TaylorMade R5 Dual Driver | Golf Club Review
TaylorMade R5 Dual Driver | Golf Club Review

we’re here at all thorns this morning looking at the Tanner made our five jewel driver now this driver actually came out after the r7 quad and it’s the driver configured with the best setup by Taylor made engineers the r5 jewel driver has a 450 CC head that has ultra-thin wall technology inside the face so you get great hit after face the other thing about this driver is that the two weight ports are optimized by tailor-made to draw the center of gravity low and deep in the globe to get high launch and low spin so if you’re somebody who likes the way to port concept from TaylorMade but like it optimized by the TaylorMade people themselves then why not try the r5 jewel driver now it comes in two settings careful when you’re picking there is a type D setting which has a slight draw bias built in so it eliminates fades and slices from your game there’s also the type n driver which is a neutral setup it’s a really great driver it’s the r5 jewel driver from TaylorMade on golfbidder you

4 thoughts on “TaylorMade R5 Dual Driver | Golf Club Review”

  1. Godwin C says:

    nice – Godwin Thiruchelvam

  2. Plenchie says:

    Love this driver! straight to the point – no gadgets, no fuss and less to go wrong

  3. Billy Graham says:

    I play an r5 to this day. Have had an r9, a SLDR, and don't like em' as well. Maybe I'd like an M15 or T1, but I don't think I'd like to plop down that much cash, always thinking something even better is coming out. The bottom line is the U.S.G.A. limits COR and time on the clubface. The best new clubs push the limits to the maximum. Maybe one day I will buy another club, but I'd like to buy knowing that the driver I buy is pushing the limits to the maximum.

  4. Douglas Chitwood says:

    I was just handed down the r5 and so ready yo go crush some

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