Support: Updating Golf Courses on a Garmin Approach
Support: Updating Golf Courses on a Garmin Approach

Today, we will show you how to update the
courses on your Approach device You will need your device, its USB cable and
a compatible computer First, you will need to plug the device into
the computer Start by taking the USB cable and plug it
into the computer Then, take the other end of the cable and
attach it to the device Next, you will need to download Garmin Express Navigate to on your internet
browser Then click “Download” Review and agree to the terms and conditions Once the download is complete, click “Add
a Device” Here, you will need to register your device It is important to use the same Email address
that you use for your Garmin account if applicable If you would like to give your device a nickname,
you can do that here Select your data collection preference Now, click “Install” to update the courses Review this page, then click “Continue” The download may take some time Do not unplug the device until the update
has finished Make sure to eject the device before unplugging Thanks for watching! For more help, visit

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