Swing Physics from Golf Academy Live by TourExperience.com
Swing Physics from Golf Academy Live by TourExperience.com

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8 thoughts on “Swing Physics from Golf Academy Live by TourExperience.com”

  1. TheNYgolfer says:

    The worst kind of teacher is one who tries to impress you with vocabulary then proceeds to explain himself in a way that makes sense only to himself. Teaching 101-never use words that are not completely and accurately understood by both the teacher AND the student , otherwise only more confusion is the result. As a flight instructor if I used this ego type approach to teaching it could get me and/or my students killed.You have a great swing BTW.I wish you could explain it better 🙂

  2. Charlie Fisher says:

    With all due respect to the comment below, as a student of Rick and a fellow PGA Professional, trust me when I say he accurately understands what he is saying – Percy Boomer 101 and Physics 101 – that is what he is quoting. The least egotistical Top Teacher I have ever known. If the gentlemen below would like a lesson in Tampa with Rick or one of his videos – I would be happy to comply in providing. This is one segment from an hour show. No one teaches a simpler golf swing.

  3. Charlie Fisher says:

    To further, I think that You Tube is also an outlet for educating – as a student of the game, the segment challenged me to further my understanding of the forces in the golf swing – Centripetal and Centrifugal. The comment below just seems pretty critical and undeserving…and as someone who knows Rick fairly well – it needed to be clarified. I recommend his website for some of Rick's blog post…for further the clarification of simplicity – and a perhaps a copy of On Learning Golf

  4. mark k says:

    I've read Percy Boomer's book "On Learning Golf". Now I'm not going to say it's the best golf book out there.. because I've only read one.. but I'll say this… I'm not going to read another Golf book unless its that one again. I went from an 18 to about a 12 in one season! mainly because of what I read in his book. and some was equiptment upgrades.. lol I understand rick. but that's probably because I read percy's book. read the book

  5. SAB FAN says:

    I'm better than scratch and have spent a considerable amount of money with the "Big Name" teachers. They are all hogwash, and one Top 10 teacher almost had me shanking it immediately. In 4 swings Rick Bradshaw had me back hitting it 320, and I'm 48 years old. After my first lesson with Rick, I shot 67 at Westchase in Tampa, and was actually disappointed…….LOL

  6. Garth Downton says:

    I have put the sweat into my swing! Years ago I switched to a swing similar to Moe Norman's. With just enough understanding of physics to be dangerous,I realized my swing was lacking the proper release of the stored energy. Although I could hit the ball quite well, once I understood how and where to release my hands 10 -20 yards were gained (all clubs)with less effort. Trying to direct stored energy negates the purpose of storing it!!! I can't play much or hit balls, health issues, but at age 61, I know without doubt how to place the club head on the back of the ball with power and repeatability. Better late then never!! The better your set up allows you to store the energy the better the results when released properly. Great video and it is spot on.

  7. Me Too says:

    "I have it in my hand" how convenient so fake

  8. JohnD says:

    What bull shit, he has both connected and he says 1 hand @@@

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