TaylorMade R7 Draw Driver | Golf Club Review Video

At Golfbidder we have thousands of drivers
new and mostly pre-owned. Just because a club has been replaced does not mean it performs
any less. Brian behind me is trying the R7 driver from TaylorMade, with a draw bias.
Brian I’ll just get you to hit a shot and then come in and tell us what you think about
it. This driver’s really, really nice. Ok Brian if I can just grab you here a sec. Welcome
to Doc’s Dawn Raid. Thank you. Now you’re looking at the R7 driver for me. It’s 5 years
out now. We’ve got guys here, plus handicapper, scratch golfers and nobody is going to hit
the ball farther than you’re hitting this. So just because a club is a little bit old
does not mean it performs any less. Tell us about this driver. It certainly seems to get
it out there in terms of distance. Yeah, it feels very nice. I normally have a regular
shaft but this one has a stiff shaft but it’s working well with me. Yeah, it certainly does.
And what about, this has got a little bit of a draw bias, the R7 Draw, do you fin that
helps? You were tell me before that you sometimes lose your drives to the right. Does the draw
bias help? Certainly. Most of my shots now are straight or tending towards a draw. So
this is out 5 years and I’m sure you’ve got a different driver in your bag. How does
it compare distance wise, would you trust something like this as opposed to a new driver?
Or would you find that a new driver is a completely different kettle of fish. No, certainly that’s
hitting it as far as my current driver, I’m a bit surprised actually. Well, I’m not
a bit surprised. Clubs and manufactures need to keep changing clubs, ramping it up to keep
sales up. The point I always make, we always make on Golfbidder is that just because a
club is out there a couple of years does not make it perform any less. So that’s the R7
draw. You can pick these up, and thousands of others on Golfbidder. Thanks a million
Brian. Thank you.

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