Super Mario 64 DS – Black Room Glitch
Super Mario 64 DS – Black Room Glitch

Get the wing cap on top of the castle and rush to the cannon area. Run and dive into the base of the tree farthest from the castle. This should make you able to slide down underground. Swim quickly under the castle, and jump out on the small step near the waterfall, but make sure you’re still inside the castle. Facing away from the waterfall, triple jump and fly to a spot past the door, and ground pound on the slanted floor area. Again, you’ll need to be inside the castle. Now face away from the bridge, and triple jump as high as you can. Navigate to the area behind the entrance to the castle. This glitch is very difficult compared to some of the others in the game, so it takes a lot of practice. If you go through the door from this side, you’ll still end up in the castle like you would normally.

33 thoughts on “Super Mario 64 DS – Black Room Glitch”

  1. GlitchFish says:

    @ulukinatme1 You're welcome! πŸ™‚

  2. GlitchFish says:

    @loling53 None of the videos on my channel use cheats.

  3. GlitchFish says:

    @BeyBlader129 Thanks! I personally didn't discover this glitch, but I'll definitely upload some more! Keep practicing!

  4. m4r1o148 says:

    there's also the white room. when you're luigi go in the mirror room and enter the door in the mirror and you'll be in a completely white room. idk wat it is… :/

  5. Dash120z says:

    Cool videos glitchfish, i really like your videos!

  6. GlitchFish says:

    @Dash120z Thanks!

  7. jongameaddict says:

    @m4r1o148 The first time you go there, you should be able to get a Star. Then it's useless.

  8. m4r1o148 says:

    @jongameaddict yea I figured that out 1 moth ago after I posted that lol

  9. m4r1o148 says:

    @m4r1o148 month

  10. Uncreative Name says:

    There is a glitch on the original Super Mario 64 similar to that, except it requires the cannon to be available. It's a different process.

  11. GlitchFish says:

    @ElmntNinja Also which I've got a video of. πŸ˜€

  12. Lidier Reyes says:

    I… have a question umm im having trouble getting under the tree plz help i cant do it well thx πŸ™‚

  13. GlitchFish says:

    It normally takes me multiple attempts. If you're trying this whole glitch, you can get about three quick attempts at the tree before it's too late, because then your wings will wear off before finishing. Try to get to the tree as low as possible.

  14. Lidier Reyes says:

    Nevermind that new problem im good at the tree but…you know how you have to jump on one platform and fly to the other well i either fly to the second and ground pound to early (therefore landing in water) or i go to far and ground pound on the moat plz help

  15. kackers says:

    it's SUPER hard to get under the tree. but if you can do it you can access the cannon to the castle by jumping from underneath, so you can get to the roof with 8 stars(to unlock mario)

  16. KSVK[μ†Œλ…€μ „μ„ ] says:

    Aww,I Almost Did That But When I Got To The Black Room,I Fell.

  17. Arden Hill says:

    i like your vids

  18. daniel seamus says:


  19. Roadkill Raccoon says:


  20. Myles Howell says:

    Super Glitchy 64 DS 0_o

  21. KXG says:

    it is hard and i keep trying but when i got to the side i was out

  22. Evan Holmes says:

    I got into the Black Room without cheating too, thanks for teaching me GlitchFish

  23. Tyson Foss says:

    I thought the newer version would have less glitches. The original was Glitch- Mania.

  24. Thepiedude124 says:


  25. Turtle Kombat says:

    I can't even slide into the tree much less perform this glitch

  26. xd Two_Shot says:

    Waluigi secret right there it sounds like a painting but isn't it has to be hidden SOMEWHERE!

  27. Josh McAllister says:

    How did u do that dive thingy on to the tree

  28. QuickGaming says:

    Lol i remember when i was little it glitched or something and the water at the castle turned completly black and scared the shit out of me

  29. This guy Dannyyy says:

    It’s Fake! He used Action Replay!

  30. Midus Dezorzi says:

    Can you help me beat the game

  31. Raye Cortez says:

    It's called the Black Room of Death And Via Hacking You Can enter the secret room in the original Super Mario 64, along with many others in peach's castle. In Super Mario 64 ds, Only one black room (this one, Specifically) is the only that has [collision?] in It so the others, of course, kills you. That's why they call it the Black Room of death for nothing.

  32. Sonic 3 & knuckles says:

    Absolute mad man

  33. εŠ‰η₯ι½Š says:

    Original version also have the BROD.

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