Table Tennis Update: China National Team Boycott and Giveaway
Table Tennis Update: China National Team Boycott and Giveaway

Welcome back to my Channel. Today I want to give you 2 table tennis news:
1 good news and 1 very good news. Which one you like to hear first? China National Team Boycott News Due to the no-show in China Open 2017 last
month. The 3 players: Ma Long, Xu Xin,
and Fan Zhendong get the penalty from ITTF. Table tennis fans are so worried
about the punishment and the possibility of the competition banning. Both 3 players have been punished by the “Penalty
Point”. Their ranking points
get -25 point this month. Recently, CTTA has just announced the participation
list for the 13th National Game in China. And luckily, there are the name of both Ma
Long, Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong. So yes! No internal punishment! Yahooo! This National Games of China will be held
from 28 Aug to 6 Sep, in Tianjin. China National Games are usually held every
4 year. The last one is in 2013. Tianjin is located in northern coastal China. The name “tianjin” means “Ford of
Heaven”. It’s the fourth largest in China, after Shanghai,
Beijing and Guangzhou. Tianjin is famous for its stand up comedy
and comedians. Tianjin cuisine is also famous on seafood,
due to Tianjin’s proximity to the sea. So China National Team players come back to
their provincial team to prepare for the National Games in August. Ma Long comes back to Beijing. Xu Xin to
Shanghai, and FanZhendong to People Liberation Army Team. Here are the medalists of the previous 12th
China National Games, 2013, Liaoning. Gold: Ma Long, Silver: Fan Zhendong, Bronze:
Xu Xin Men’s Team: Gold (People Liberation Army)
Women’s Team: Gold (Shandong Team) Women’s Singles: Gold: Li Xiaoxia, Silver:
Chen Meng, Bronze: Liu Shiwen Mixed Doubles:
Gold: Ma Long/Ding Ning (They are at the same Team Beijing). They look so nice, the two captains. We got so many attentions for this giveaway. The video gets more than 1000
comments. Thank you so much for your love. When I read
your comment … And this one … You know, table tennis is not only like this but table tennis is also like this, everywhere
on the earth When I wake up, immediately I write to tabletennis11, I tell them that we got so many fans. And the fans appreciate the event and
tabletennis11 a lot. I tell them that I really want to help these
young players who can’t afford to buy good equipments. I ask them, if possible, to increase the prize
pool for the fans. Thank you tabletennis11. You guy are so amazing! Kind, professional! 600 Euro free give away is huge! I mean: You still have more than 40 years
playing table tennis. So stay with me. I hope one day, when our channel is bigger. Then I can make a thounsand 1000 usd give-away
to thank you, my fans.

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  1. Manjush Bamankar says:

    Sir, the conditions for 600 euro giveaway is same as previous??
    please tell…because I really want to win it

  2. Abhinav Mallick says:

    what a news !!! thank u soo much I luv u . thank u tabletennis 11 . I am also from India and it is true that the equipments are very expensive . I play nationals in India since 3 years consequently but I am not able to make the winning effort because of the equipments . I hope if a have a better gear than I might me able to win it. Thank u emratthich I am really grateful to you . Never ever stop teaching me
    thank u

  3. Alwim Pereira says:

    thank you sir Emrat and tabletennis11 as you are trying to fulfill the dreams of young players. thank you alot.

  4. Abhinav Mallick says:

    And the quality of this video was very good and in the ending I almost started crying 😂

  5. Jacob Kang says:

    yahooo lol

  6. Sat Parkash says:

    thanks coach plz help i have a question that what is the best serve to do for 3rd ball attack for a forehand smasher plz tell

  7. Sat Parkash says:

    thanks coach plz help i have a question that what is the best serve to do for 3rd ball attack for a forehand smasher plz tell

  8. Sat Parkash says:

    thanks coach plz help i have a question that what is the best serve to do for 3rd ball attack for a forehand smasher plz tell

  9. Sat Parkash says:

    thanks coach plz help i have a question that what is the best serve to do for 3rd ball attack for a forehand smasher plz tell

  10. Sat Parkash says:

    thanks coach plz help i have a question that what is the best serve to do for 3rd ball attack for a forehand smasher plz tell

  11. Sat Parkash says:

    thanks coach plz help i have a question that what is the best serve to do for 3rd ball attack for a forehand smasher plz tell

  12. Vidya Tuts says:

    Doe sthis mean the number of winners will increase or the price of blade and rubber for each winner?

  13. Rye Leon says:

    Hello ERT,

    It isn't you only that got touched,but we all as fans are more touched to know that you and tabletennis11 made this crazy giveaway!We fans appreciate this so so much.We all will always support you!Don't give up!

    Stiga Infinity Vps V and Hurricane 3 neo….Thanks

  14. Tuan Vuong says:

    i absolutely love your work coach ERT, you give enormously to the community. i think your videos are brilliant for new players!

  15. Tevin Tech says:

    ERT… YOURE THE BEST!! Your content has drastically increased and I'm glad you have been sponsored!!!

  16. 邹博文 says:

    I hate the ittf

  17. hanu koshti says:

    thank you coach ert for your support please help for the equipment and this news was great i am very glad to see China players playing again

  18. takebackthenight says:

    Hello Coach Emratthich, I would like you to help me clear my doubts.

    i) Are we only allowed ONE blade and ONE rubber?
    ii) Does the increased prize mean more winners or more expensive blade/rubber?
    iii) How are you going to randomly select a winner? Online random generator?

  19. coolsudi26 says:

    I mever ever thought that way coach, that i got like a lot of years still to learn, play and enjoy table tennis! my respect and love for you increased again. thank you so much! and yes since I am from India, I know that TT is one of the most ignored sports in the country. But you giviN hope to such young talent is very thoughtful and kind. XoXo

  20. Oswaldo Alano Scipião Moreira says:

    I know what you Means, as an building administrator ask to children if they want learn a litlle Tenis Tablle, and give to then a list for theyr parents sign, and start to show what is really this wonderful sport. Had two expiriences too in poor comunities, but get off afraid of the violence, a seed was planted. I'm following in whole your posts. Good Luck.

  21. Kaden Jagoe says:

    Hey EmRatThich I think its awesome that you thought about the people you aren't lucky enough to get proper table tennis equipment!

  22. Kaden Jagoe says:

    Also, did u get my tweet and facebook comments I wish you the best of luck!

  23. Henning Fjellheim says:

    Thank you for your great channel, and thanks to tabletennis11 for the donation.

  24. Carlos Avalos Lobos says:

    Gracias por tu gran aporte a nosotros como siempre entregando todo en tus videos !!! Gracias. Saludos desde Chile.

  25. Ted Danville says:

    Only penalty in ranking points, wow, ITTF sure is doing pretty well.

  26. yaakov gov says:

    Hi ERT. Thanks for a great video! It is so good to hear the good news about ml, fzd and xx! The prize new level by tt11 is also great news! And the photos of tt from Africa are so touching.. WELL DONE!!

  27. Devin Hirsch says:

    ERT is the most genuine table tennis fan on YouTube. More than just a business, he is truly passionate about the sport, and that is why he has the best TT channel on YouTube in my opinion. Thank you for your hard work!

  28. Artem Makohon says:

    HI coach, how can I participate in a giveaway?

  29. CB says:

    I love coach ERT best coach ever

  30. ZhaoahZ says:

    Hey ERT, just a comment to correct your english a little bit, because i saw you write "many attention" in the email:
    many has the same meaning as much, but the use is a little different.
    for things you can count, many is used.
    e.g. many houses, many clothes, many grains of rice
    for the things you can't count, much is used.
    e.g. much attention, much water, much love, much rice

  31. Felipe Lima says:

    Congrats coach. You are a great coach and an even better person. Hope your channel gets even bigger to help more people out

  32. Steve Perry says:

    Way to go!!! Very nice video EmRatThich!!!

  33. Elijah Ng says:

    Good luck everybody and we finally get to see malong in action

  34. Darren Ü says:

    NICE NO PUNISHMENT FOR OUR IDOLS.. Great video by the way as always coach ERT, we're lucky to have tt11 to be the sponsor for your channel.. we are very thankful for your video tutorials and tips and this upcoming giveaway, i cant wait for this channel to have a 100,000 subs.. Goodluck coach ERT

  35. Emmanuel Tan says:


  36. mega2codnoob says:

    This is amazing. Thanks EmRatThich and TableTennis11

  37. Jeremy Leung says:

    The video is awesome! Glad to see the quality improve so much and ERT is really genuine in helping people get into table tennis!! It's really touching to see such kindness and passion for the sport!

  38. Ahmad Syafiq Najwan Ali says:

    I always feel like, playing table tennis is just for fun, and then it will turn to passion, then if we lucky enough we can turn it to glory. SOme players like to seek just glory, they want to win everything by hook or by crook. They even play bad politics, sold their soul to the devil for the cheap fame. People like this will never feel satisfied and grateful. They'll die wanting. Don't be like this. We stick around with ERT and enjoys pure table tennis. That's enough. We are all champions as long as we are kind in patience.

  39. Yanniko P. says:

    so is Ma Long still number one in the world?

  40. Rodolfo Ganzi says:

    please explain how the points in the ranking are calculated

  41. Darwin Harianto says:

    I just cant believe what I saw, your attention to the fans, all the support, and all the improvement for the channel. The story at the ending really bring me the feels, those pauses. Generosity from you and TT11 is really for the fans. I hope this channel can bring all the TT fan altogether. Wish you all the best

  42. wholesomechiro says:

    Nice music behind the scenes. Thanks for good videos… Great news about the Chinese men's team.

  43. Thoeun Kong says:

    coach, if want to get equipment to less fortunate kids to play, set up a go fundme. I'll donate

  44. Player One says:

    The price of table tennis equipment from Stiga, Butterfly is slightly more in China than India. I got to know this when I asked my friend (who is visiting China) to get some blade and rubbers. The pricing for DHS and Yinhe was quite good.

  45. Sat Parkash says:

    thax zhaoahz

  46. Sat Parkash says:

    thax zhaoahz

  47. Sat Parkash says:

    thax zhaoahz

  48. Giaco Lobaton says:

    good evening/afternoon/ morning your videos are so nice, when I watch them I improve a little. I'm a beginner and I am not so good at ping pong yet, could I get a free table tennis table or Rubber:Butterfly Tenergy 80 or Xiom Omega V asia or Donic Acuda S1turbo (you could mix it if you want) and
    Blade: Butterfly Ryu Sueng Min max or Adidas Spike Carbon so I could improve because my family doesn't have enough money to buy a table and a good racket so in youtube I look for table tennis giveaways so I could get a better racket or free table,so could you give me the free giveaway pleeeeeease,thanks😌😌

  49. J Crypto Man says:

    Amazing video. You are so dedicated to your channel and helping us. Thanks!

  50. Boss Xian says:

    Hey coach! This was a very high quality video. On 0:58 you said internal like inter-nal but it is pronounced in-ternal. Nevertheless, great video!

  51. AtoOmoS says:

    I would say that you're my favourite table tennis Youtube channel and I would recommand you to anyone; all of your videos are really interesting and there's no one useless; I mean you talking about the sport at high level, you give us tips to improve our game, and you make us discover new things around the topic of the sport. And moreover you still improve your english, that's really great! I just want to say congratulations, and I hope you'll be going to make videos for a long time!
    Thanks a lot! <3

  52. Saatvik Shukla says:

    You're such a good person by heart you do each and every thing for table tennis you could whether making videos ,coaching,giveaways thank-you so much sir for all this ,Good luck to everyone

  53. Neil Carlson says:

    I'm not gonna be dead in 60 yrs I'm only 15

  54. Nicolas Granger says:

    thank you emratthich

  55. Adam karam says:

    Coach.. Both is for two people only.. You can't say both ma long xx and fzd. You can say both ma long and xx

  56. T Howell says:

    and the million dollar question is: will they get liu guo liang back as their chief coach?

  57. Vinay says:

    Thanks for the news! I have been eagerly waiting for the update of the boycott. The fact that you have asked the TT11 to increase the sponsorship money tells us how much you think about your fans and TT. Lots of love and I am subscribing. Keeping doing what you are doing. In India UTT ( Ultimate Table Tennis championship ) has started, which is a private league with more indian players and also the foreign players( includes top players like frietas), please do watch them and let know your views.

  58. 김윤수 says:

    HI, ERT! I'm Korean. Although I can't speak or write English well, I want to write what I think. I touched because many other countries like India don't play well. So, If possible, I want to contribute table tennis equipment. Actually, In Korea, many people play scantlessly. So, I wasn't interested in the situation in other countries. If there is a way to donate, let me know. I will send some equipments or money with pleasure. ( It's 4 : 30 in the morning in Korea. )

  59. Its FlappyYouTube says:

    You inspire me I was bad. i were 491 in prvince but now because of your amazing coaching i am number 3! you are my favourite youtubr


    Coach Emratthich is the most real TT channel on youtube!!! I love his channel!

  61. Arjun Sonu says:

    Hello Coach, Thanks for information. We really appreciate for supporting the player who can not offer them. I am from India as well and Yes, In India TT equipment is costly.
    This video is awesome. Made me feel proud to have a coach like you. I will meet you when I get a chance. Please keep it up. I will be with you for 40 years or more as long as I can. I will follow you and I will watch your videos as long as you make videos and educate us. Your the best. 🙂

  62. Shawn Merchant says:

    Quick question coach. When we share the video (on twitter) can we share it through a direct message to someone specific (like the link of the video) or does it have to be to all our followers? Appreciate it

  63. EzRa says:

    I'm glad they're able to participate in the national comp. I hope the boycott gets some resolution. Giveaway wise, I hope for the people who really need the equipment get a chance to enjoy the sport more in depth and at a higher quality experience.

  64. Mukarram Muhammad Abdul says:

    hey coach,,
    keep it up,, hope you'll reach your goal soon,,, but seriously even I got emotional when you said I can't sleep,,, well I want to ask you something more please please
    ,,, I love Chinese pen hold style and i am practising alot , but friends tell me to shift to shake hand and even make fun of me,,, but no , I want to learn it, please help me,.can you put more basic pen hold learning videos,,, like as there are many shake hand grip videos ,, please coach

  65. Stewie xD says:

    hey ERT. congratulations on your achievements. i really like your videos and i can see that you put a lot of work making them. because of your videos i have improved a lot in the last 3 months even if my blade is not that good and the rubbers are barely grippy anymore. so thanks for all the work you do and i hope you will never stop uploading ;). cheers!

  66. Amar Sunje says:

    this is by far the best table tennis Chanel on you tube i am a subscriber on this Chanel for a long time now and i have wached other Chanels like ping skils,table tenis univresiti and so on but no thing has improved my game and my playing style as coach emrathics Chanel.thank you for every thing keep on all that good work and i see that your english and videos are geting beter and better every time you poste a knew video. thanks to you im now the 25th on the ranking in my country and the best player in my club before i started to wach you i was rankd 68th so its easy to see how good coach emrathic is! thanks again for all your videos and im looking foward for the giveaway i hope you drow me out.
    stiga infinity vps v + Dhs hurricane 3 provincial with blue sponge

  67. Erik altfer says:

    1:21 the last one WAS in 2013*.
    here you need to use past simple because you are talking about an event which has finished

  68. Hayden Kerr says:

    I have shared this video for the blade I would like DHS Hurricane Long 5 and the rubber the DHS Hurricane 3 National edition 39 please good luck to everyone

  69. Chien Chung Chen says:

    Congratulation for increasing the sponsor attention. Your inspiring video help us a lot. This is a really good news.

  70. michiel jaques says:

    Hi Coach. I'm from Belgium and I really like your videos. As a teacher myself, I often have the (bad?) habit of trying to teach others what I know, but in my club, my friends laugh at me and tell me to stop teaching. Thanks to you, I can tell my friends that this new technique isn't my idea, but Coach EmRatThich's! Now they finally start believing me, so your videos will help improving my team's technique a lot! We won 4 trophies this year! Keep doing what you are doing! If you need help on the English spelling, I'm an English teacher on holiday, so I have a lot of time to help you!

  71. Htun Lynn says:

    Glad to hear about Ma Long, Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong, I'm really happy once I watch your video in here. Thank you very much EmRatThich TT Coach for your update to over you tube.

  72. Wan Danish says:

    Table tennis11 so kind😘😘😘gdluck coach ..all your video is the best👍👍👍Its improve my skill very much..everyday i wait for new video

  73. sn varun says:

    WOW COACH ERT ! Quite a noble.gestute on your part ! Truly touched ! the prices of blades are quite high in India and a lot of people like can barely afford even a decent rubber

  74. Jonathan Yung says:

    Equipment is expensive in Australia. I still hope that I can win.

  75. Геннадий с says:

    Hello! How can I watch these National games online?

  76. safuan izham says:

    I really do love table tennis from bottom of my heart, ive learn alot from your channel, and i hope this channel become bigger and bigger, thank a lot ERT, and what should i do to win ?? Really wan to win 😁😁

  77. Andrei Cojocaru says:

    what's the background music starting with 2:40?

  78. Jakob Koblinsky says:

    thank you very much EMT! I really hope to win and have fun with my table tennis team mates at school! You seem like a very nice guy and I love watching your channel grow

  79. Dr. Ignatius Louis Prashanth says:

    You are a very kind person coach. May God bless all your efforts. Thanks for your giveaways. I hope this will also go a long way in spreading this sport . Keep the good work going

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    This video made me smile too. you seem like a great person coach, and your videos have also helped me a lot. hope some day I get to meet you!

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  82. shubhang mittal says:

    Thank you so much coach for your kind words and yes the news regarding ma long, fzd, and xu xin was truly amazing. And thanks to for providing us young players an opportunity to get a nice table tennis setup so that we can improve our game and increasing the prize limit..
    I hope I am lucky enough to win this giveaway.. fingers crossed🤞😅

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  84. Ben TheKeeshond says:

    This is indeed good news.

  85. moetaz zahran says:

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  87. Henry Hunter says:

    I love table tennis. Since 1979. I enjoy your posts. Just stated getting this about 2 weeks ago. Learning from you and your posts/comments. This is really great for me. Please continue your work.
    You are giving very good insight into the things that many of us don't know about.
    Please continue with your work. Be Blessed

  88. Geison Rocha says:

    Hi coach Enratthich, it's possible you coming someday to São Paulo Brazil?

  89. Aaron Ong says:

    Congrats Coach Emratthich Table Tennis Coach on your achievement~!!!
    My choice of equipment
    Blade :
    DHS Hurricane Long 5
    DHS Hurricane 3 NEO National (FH, Black)
    DHS Hurricane 3 NEO National (BH, Red)


  90. Rk Ram says:

    Wow! UR da MAN!
    I've a question — what does 'EmRatThich' mean? 🙂

  91. Rizal Alias says:


  92. John Barrameda says:

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  93. The ShadowRhythm says:

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  94. Huỳnh Thành Cuber says:

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  95. X L says:

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  97. Chuck says:

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  98. Nedu Nonny P says:

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  99. Nedu Nonny P says:

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  100. Darney Jeevan says:

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