Table Tennis table side taps #276 -TABLE TENNIS TRICKS SHOTS | Hand eye coordination,  BALL CONTROL
Table Tennis table side taps #276 -TABLE TENNIS TRICKS SHOTS | Hand eye coordination, BALL CONTROL

Hi friends, this is AB here! trust you are doing well! In this video I am showing how to do ball tapping on table side. This is a trick you can do without a partner And is both a test, and a good practice for ball control, coordination and focus. These skills are a must for any shot and in any rally. There are of course other ways to improve these skills, but when you have a table, a racket , a ball but no practice partners available – – why not give it a shot and train alone!? Tip #1 : You can increase the count by hitting closer to the table. Tip #2: It gets difficult as you go further from the table , but will greatly help with your control. Tip #3: If you want to make it even more difficult – try doing by alternating between going too close and going further away from table simultaneously. Also, try hitting different spots on the racket purposely – from the tip to the handle. Try these combos and tell me how it went in comments section! If you like the video, please like share and comment and subscribe to the channel and also click on the bell icon for all notifications. See you next time!

48 thoughts on “Table Tennis table side taps #276 -TABLE TENNIS TRICKS SHOTS | Hand eye coordination, BALL CONTROL”

  1. Loveleen Sharma says:

    Awesome! Believe me it's so so difficult. It requires huge practice. U will go long dude. Just be on the path. Never give up.

  2. Priyanka Thomas says:

    😵 I don't understand how you are doing but literally hats off to you man.great job all the best

  3. alia salam says:

    Woww.. I think that's a record 👏👏

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  5. SHaHKa BeaTZz says:

    Superrrr… Broiii… heavy…. 😍😍

  6. Dhruvpuri2050 says:

    Just WOW. A big kudos to you brother!!!

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  9. harmeet kaur says:

    Hats off

  10. nikita rao says:

    Really great

  11. Gurnam Jagota says:

    Amazing man. 👏🏻

  12. John Hsu says:

    Haha nice tricks

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    Nice video

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    Wow wonderful….that's not too easy

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    Beautiful bro

  21. Cricket Channel says:

    Great actions

  22. Malik Haneef says:

    Keep it up on YouTube nice

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    Perfect 👍

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    Looks Daunting

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