Student Pilot | Solo XC Landing at Camarillo Airport With ATC Subtitles
Student Pilot | Solo XC Landing at Camarillo Airport With ATC Subtitles

[Socal Approach]
N5216L, traffic is about 1 mile west of Fillmore. Our last altitude indicated at 5200. [N5216L]
Looking, 16L. [Socal Approach]
N16L, I recommend you stop your descent for now. That target looks like they’re doing rapid climb and descent and sharp maneuvers indicating 4200. [N5216L]
Okay. I’ll stay at 5500 for now, 16L. [Socal Approach]
N16L, traffic is 12 o’clock, 1.5 miles, 4200 indicated. [N5216L]
In sight, 16L. [Socal Approach]
N16L, roger. Maintain visual with that traffic and VFR descent approved at your discretion. [N5216L]
Roger, 16L. [N5216L]
Holy shit! That updraft. [5216L]
I lost contact with that traffic at my 12 o’clock. [Skylane 545MS]
Socal Approach, Skylane Experimental 545MS have Yankee at Van Nuys. [Socal Approach]
545MS, Socal Approach. Burbank altimeter is 30.00 [Socal Approach]
545MS, verify you have Yankee. [Skylane 545MS]
I have Yankee, 5MS. [4948A]
Socal Approach, 4948A is descending to 8000 for whiteman with Foxtrot. [Socal Approach]
4948A, Socal Approach. Burbank Altimeter is 30.00. [4948A]
30.00 thank you, 494A. [N5216L]
Approach, I lost contact with the traffic. Is traffic still a factor? 16L. [Socal Approach]
16L, say again. [N5216L]
I lost contact with the traffic. Is traffic a factor? 16L. [Socal Approach]
16L, that last target you said you had in sight is no longer a factor. [N5216L]
Roger, thank you, 16L. [Socal Approach]
16L, radar service is termianted. Squawk VFR. frequency change approved. Traffic is no longer a factor. [N5216L]
Squwak VFR and frequency change, 16L. Good day. [N5126L]
Point Mugu Approach, Skycatcher 5216L at 4000 descending. [N5126L]
Point Mugu Approach, Skycatcher 5216L at 3600 descending. [Point Mugu Approach]
N5216L, Point Mugu Approach, information Uniform at Camarillo you can just go ahead and contact them. [N5216L]
Roger, I’ll contact tower, 16L. [Camarillo Tower]
Wind 210 at 10. [N5216L]
Camarillo tower, Skycatcher 5216L, 7 miles to the northeast, inbound full stop taxi back. [Camarillo Tower]
Skycatcher 5216L, Camarillo ground. Correction, Camarillo tower, make straight in runway 26. Report a 5 mile final. [N5216L]
Make straight in runway 26 and how many miles on final? 16L. [Camarillo Tower]
Skycatcher 16L, report a 5 mile final. [N5216L]
Roger, 5 miles on final, 16L. [Camarillo Tower]
Skycatcher 16L, verify you are at 2800. [N5216L]
Affirmative, 2800, 16L. [Camarillo Tower]
Roger. [Camarillo Tower]
Grumman 5AE, turn right at B and contact ground point 8. Have a good day. [Grumman 5AE]
Ground point 8. You, too. 5AE. [Cherokee 75108]
Camarillo Tower, Cherokee 75108, runup complete and ready for a right crosswind departure. [Camarillo Tower]
Cherokee 75108, Camarillo tower, right crosswind approved. Runway 26, cleared for takeoff. [Cherokee 75108]
Cleared for takeoff 26, right crosswind, 75108. [Camarillo Tower]
Skycatcher 16L, runway 26, cleared to land. You’re number one. [N5216L]
Number one, 26, cleared to land, 16L. [Camarillo Tower]
Skycatcher 16L, you can proceed direct towards. [N5216L]
Roger, proceed direct, 16L. [Cessna 2656G]
Camarillo tower, Cessna 2656G, inbound 26 RNAV Y, full stop. [Camarillo Tower]
Cessna 2656G, Camarillo tower, number 2 follow a Cessna on a 4 mile right base, runway 26, cleared to land. [Cessna 2656G]
Number 2, 26 cleared to land, 56G. [Camarillo Tower]
Attention to all aircraft… activity 5 miles northeast at all below 8000 in approximately 1 minute. [Camarillo Tower]
Cessna 56G, traffic you follow is about 2 miles ahead 1200 joining about a 3 mile final. [Cessna 2656G]
Still looking for them, 56G. [Camarillo Tower]
Cherokee 108, frequency change approved. Safe flight. [Cherokee 75108]
108 thank you. [Cessna 353MV]
Camarillo tower, Cessna 353MV. We’re ready for takeoff and would like flight following to Santa Monica. [Camarillo Tower]
Cessna 353MV, Camarillo tower. Left downwind approved. Runway 26 cleared for takeoff. Traffic 1.5 mile final is a Cessna. No delay please. [Cessna 353MV]
Left downwind runway 26 and no delay for the takeoff runway 26, 353MV. [500] [Camarillo Tower]
Cessna 56G, traffic you follow is 1 mile final. Spacing period is adequate. [Cessna 2656G]
56G, thanks. [Camarillo Tower]
Cessna 16L, traffic departing is a Cessna. [N5216L]
In sight, 16L. [Camarillo Tower]
Wind 230 at 10. [Cessna 140B]
Camarillo tower, Cessna 140B holding short 26 at A ready for departure. [Camarillo Tower]
Cessna 140B, Camarillo tower. Hold short runway 26, arriving traffic. [Cessna 140B]
Hold short runway 26, 140B. [Camarillo Tower]
Skycatcher 16L, turn left at B. Contact ground point 8. Have a good day. [N5216L]
Left at B, ground point 7, 16L. Good day. [Camarillo Tower]
Skycatcher 16L, ground is 121.8. [N5216L]
121.8, 16L.

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