TaylorMade R7 Draw Hybrid | Golf Club Review

welcome to old thorns Country Club where today we’re looking at hybrids that can help with a particular part of your game some people whether they open their hands at impact or the leather hips slide they suffer from a slice or a fade which can be soul destroying in your game well this is the r7 draw rescue which is designed to help you key features of the r7 is a little bit larger club head than the average hybrid that gives it a higher moment of inertia or resistance to twist the other thing about the r7 draw is got a very heavy heel weight port here that compares the toe port which makes the club want to square off at impact the other nice thing about the r7 draw it’s got a t-shaped sole which is going to help you cut through the roof and pick the club cleaner off the turn so if you suffer from a fade or a slice and it’s hurting your game and you want to come to rescue you the r7 draw might be just the one check out all our stocks on golfbidder you

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