Su Hai Qing & Yan Fei (Dark Blue and Moonlight)
Su Hai Qing & Yan Fei (Dark Blue and Moonlight)

(Sofia Karlberg cover)

100 thoughts on “Su Hai Qing & Yan Fei (Dark Blue and Moonlight)”

  1. The _ Dark says:

    0:30 😝😝😂👌😂👌😝

  2. May Who? says:

    n o s e b l e e d i n g

  3. shiniku art says:

    Woah did i just find some real life yaoi? Im gonna die this is hot af

  4. Christina Quick says:

    that show was so good

  5. Сахарок ARMY says:


  6. BT S says:

    Qué lindos espero que salgan sin ropa

  7. Azúcarita music says:

    OMG como no habia visto esto :"U

  8. 129Ashley129 says:

    Dear viewers, name of this drama is "Dark Blue and Moonlight" 🙂

  9. itzz_ Ķãźħø says:

    Yan fei is so fuckin' handsome

  10. Kathrin _1180 says:

    So handsome ❤️

  11. taev kim says:

    Я посмотрела эту дораму, но то что было в этом клипе в конце, там я не видела. Это другая часть?

  12. Aou Auu says:


  13. taehyung love says:

    I'mma get a guy who kisses like the tall boyy !
    Man. So intense !!!!😍

  14. Gislaine Costa says:

    Lindo romance série e filme gostei amei Parabéns para quem fez o filme e e tudo mais

  15. stay X army says:

    awww why is this so cute

  16. Jikook 28 says:

    Love these two! Dark Blue and Moonlight was a great series! Kind of messed up with all the cheating but idk these two apparently were love at first sight and made for each other 🤷‍♀️ I don’t mind their make out sessions we’re Hot! 😍❤️🔥🙌😩

  17. natharas 3003 says:

    I feel like it's a need for me to watch this everyday as a blessing for me HAHAHA 😂😂😂

  18. Soft boy Minho says:

    Its 5 am, i cant sleep, what am i doing?😂

  19. nicole delval says:

    It's so sweet😘😘😘😘😘😍

  20. Peace Meshach says:

    Kisses is Killin me wow

  21. seok yeunguo says:

    I love it is the best thing I've seen 😏

  22. Alenilda. Santos says:

    😍😍🤗 lindo

  23. BulletSharké says:

    nose bleed

  24. Ангелина Вайс says:

    В дорамах ЯОЙ больше романтики и страсти чем в дорамах где парень с девушкой)

  25. reto says:

    هيلببب اوباااععع انا انتصبتتتت 😭💗🔥🔥🔥

  26. Unusual Gaming says:


  27. Gian Karlo says:

    Amo a esa serie y a esa pareja

  28. J says:

    Could this get any hotter?!

  29. Лейла джанкезова says:

    эти парни похожи на гуки и вишенку

  30. kura kaufusi says:

    I liked this series

  31. Jungkook BTS says:

    Hot 😍i love these guys

  32. AveRiin Pedak says:

    Awwwww it's so cute 😍😍😍

  33. Mycah S. Mabuyo says:

    Heeeee boy like that

  34. MOONSHAKI says:

    O por dios que hermoso tengo ver esta serie anotada en mi lista 😊😊

  35. yoongi infires says:

    This drama made me sad happy mad mostly because he cheated but as long as he's happy then ehh don't care

  36. afeeza zunira says:


  37. Korn Flakes says:

    Tom Wang looks a hell lot like Cha Eun woo

  38. wtf jungkoo says:

    2:56 aaaaaaa uwuwuwu omg that smile aaaaa

  39. geberdetatlini yiyelim says:

    Ay lan buraya neden düştüm 🇹🇷 selamin aleykum her neceseniz la

  40. -Wolf star gacha- says:

    Meh 2 hours ago:I shall stop watching anime for today
    Also meh: I CAN'T STAP

  41. -Wolf star gacha- says:

    I shall watch people

  42. nasy noor says:

    dude I dot think they hit the spot with the person playing hai qing 😕😕 but this is one of the best shows I have ever watched 😍😍

  43. A mess says:

    Hai Qing doesn't deserve this

  44. Ума Абусупьянова says:

    Их поцелуи многих сведут с ума….

  45. furix sdiux says:

    2:01 best kiss scene ♡.♡

  46. TAE TAE says:

    Kissing scene

    Oh shit

  47. *Holy Water* says:

    2:10 even Jesus was waiting for him to do that @[email protected]

  48. Rara Gaviola says:

    Im so drunk with their kisses
    My heart🥰🤗😅

  49. MECS 'Z says:

    Não entendo esses beijos sem sal kd a lingua meus queridos

  50. abril leal says:

    No sé como es q tiene tantos no me gusta sinceramente me encantoooo :]

  51. Nica Esqevel says:

    EXIJO UNA PORNO we jaja

  52. Rahmima Akbar says:

    where can i watch this drama?? please please someone answer cuz i really wanna know

  53. bubblebob 22 says:

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Me at 3am: what am I doing with my life

  54. Caelem Vaellerek says:

    So much kissing I’m guessing this wasn’t made in China lol

  55. Sanaya Irani says:

    I noticed…kissing on BL drama are hoter than Kissing on regular drama with male and female

  56. fujoshi- san says:

    One of the best kisses

  57. Paulo Oliveira says:

    Love Forever

  58. 陳麗鈴 says:


  59. lissa Gg says:


  60. min5craft wh0re says:


  61. Elise Green says:

    Is it just me or does the one in the blue shirt at the start kinda look like SHINee Onew

  62. namjoonsbabygirl says:

    yeets self out nearest window

  63. marta degilaine lombardo says:

    tem que ir pra vikk muito bom

  64. Floofi PandaAli says:

    Is it really okay for them to shoot like this?? I mean they're gay soo..I guess they're fine with it.

  65. Lauri Kee says:

    😂 watching this at 3 am bcuz I have no idea what I'm doing with my life

  66. Kookies And Jimin's Jams says:

    Not a single soul:

    Me: hEy ArMyS

  67. 쳗ᄂᄉᄆᄎ샨ᄏ says:

    I love the song

  68. shiniku art says:

    Crap im on this side of the youtube again 😂😂😂

  69. EXO EXOL says:

    اسم المسلسل بليز،

  70. We Go Up_with_ NCT says:

    By the way..why is this video banned for underaged people…? They are just kissing

  71. Ÿūñø Gåsãï says:


  72. Siripat Mild says:

    Awwwwwww~ they very very very cute

  73. elena guajardo says:

    Cuando veo estos vídeos me hace pensar que el amor no tiene límites no importa el sexo que sea

  74. Ali Iranloo says:

    Wow so cute

  75. hirumayoichi21 says:

    They’re the best bl kisser!

  76. your favourite fanboy says:

    Ah, they're so cute.

  77. Francielle Silva Santos says:

    man eu amei esse vídeo , e quero mais desse jeito , será q tem dorama desse jeito ? quero que esse vídeo vire um dorama kskskskskskdksksks eu amei

  78. Mielipuolinen says:

    I cried…. Because I'm forever alone… Oh, that's so sad :') sorry xdd… but It's true

  79. I am y says:


  80. annichi i says:

    No one:
    Not even a single soul

    why the two have cheated on their boyfreinds all the time..?

    (But i love it ) 😗
    (And its 4am i really have no life..

  81. лунный Tata says:


  82. B ZOD says:

    First kiss what the on of the best BL kisses which I ever saw. If you dont agree, give me other tips! 😀

  83. D. Sierenetyyy says:

    I just enter the dark side of YouTube
    I don’t regret it 😂

  84. Widi Astuti says:

    This drama is the first one which succes drive me addicted watching BL one over and over again.. Oowwww it is cute.

  85. plateshutoverlock says:

    A very beautiful scene

  86. Alex Okatov says:

    В конце момент гле книги листают это где было? В какой серии

  87. {Aguita con limon} says:


  88. V BTS says:


  89. llsjk.97 Kim says:

    Can I req song 'if our love is wrong pls pls

  90. IGOT7 green ocean says:

    worth a watch? My poor heart can't handle tragic stories so tell me if I can watch it

  91. Ada Harden says:

    Crazy in love i like the song

  92. Xia Yao says:

    Drama Taiwan best is the best 👍👍👍

  93. Sarah Loveencore says:

    I like them together but I hate The fact that they had to hurt people so they can be together. When you don't love someone anymore break up with them DON'T cheat

  94. BANGBANG Chan says:

    When you first hear crazy in love YAS 🤟😏



  96. Antanina Šukaitytė says:

    In witch episode was the scene 2:35, 2:54; 3:04 and 3:13?? Why can't i remember them?? Help meeeeee

  97. лунный Tata says:


  98. Mónica Hernandez says:

    que ricos besos se dan😍😍😍😍

  99. Солнышко Ли says:

    Замечательная дорама ) актеры просто секси )

  100. WENDITHA BRYAN says:

    Them kisses are on fire🔥🔥❤

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