Table Tennis Plastic Balls | Poly Ball 40+ Review
Table Tennis Plastic Balls | Poly Ball 40+ Review

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The Polyball 40+ is a little biger, but harder and heavier than
the normal ball 40. Remember: if the surface area of the ball
increases 10%, it will reduce the speed of the ball 13% and the spin of the ball 21%. So the spin reduction is 2 times higher than
the speed reduction. It’s now more difficult to spin the new Polyball 40+. What is the influence of the new Polyball
? Timo Boll has lost to a much lower ranking
player Aruna in the Olympics Rio2016. Timo Boll suffered a lot this new Polyball. Timo Boll is considered a “soft player” – spin
oriented player. It’s very hard now for
Timo Boll to outplay, to win with his spin as the ball is harder and heavier. Aruna is different. A true Forehand Dominant player. He attackes every ball with his Forehand,
very powerful ! He pivots a lot, runs around and hits the ball very hard. Ovtcharov has lost to Samsonov. Ovtcharov also has a problem with this new
polyball. Backhand Dominant suffered from this new ball
as now it’s harder to fast attack the ball on the table with BH. The ball is slower than before. The force from the backhand is normally weaker
than the force of the Forehand, that’s why Backhand
players don’t like heavier, bigger ball. However, Samsonov enjoys this ball, as now
it’s easier to block the ball. The ball is slower and the blocking control
style has enough time to react, to block the ball. In the final match, Ma Long has dominated
Zhang Jike 4-0. Ma Long is unstoppable in this Olympics. As he is the
powerful forehand dominant player, so less sensitive to the new polyball. However, Zhang Jike’s ball is less consistent,
and less powerful than the previous Olympics. As the power of the Backhand
stroke has a limit, it’s not easy to BH hit very hard. That’s why Zhang Jike in this year, has suffered
many injuries. The next season is coming, and Polyball must
be used in every leagues and tournaments. If you are the Forehand Dominant player, who
like hitting hard with your FH, you are less sensitive to the
new polyball. If you are the Backhand Dominant player or
who want to control loop the ball, spin oriented player, you will
suffer this change. Your ball has less spin, easier to be blocked. If you are a choper, long pimple, spin variation
player, you will suffer too. Any solution for the new Polyball? Yes, try a harder rubber for both FH and BH
Do more physical training Use your body, “Power from the ground” to
increase the force, the speed of the stroke EmRatThich Gaming

17 thoughts on “Table Tennis Plastic Balls | Poly Ball 40+ Review”

  1. chebkhaled1985 says:

    I agree this time , btw tu es en France non ?

  2. Peter Nachtwey says:

    Show your calculations. Air resistance is proportional to the cross section of the ball, not the surface area. The celluloid ball should have an average mass of 2.7gm not 2.5. Your numbers are exaggerated.

  3. Ronnie Shand says:

    Are you a boy or a girl? The picture from the YouTube channel shows a girl but your voice sounds like a boy.

  4. Nikola Georgiev says:

    FUCK the poly ball

  5. David Mason says:

    You are very sexy man

  6. AcheLone says:

    nittaku 40+ premium is the best i tried, xsf and yinhe 40+ is good too, durable but slower and less spin than nittaku's 40+ premium. i noticed that nittaku's ball a little smaller than xsf and yinhe. i'm not sure about dhs though

  7. Igor Nemo says:

    Friends, mind you never play with the ABC plastic balls.  It has no good control, not spinny at all, haphazard bounce, stony feeling.   ABC plastic can wreck you play badly.

  8. Nutelko8 says:

    The worst thing about the balls are that they brake to easyly

  9. Robert Silvers says:

    40+ balls are not 10% larger surface than 40mm balls. The old video was comparing it to 38mm balls that have not been used in 17 years.

  10. Anujan Chrisanthar says:

    Clicbait level over 9000

  11. The Mauritian says:

    i really like 38 mm and very spinny.

  12. rydmerlin says:

    It's interesting the way you describe it since it suggests that it takes the variety out of the high levels of the game since it's directed towards a forehand dominant player.

  13. Efren Cajurao says:

    Ovtcharov is Noob

  14. Ls4life DLS says:

    Thanks for all your videos. I believe you are a great trainer and educator. I have a question? Why was the reason behind changing the ping pong ball? It appears that changing the ball will have an impact of a large magnitude. The player will have to be more athletic, new rubbers will have to be develop and it will make the game more competitive but not for everyone. What you think the reason was for the change.

  15. Paulo Yoshizaki says:


  16. Vxneji says:

    Make a new about poly balls in 2019. Which are the best balls to get ?

  17. jason ni!!!! says:

    Why i hate polyball?

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