Swing Align Basics – Golf Swing Trainer – Get A Better Golf Swing with Swing Align
Swing Align Basics – Golf Swing Trainer – Get A Better Golf Swing with Swing Align

Hi I’m Chris McGinley co-founder of Swing Align. Swing Align is a wearable training device
that uses visual and muscle memory to teach you alignment, rotation, connection, and swing plane. The device consists of an alignment rod, and two flexible arm cuffs, and a flexible connection belt that holds the arm cuffs together. You wear it across your biceps and across your upper body. You can slide the device on or clip the device on. Once you have the device in place you can see that it provides you a great visual reference point for your alignment. It shows you whether your upper body is square to your target line and how your upper body is lined up relative to your lower body. So it’s a great device to rehearse your
setup position. It also shows you rotation, which is another area where golfers struggle, they don’t understand how to rotate their body. So the device and the visual alignment rod
shows you how much you’ve rotated. And typically 90 degrees is how much you want to rotate during the golf swing. It also shows you your swing plane at the
top of your swing. As you rotate to the top of your swing the
device should be level, to slightly tilted forward. If you come out of your posture you can see the alignment rod goes up in the air. If you don’t rotate fully or collapse you can see the alignment rod remains pointed down at the ground. It’s a great visual reference for alignment
at set up, rotation, and swing plane. And then the other part of the device is connection,
and connection is really keeping your arms and body synchronized during the golf swing. So, not only can you rehearse positions with
Swing Align, but you can take a full speed golf swing, and practice timing between your
arms and your body. And so the device restricts your movement,
doesn’t let your arms fly apart from your body or from each other. So, I’ll demonstrate how to, how you can hit a full golf shot with the device on. So I’ve got the device in place, I get set
up, I can rehearse all those positions. Set up, takeaway, top of the swing, follow
through. But I can also make a full speed golf swing. And so what happens is as you’re swinging
and you’re rotating through, because your arms and body stay connected, you properly
release the golf club square to your target line. So, Swing Align, think it’s the most versatile
trainer in golf, teaches alignment, rotation, connection, and swing plane.

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  1. Tour Striker says:

    Great product! I remember seeing a proto at the PGA Show a few years back. Glad it’s on the market. It’ll help anyone who uses it.

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