Taylormade R11 Driver Golf Club Review Video
Taylormade R11 Driver Golf Club Review Video

Hi guys, Donal from Golfbidder again and I’ve
got the R11 from TaylorMade. Love this job, get to try out fantastic clubs like the R11.
This one’s just on the Market in 2011. I’m going to hit one drive with it and then tell
you all about it. Looks nice and compact behind the ball. Straight down the middle. If you’re
a serial tweaker, if you buy a driver and you don’t like it, it doesn’t sit up correct,
the R11 is for you. We make it 48 different ways you can set up this driver. Using the
adjustable sole plate you can open the face angle 2 degrees or close it 2 degrees, depending
on how you like. You can change the loft. If you buy a 9 degree you can change it to
make it a high loft or a lower loft. It has got the adjustable weights here. You can put
the heavy weight in the heel or in the toe if you want to promote a draw or a fade. So
if you’re someone who likes to tweak their clubs. On the range before a match you’re
pulling all your drives, you can set up your R11 to counter act that. Fantastic club, great
innovation by TaylorMade. Look for the white head, that’s the R11. Check it out on Golfbidder.

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    you have the best job in the world 😉 great review

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