table tennis rules good return
table tennis rules good return

He’s just worried about the amount of side (spin) that Wang Hao can get over the table, so he’s deliberately getting into open play
instantly. It’s a very unusual tactic but a tribute to the fact that Wang Hao has
such a good return. That was down. No, no, no. That was a side ball. You have to be kidding me. Wang Hao’s trying to claim that hit the
edge of the table. That is an outrage. I mean that was an absolutely obvious side and I’m… I have to say I’m very disappointed that Wang Hao is trying to
say that hit the edge of the table. That is scandalous. The umpires have given it
to Persson, and Persson rightly is saying the ball went down, and for me Wang Hao
must know… I mean look at that – the ball has to hit the edge of the table and go
up … and that clearly went down. The score is correct, the umpires have got this right. Ian Marshall, I cannot believe Wang Hao is claiming an edge. Well absolutely, the ball clearly went down. The other point as well is that Wang Hao was outside the line of the table. He was wide forehand. It hit the side of the table – it went straight down. No question. That’s right Ian. Let me explain what’s going on here. If the ball hits the surface of the table, and the edge is deemed to be the surface
of the table – it’s a good shot. If it hits a side, it is not, and you can tell whether or not the ball – from the moment it hits the table – goes up or down, and that went
almost straight down. Just no question whatsoever.

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