Super Mario 64 Tool-assisted speedrun world record explained
Super Mario 64 Tool-assisted speedrun world record explained

56 thoughts on “Super Mario 64 Tool-assisted speedrun world record explained”

  1. Sucy Q says:

    23 minutes in and we just barely got inside the castle

  2. ICharlyl says:

    Says the guy who also has a video of link playing all-star on the ocarina of Time.

  3. Nounooon says:

    I’ve heard about TAS before, but come on, this is PHD level TAS magic!

  4. MKCuber says:

    you keep making 1M Views videos but only at 50k. thats so dumb, you deserve so many subs.

  5. Nomecla Absorber says:

    Nice time

  6. Floofie kun says:

    420(.77) Blaze It

  7. lachlan bevan says:


  8. Little Stitch says:

    Mom: Honey, it’s time for dinner.

    Kid: ok mom give me 5 minutes i want to beat the entire Super Mario 64 game

  9. Andrux0821 says:

    8 milliseconds away from becoming 4.20.69

  10. CR33PER64 says:

    that speedrunner is a legend

  11. Fredrick Emad says:

    Sounds like my math teacher

  12. Azekill Diablo says:

    To answer this we must talk about parallel universes.

  13. CloudBurger 4 says:

    Can we just… make it four milliseconds faster? Please?

  14. Quilly says:

    I'm having pannenkoek2012 flashbacks. I miss him.

  15. Daniel West says:

    Yeah, I'm not gonna pretend I understood any of this

  16. yobro9000 says:

    oscars too afraid to diss

  17. brandon hendrix says:

    This changes my life

  18. TastyBrush says:

    Flash: I can travel through time and multiverses!

    Mario: Imma about to end this'a man's entire career, YAAAHOO YRYRYRYRYRYRYR…

  19. Twincam Cal says:

    I feel as if this would require a degree to fully understand

  20. Buck Roger says:

    So the moral of the story is don't F with Mario

  21. crashie milks says:

    .. you know, most of these checks can probably be so easily bypassed because the coders probably didn’t expect an entire community of people to try playing god.

  22. crashie milks says:

    im actually so mad i understood all of this. that was so much confusing explanation yet i got it all. good job man

  23. Dami Dame says:

    So basically Mario is faster than someone who teleports

  24. Daniel Woods says:

    Me after watching this video at 3am : realises its 8:55, quickly grabs my bag and jump down the staircase before bljing at 74929274772817463782947728kilometeres per second and going around the universe 3729 times before falling through the ceiling of my classroom and just saying : oh hi

  25. Axoplax says:

    We need to take that time down 00"08 seconds more

  26. Lantern Apocalypse says:

    Promageddon pit; a smash hit. Promageddon chart topper. Your song is gold like the color of piss. Your song is gold like the color of piss.

  27. Kevin Kirk says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much math involved in the logical resolution of the glitching happening to Sm64. I just want to throw this in the mix. That I appreciate your extremely well-educated answer to what is actually being done.. Though I just didn't exactly expect that I would be walking into a college course on how to speedrun a game. This is actually well done.. Though I feel it's a bit over the hedge..

  28. MaliciousRubidium says:

    That parallel universes quote was used in TerminalMontage's video.

  29. Dylan says:

    Holy shit my dude. Props.

  30. W0rmblood says:

    This is rapidly becoming one of my favourite channels.

    Speedrunning documentaries are insanely interesting.

  31. Draven Flores-Rios says:

    Well, that was fucking insane.

  32. Parzivald Shiflty says:

    when fucking mathematicians play mario64

  33. ridiculously particular says:

    i wonder why the princess is under house arrest

  34. Fledrox says:

    I learned more in this video than in all of my school years

  35. lolxdroflmao 69 says:

    to answer that, we need to talk about parallel universes

  36. Pfitz says:

    This channel is criminally underated. Like halfway between the video game historian and summoning salt.

  37. TES - Randy says:

    Bismuth: Oh did I mention parallel universes

  38. James Esterline says:

    I feel like I'm brain dead now.

  39. Cringeyness Expressway says:


  40. Mr Phobos says:

    This shit is fucking awesome

  41. SaDVeC says:

    Diavolo's King Crimson is surely confusing

    Super Mario 64 speedrun Science: Hold my PUs

  42. Haywire5714 says:

    Now do a tas explanation for 120 star

  43. Rye Toast says:

    This can be beat faster than the original Super Mario Bros…

  44. Mutant Cookie Man says:

    So you’re telling me this team of speed runners was .08 seconds away from 4’20”69?

  45. rpg jones -that one meowstic- says:

    The keys spell bup

  46. exxor9108 says:

    10:22 "If you thought -6154 speed was a lot, hold on to something, because you're not ready for this."

    Me: *sees negative speed reaching 3.4 million* D8 … *falls off chair* Not really. lol

  47. Space noodles says:

    It should have been 4:20.69

  48. a flying orange lifeform says:

    33:18 "clock punch"? more like he "clocked the clock"!..heh…

  49. Lochlan Smith says:

    4 minutes 20 seconds

  50. Daenym says:

    And then there's me feeling like a pro for doing a BLJ past infinite stairs

  51. Potato says:


  52. Cabecool10 / Skelemaster767 says:

    Peach: the power of the stars has been restored to the castle
    Mario: Bi*** the basement still be locked

  53. Skidaddle Skadoodle says:

    Each second of the speedrun is like 1 year of research and improvements

  54. вαgυeттe мαи says:

    Everyone noticed the 420' 77 on the thumbnail? It almost made it

  55. !? says:

    welcome to fuck physics negative speed distance jumping everything negative who cares anymore

  56. Statiq says:

    Turn the music down a slight, and find something easier to listen to, I'd say.

    Otherwise, sick.

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