

    We. The Amerixan people. Not the Marxist left wing scumbags are team trump. And we are mulitplying. The fake news and liberal scandals are being exposed

  2. matt nickel says:

    Way to break out your tin foil hat

  3. Richard Olson says:

    He's breaking

  4. Jamie H says:

    Don't look for moral leadership from any republican, especially Ted Cruz. They are all hollow snakes.

  5. moon ruby says:

    Kimmel spoke fact regarding Trump's mind. The problem is that most of his Republican party are just as mentally ill on purpose!

  6. marsha ballard says:

    Love you Jimmy.

  7. Wendell Hackley says:

    Trump whistleblower is real and your the fake president and traitor of United snakes of America right now.

  8. Michael Lau says:


  9. Chris William says:


  10. James Lewis says:

    Go back to Canada. You aren't funny. Just stupid in my opinion..

  11. Marcel Smet says:

    Now Europe has to save the citizens of the USA. The same way as the USA saved the citizens in Irak from Sadam Hoessein.

  12. HorseMuse says:

    Yep, you're the biggest scam!

  13. analogue jerry says:

    Kimbel, at the end of the day, after you're done being smugnorant, he is a billionaire and a president of the US of A, whereas you are just another airhead on late night tv, who loses his marbles when going off-script (how was the Oscar fuckup, Kimbel, pretty lame jokes about that particular incident…)

  14. Chavee49 says:

    The scandals are more than Jimmy can count. Impeach Trump NOW!

  15. Marshall Roland says:

    Imagine the people that would be on death row had the pursuit to destroy Trump been used to investigate 911. Google the economic state before 911.

  16. tom patterson says:

    Donald Trump alone has the blood of the Kurdish people on his hands throwing our allies to the wolves how will anybody respect us now I'll tell you one thing if you go to Europe don't stay in the building with Donald Trump's name on it. Stay at your own risk

  17. Semper Fidelis says:

    The light applause us on. You dumbass useful idiots. .

  18. Bandicoot says:

    Thee United States of America, needs a stoned President, for our future.

  19. sam hill says:

    "It's not a lie if you believe it" GC

  20. Marc Johansson says:

    Kibble n bits looks possessed. This guy is a total ash eatin douch

  21. fabian davey says:

    Trump already knows the wissle they are blowing it after being fired. They blow it all the time, they are now in jail.

  22. JimRuss Willoughby says:

    Ok, I subscribed [[who did I get]]

  23. mark aaron says:

    This is what happens when one of Seth Meyers's writers fills in for someone who called in sick.

  24. Rene Galarza says:

    OMG! What is up with those laugh tracks? Do you really need them? Does it attracts viewers? I can’t watch. EVER.

  25. Wendell Hackley says:

    No they want to take away our criminal ass conman for president and traitor and tax evader and send his dumb ass to prison:we can live with that for sure.

  26. Wendell Hackley says:

    Do trump listen to some of the dumb ass statements he makes, he's being investigated for corruption and criminal activity and he says somebody else should be locked up, no dumb dumb they got the right one baby your the criminal.

  27. tom patterson says:

    Donald Trump he's going down hes going down down down down down down it's about time Senator Lindsey Graham standing up for America and not the trash in the White House hip hip hooray the Republicans are finally coming around to throw out the trash

  28. 2006pieface says:

    Is urban people call that a BabyBadMan

  29. Ben Bromfield says:

    Shouldn't you be watching scantly clad women jumping on trampoline are something….? What a Schmuck.

  30. motorcycle man says:

    Trump's the biggest scam artist in the country ever seen he should be proud of that

  31. Stephen Wilson says:

    Fake dossier, fake impeachment, corrupt channels like this. Corrupt intelligence agency's. Yet this fantastic president is still making America the best its ever been. Trump will win 2020 by the biggest landslide ever. You are a disgrace.

  32. M K says:

    Funny, our comedians have become the best source of real news, isn't that ridiculous? not funny at all 🙂

  33. Eugenio Colussi filho says:


  34. Colin Moore says:

    Trump implodes so much, he should be a black hole, floating in space by now!

  35. Deven Lee says:

    Nancy and Chuck aren't just after President Trump, they're after YOU, the American people.

    As long as they're leading the Do Nothing Democrats, calls for Impeachment will NEVER END. It is a witch-hunt you show is pathetic : 🖕🏻👎🏻

  36. Fahima Bemberry says:

    Alright already. Get his nice white straight jacket, so he can take a ride in a nice ice cream truck.

  37. lisa lisa says:

    Even when

  38. lisa lisa says:

    A joke.

  39. David Miller says:

    He is looking forward to seeing all his close friends .i be there soon

  40. Susan Wiggins - Simpson says:

    We need to legalize marijuana & limit Twitter 🤟🔥

  41. Lee Rogers says:

    Donald finally meets His Whistle Blower. Himself 😆

  42. michael allen says:

    @9:38 "This is a cable show. But it is Sunday morning."

    And so it's Jesus'/God's day and we should act like the celestial North Korea mind control state is watching us.

  43. james jazmines says:

    Human nature …
    every body loves to watch clowns….

  44. Kathleen Hill says:

    100% correct. Laughed but, it's not funny because it's TRUE. Can't make this up and that's what is sad

  45. Robin Sage says:

    Keep on going Jimmy!

  46. Hanna Honda says:

    Omg… Drump really is as stupid as he looks!

  47. Garrett Hart says:

    Not a single one of y’all can name something he has actually done that is worthy of impeachment

  48. Paul Bee says:

    You cunts are so dumb, educate yourselves on the Ukraine USA treaty which requires Presidents to work on corruption like Biden

  49. Paul Davenport says:

    What smells like bs and sounds like fffffffffffff?

    hint: djt

  50. kumkum jain says:

    republicans jst think hes lucky +theyre playin him like a luckycharm…

  51. Danny Big D says:

    Scandals Multiply? HAHA so what happen? NOTHING! TRUMPS not going anywhere.. ooh we found out what CNN really thinks and that never makes the news or late night how odd

  52. Bill Baldwin says:

    Trump is mentally ill.

  53. A. 121 says:

    Em from Pakistan but i am as happy as american on trumps impeachment cases 😂 i followed the election and now impeachment. Its like finally a netflix horror show finally coming to the end . This season is the FINALE .

  54. ViciousAlienKlown says:

    Jimmy Kimmel, the voice of reason and facts, like The Huffington Post….LOL

  55. Innerage37 says:

    Im shocked people actually watch this guy . lol He is not credible news.

  56. G-man says:

    AWESOME! You and Colbert are the best!

  57. Margo Sparkle says:

    Trump gave nuclear info to Saudi Arabia. May be the most dangerous thing he's done.

  58. Sören Nilsson says:

    If you find more than 60 witches in and around the white house one should try to stop the Russian warlock from sending more. Keep the witch hunt going.

  59. José da Cunha Filho says:

    There is a media phenomenon happening right now, actually, since DT took office. That is, I realised I am part of a large group of people who get most of their political news from comedians, and I am perfectly satisfied at that. Between Kimmel, Meyers, and Maher all the information on Trump I need to know is provided thoroughly and quite precisely in content, delivered intelligently, and with the bonus of great humor. How incredibly appropriate for this president.

  60. José da Cunha Filho says:

    I have a nagging suspicion those 2.4 thumbs down we see pretty mush consistently here are T supporters who just click the dislike button and move on to Meyers, and Maher to do the same thing, then they move immediately along to Fox, or they go masturbate fantasising with Kellyanne, Huckabee, or Stormy.

  61. Brian Ruszczyk says:

    Heard they are coming out with One Flew Over the Cookoos Nest Part 2, Starring Trump as Trump

  62. Loren Renee says:

    Pro tip: don’t drink anything when Giuliani speaks.

    And that awesome drummer is going places. He’s got style.

  63. Gina Kay says:


  64. Gina Kay says:


  65. Lois Thomas says:

    Some rich celeb should send the wh a package of 100 whistles! That would be sure to confuse him! All blue whistles everyone should wear one! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  66. Wilson laing laing says:

    I think that we should book a flight to Mars for all trump cabinet…

  67. Bruce strkland says:

    The greatest military force on the planet being strategically located to fight for Russia

  68. Propeller Head says:

    You people are delusional. Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine.. To much Fake News… I get it you hate Trump.. But he won, Get over it already. Schiff is a LIAR.. Hillary is a LIAR and a crook.

  69. charles bromberick says:

    Can you give me a 10 letter word that begins with "R" and ends with "n" and is a synonym for "liar"?

  70. wilsonc5P says:

    Always a treat to drop in on these little lefty delusionfests!

  71. Top Secret Bear says:

    You mean the "scandals" that have already been proven false? That's what is hilarious.

  72. GroovyVideo2 says:

    Bernie Sanders rally had 27,000 people at it – Bernie Sanders 2020

  73. Sevil Sevdiyar says:

    Great suit, fabulous fit. What's the label?

  74. Chuck Ryan says:

    Rudy Giuliani married his cousin.

  75. Colin Skelding says:

    Sorry. That drummer is an idiot. I'd be surprised if he can actually play the drums instead of just pounding on them.

    I hope he can but I have my doubts.

    Now go ahead everyone- accuse me of trolling this guy. 👍😝😝

  76. wayne johnson says:

    what the hell is going on here

  77. Jabez Sembegere says:

    Trump has Dementia

  78. wayne johnson says:


  79. wayne johnson says:

    good on ya robert

  80. Penny Parks says:

    Ted described trump perfectly. Now he's one of the biggest suckups.

  81. black pepper says:

    I love Robert De Niro answer! So hilarious.

  82. Cherie Grant says:

    Yeah! It’s happening! The impeachment! 👏👏👏

  83. Gadwin says:

    you do know that Republicans only make up like 30% of registered voters, an they seem to die off faster then most.

    being they are all Old af an only watch Fox News.

  84. Kenneth Childers says:

    The truth hurts..doesn't it Trump supporters! Damn

  85. Chris Tucker says:

    Hey Kimmel… Why are you not broadcasting on Hunter Biden and the reaction of Joe Biden to the Democrats dealings with the Ukraine? Here is where you need to separate political ideologies with simple criminal activities and blackmail (Joe Biden with holding over 1 B$ due to corruption) Hmmm, Its really quite amusing how all you fancy pants celebrity types are promoting the dems, who have a worse track record for corruption than the Republicans. Dating back to 1700's. Hey I just think I answered my own question, Corrupt… Guess you and the rest of your flunkies fit the bill. So F-U_ Jimmy…

  86. Joe Basom says:

    The whistle was made of candy. Donald saw it in the hands of someone grabbed it and ate it. Yet still doesn’t know who he took it from. OMG WHAT A TRUMP!!!!! LMAO

  87. Dona Burns says:

    Can the enemy being destroyed be the one I choose and can he be called “donnie ”? I don’t have many enemies but I don’t want you guys to get confused like “donnie” does

  88. David Lloyd-Jones says:

    He's not going "back to Mar-a-Lago," Jimmy. He's going to one of those nine-hole golf courses on an Air Force base — and they have real bumpy greens at Club Fed. Sad!

  89. Muad Alfaqih says:


  90. mike white says:

    What scandal? Be specific. trump has no scandals but all You phonies. Fake Sheeple.

  91. Steven Harris says:

    Ted Cruz called Trump out awhile ago and he was solo right.

  92. Steven Harris says:

    DeNiro was right too.

  93. Hans Huisman says:

    Fake tan, fake hair, fake teeth, fake height, fake weight, obese, obese, obese, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bank, Nancy Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi. In a thousand days, Trump has managed to send a little more than 13,500 incorrect or misleading statements into the world. On average the fake American president goes wrong on about fourteen times a day, research shows. The pathological liar. No wonder he is soiling his knickers.

  94. Bruce Wilson says:

    130 tweets. Does anybody believe he is stable?

  95. Peggy Trawick says:

    Trump endures Democrats

  96. Peggy Trawick says:

    Trump is stupid and cruel.

  97. Peggy Trawick says:

    Rudy Giuliani has “friends” some of whom are in jail

  98. Words, words, words. says:

    Jimmy, my sister is a narcissist and believe me lying and narcissism go hand in hand. At least she is not pres of the US. Thanks for the laughs Jimmy. You're great. W

  99. Ace Diamonds says:

    whistleblowjob? clinton and nixon had those too.

  100. Nathalie Dufour says:

    Orange psycho loosing biggly ! 🙂 he is finished and the GOP too. RIP GOP woohoooooo!!! :))

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