Swimming Pool Wedding Dress Prank!!
Swimming Pool Wedding Dress Prank!!

34 thoughts on “Swimming Pool Wedding Dress Prank!!”

  1. Daily Bumps says:

    It's finally time to GET AUNTIE! On a scale of 1-10 how mad do you think she is?? 😳

  2. Aiza Kauser says:

    Bryan do you remember fearce like a lion

  3. Emma McDuffie says:


  4. Brooke Tarrant says:

    i think yes mabey… i dont know a tomorrow for me is 2020 i am so excited and i am turning 10! so excited 😉

  5. Doug Hastings says:


  6. Dank memes 101 says:

    I do

  7. trina babyblu says:


  8. Leah Garby says:

    i love socassie

  9. Rebeca Martinez says:

    Ali why is your dad wearing glasses

  10. shafaq atif says:

    I love daily bumps

  11. Aleks Smyk says:

    Get pranked casie

  12. Hasna Lehbel says:


  13. Parker And Friends says:


  14. Cynthia Common says:

    Oh my goodness she pushed her in the poll

  15. Danielle Noggle says:


  16. asweme gamer Tyce says:

    My name is Tyce

  17. Ka’lihiwa Kaeoyoung says:

    Hello. Love 💗

  18. Katelin Smith says:

    Autumn is

  19. Ahtziry Flores says:


  20. Kailiea Saman says:

    Don't Cassie get married and I think she is very Mad

  21. Shelby Sewell says:

    I love you

  22. Hinny4 life says:


  23. Robert Cundiff says:

    that was good misy

  24. ᗪᖇᗩᘔIᖇᗩᑕᕼ says:

    Casa s going to have a Babby

  25. Kevin Brown says:

    HaHa! So funny!

  26. Czoey Alyssa Patnongon says:

    10 because i think she loves it so much

  27. chaunti34 says:

    I love your video and want a shout out

  28. Delayla Rivera says:

    Sow. Mad

  29. Farhana Tumpa says:

    Hello from rumaisa

  30. Audrey DeMore says:

    You are so mean and you can't get anthoer dress

  31. Cameron Deffley says:


  32. Nancy Smith says:

    Of course

  33. Elliot Thibodeaux says:


  34. Maddison Hamilton says:

    so cool

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