Superstore – Pair for the Course (Episode Highlight)

she was going
to give you a raise? – I don’t know. I thought she’d be like,
“You got moxie, kid.” – [laughs] Why, because she’s
a 1930s Hollywood producer? – Yes, like, “I’m going to put
you in the pictures, see?” – [laughs] – All right, Sosa up. [gentle acoustic guitar music] [both laugh] This is a stupid game
for stupid people. – If you want to
move up the corporate ladder, you’re going to need to learn
how to play golf. – Okay, golf camp.
– All right, just hear me out. Okay?
So–[laughs] so when you pull the club back,
you want to make a triangle with your arms.
– Okay. – Just think of yourself as,
like, you’re a pendulum. Okay?
You’re a clock. Yeah, but not so loose,
and let’s please be careful. Okay, so next… Do you, can I… Put my arms around–
– Just do it, Jonah. It’s only weird
if you talk about it. – Okay, all right.
[inhales] Okay, so, uh… Hands overlap.
– Mm-hmm. – Okay, um, back straight.
– [laughs] – Bend your knees.
Okay, all right, good. [phone buzzing] Now, when you pull back,
good, good, good, good. – Hey, me again.
[soft laugh] Where are you? If you won the lottery
and are travelling the world, at least give me
a call first, okay? So I can cancel our table. [lights clank] Okay. [giggles]
Bye. ♪ – Good, good, okay,
now don’t swing yet. All right,
when you come forward, we’re going to move with
the power of our whole bodies. – Okay.
– Okay, not just our arms. And…
– [gasps] ♪ Ah, yes! I am so good!
– That was incredible. – Who knew I would be
so good at golf? – I certainly didn’t.
– Whoo! – Yeah.
– Fore! – No, no, no, no,
not fore, nobody says– “Fore” is like a warning,
like you’re going to, your ball is going to
hit somebody in the head. – No, I’m pretty sure
you say that whenever you feel
like saying that. – That is incorrect.
– Fore! It’s fun, try it.
– Fore! – See?
– Yeah, that was really good.

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