TaylorMade R7 425 Driver | Golf Club Review
TaylorMade R7 425 Driver | Golf Club Review

we’re here at old thorns looking at the TaylorMade are seven four to five driver well the four to five in the name is the size of the head it’s 425 CCS so not as big as some of the maxed-out 460cc drivers but nice and workable with all tailor-made drivers you get inverted cone technology in the face that means you get a great strike even if you don’t hit the center of the sweet spot but the great thing about is 4 to 5 r7 driver is the moveable weight ports in the sole TaylorMade call it a tailor-made launch control system with TLC system so there’s 2 2 gram weights and 212 gram weights and by moving the weights towards the heel of the club or towards the toe of the club you can adjust the center of gravity that will help you cure a draw or a slice so if you’re somebody that likes to customize their own driver and don’t look past the r7 4 to 5 driver you can check it out on golfbidder you

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  1. gbvoul says:

    Sounds like the next big thing

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