Table Tennis Backhand Block
Table Tennis Backhand Block

Have you been wondering what to do if your
opponent topspins the ball into your backhand. I’m Alois Rosario from and
today we are going to show the backhand block. The backhand block is a short hand version
of the backhand counterhit. The backhand counterhit you start here and go all the way through
whereas the backhand block is a shorter stroke. Why is it shorter, there is two main reasons.
The first one is that you don’t need to generate your own pace because your opponent has put
the topspin on the ball for you. The other thing is that you often don’t have enough
time to play a full stroke. When your opponent is attacking you, you just have time to defend
with a shorter stroke. Start with your bat nice and flat and get
your bat to come straight through the ball and punch it out to the direction that you
want the ball to go. If you take your bat away you can see the
“L”. The “L” that is made with your thumb and pointer finger and that punches straight
through the ball. With the backhand block you are using the pace of the topspin to block
the ball back. The stroke is not very big you are just pushing the ball forward using
the pace of the topspin. You can extend the backhand block into a punch
by just generating your own pace now and punching the ball forward with your bat. The starting
angle with your back will change depending on the amount of topspin that your opponent
has placed on the ball. The more topspin that they put on it the more you come over the
ball, so that the ball can go down over the table. If they have less topspin you can open
you bat up and punch it more forward. So for more topspin over the ball with your bat the
less topspin open your bat up. Your feet position for the backhand block is facing towards where
you want the ball to go. You need to be very balanced so that you can
block the ball consistently.

50 thoughts on “Table Tennis Backhand Block”

  1. ixixyixix says:

    Once again! Great video guys! I think you have the best table tennis coaching leassons on youtube. Keep up the good work!

  2. Jonathan Medina says:

    Thats great. Ive actually found this to be very helpful for my style of playing by playing somewhat defensively and then returning with a hard topspin smash when the chance is given. but heres a question for you guys. now how would i hold the bat considering my oponent is putting a relatively strong back or side spin. for the back hold my bat more open right? and then for the side point my bat to the opposite direction of the spin? Thanks for your help

  3. power panda says:


  4. ixixyixix says:

    Yup, you are totally right. ­čÖé

  5. AnlamK says:

    Wohooooo Ping Skills!

  6. Jonathan Medina says:

    ahh thanks ;]

  7. M Ra┼żauskas says:

    Your videos is great

  8. Yuval Yogev says:

    your bat is too closed.
    you need to mesure the amount of spin and than open/close your bat

  9. PingSkills says:

    Thanks yuvalyogi1. That is excellent advice for yepper078.

  10. AbbeAlbin says:

    nice guys

  11. Jayven Nhan says:

    I have try that but, everytime I hit it, it just bounce down and into the net

  12. Jayven Nhan says:

    especially when my opponent did a topspin

  13. Kyle Weeks says:

    Thanks for all these vids for a some one who just plays tabble tennis casually this is a big help. I was struggling to defend hard hit towards my back hand.

  14. dBprogress says:

    I have a suggestion for a new vid : Block with back spin – i heard that this is pretty hard stroke.

  15. Nick Helsel says:

    Hes left handed!! :d

  16. BreadAddiction says:

    Quite easy stroke xD. Aha joking. Just gotta get used to it.

  17. thayyatt says:

    Thanks for the lessons, very useful indeed!!

  18. joey beastmode says:

    lol table tenis is lame

  19. Omar Halim says:

    These videos have helped me a lot in improving my table tennis game. I've started beating people to whom i used to loose from big margins. Thanks PingSkills

  20. Guy Duncan says:

    I have that table XD

  21. aleks9797 says:

    how'd you block a heavy loop with backhand easily? apparantely you have to put the racket around 70 degrees but im still having problem against my friend who has very heavy loop on forehand… any help?

  22. NexxtGen says:

    move the bat down, creating a little backspin which loses the topspin more.

  23. Royal Raven says:

    this is a big help for me because i'm just a begginer, and i joined a competition where they just smashing the ball..!!! o.O

  24. Royal Raven says:

    this is a big help for me because i'm just a begginer, and i joined a competition where they just smashing the ball..!!! o.O with a lot of topspin….

  25. Debasish Chakraborty says:

    Thanks for another nice instructive video. They are helping me to rectify my strokes. A couple of things I would like to confirm. (1) minimum use of wrist, and (2) the main movement is from elbow – the forearm, not from shoulder. To generate more punch in my return, I just have to bring the bat faster to the ball. Am I correct?

  26. PingSkills says:

    @abed83a You are mostly correct.
    (1) You don't need to use the wrist for a nice consistent block. However once you are comfortable with the stroke you can use the wrist to generate more speed and punch the ball. It is quite a natural extension of the stroke.
    (2) Correct, you don't use the shoulder at all for this stroke. The speed comes from moving your forearm faster and adding in some wrist.

    Try out the ask the coach section of our website. U can ask questions & look back over them.

  27. Debasish Chakraborty says:

    @pingskills Thanks! I will post my questions to the coach section.

  28. PingSkills says:

    @12ryguy Perhaps? Or maybe this is something I am passionate about and love and have a great life? Either way I'm happy.

  29. mackexr says:

    @pingskills nice comeback!

  30. PingSkills says:

    @mackexr Cheers!

  31. Sboy's World says:

    @12ryguy you know…… what you commented on pingskills on them having no life you were wrong. first you have to take a look at yourself first. the person with no life is the person that sits in front of his computer all day with a bottle of lube and jacks off while putting hate comments..oh yeah by the way pingskills has a life. get a life instead of watching porn all day. you fucking slob.

  32. Develionsphere says:

    fantastic you have no idea how helpful this is to me
    thanks alot !

  33. PingSkills says:

    @Develionsphere Glad we could help!

  34. Pong Pong Piano says:

    I know how to block these balls that you shown in the video. How do you block very high speed and monstrous spin close table ? My coach told me to block it very early and the wrist have to be super relax and to absorb most of the incoming speed and spin, but I have yet to find the right "feel" to block super spinny+speed close table. What can I do to find that right feel? Thanks.

  35. PingSkills says:

    @spikeclux We cover some other options in our video on "How To Counter a Spinny Topspin". You can find it on our website. Take a look and let me know if this helps you out.

  36. Pong Pong Piano says:

    @pingskills Thank you. Do you have a video that deals with "fast and spinny topspin" ? Iike your videos

  37. PingSkills says:

    @spikeclux Not specifically but the principles of this video also apply to fast and spinny topspins. If you want any more specific advice then try using the Ask the Coach section of our website. We can answer in more detail there as there is no restriction on the length of the comments.

  38. minicroat says:

    when you punch it reminds me of a flick .is a punch suppose to be like a flick?

  39. PingSkills says:

    @minicroat No. A punch can be executed off a topspin ball. The flick is used against short balls that would bounce twice on the table. There are similarities between the punch and the flick off a short topspin ball though.

  40. kevintoti says:

    1:05 now that is some ping skillz

  41. PingSkills says:

    @kevintoti Thanks!

  42. warmachine6063 says:

    hey ping skills can you tell me how to do the side spin serve please

  43. PingSkills says:

    @warmachine6063 We sell a DVD Serving Secrets Revealed on our website where we cover the sidespin serve in detail. You can check out a few clips on our website to see if you think you would like it.

  44. drniroula says:

    those coaches r legends

  45. PingSkills says:

    @drniroula You're welcome.

  46. jeff_110 says:

    should I bend my knees every time I make an attack or defense???

  47. PingSkills says:

    @TheLion108 A good table tennis position is generally quite low so your knees do need to be bent.

  48. ced almora says:

    uhmmm what if my block is just stationary?

  49. PingSkills says:

    That can work too but using a small movement can help you play an effective block.

  50. SDK says:

    ya ..i have experienced it my self.If i attack the ball without bending knees or keeping the body straight, the ball goes to a little bit higher while doing topspin ..but if i keep my knees bent i can attack the short ball also without any problem.

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