STOP TOPPING YOUR WOODS – Learn to hit a wood off the ground

oh dude how embarrassing
okay oh geez come on one more ah another one how frustrating is the top
particularly with your fairway wood and your hybrid or in this week training
we’re going to cover exactly how you start to sort out those fairway woods and
hybrids you can stop topping them so you’ve experienced that having you the
ball flying along the ground it’s so frustrating that’s the top shot what’s
actually happening well in this weeks training I’m gonna go through exactly
what’s happening at impact to cause the top some the most common factors that
actually lead to the top shot and I’m gonna give you three simple exercises that you
can use to kind of get rid of it hopefully for good now before we do that
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every week so now what is a top shot in golf well we’ve just seen it it’s a ball that goes
along the ground but what’s actually happening well quite simply the ball is
hitting no part of the center of the club face always hitting right down at the
bottom of the golf club so what’s happening is the club is coming into
impact here and he’s starting to come up and hit the bottom part of the golf club
a the lot is moving away from the golf ball and we’re simply hitting the the
leading edge of the the Fairway wood itself now for those of you who don’t have
loads of time to practice one of the simplest things I can do I give you to
kind of get rid of that is it an exercise that I can actually give my
wife who’s just started playing get yourself some foot spray
spray it on the face like this and I believe that sometimes thinking of all
swinging positions and stuff can be very very complicated look if you’re hitting
the bottom part of the club don’t try and hit the top part so give
yourself a challenge so all I’m going to do now is this if I want to hit closer
to the top part of the post of the bottom part what am I going to do well
I’m gonna naturally lean the face more now people who are struggling to get the
ball up in the air that can feel a little bit strange because the golf balls
going on the ground why would I deloft it but you’re not really deporting the golf club
remember you’re hitting the leading edge you’re actually showing the loft to
the golf ball so by just putting this foot spray on there it gives you a target so if I
kind of hit a top shot that will be literally so I’m just as a pure top
there hit right at top of the ball and look at this absolutely no mark at all
on the actual golf club if I move back now and now let’s try to hit a shot
where I go come on let’s lean that club face in lets see if I can get make a mark now on this
club face that’s have a look much better now look a little bit so but you can see
much higher in the face of the golf club yep so that immediately gives me more
loft so exercise number one really really simple just put some foot spray
on and see if you can start to hit the face of the golf club and let your body
cleverly because your body’s a genius work out how to do that it stops a swing
thoughts but let’s now move on to number two which is one of the main causes of a
top so we said look one of the main reasons or how do you actually strike a
golf ball to get pure strike you’ve got to get that club face on the ball that
means the hands all is naturally more ahead when you’re coming into impact
there’s more weight on the left side and you’re driving through the bodies more
of the golf ball with a top shot it tends to be a lot more like this now
that’s great but that’s very complicated you can’t think of all those things and
how to cure all things in one five seconds which is the time it takes
to swing a golf club so I’ve given you one exercise which is the powder just
have some fun trying to hit the face the next thing is is I basically see people
who top the vault they just don’t have any rotation through the impact area so
what they end up doing is is when they’re coming through they end up like
this they stand up here and they’re leaning back and they are flicking and
the main reason for this is the club is coming down very steeply as opposed to
watch this and the hitting position is here as opposed to here so when you’re
coming down the hitting pivot position should be here because we want to rotate
and almost what I call it catapult or fling the club through impact in a
rotational fashion like is if you were throwing a ball but those people who top
down they come down in a hitting position that’s here they then come down
to the ground the body goes I don’t want to hurt myself so stands up now like
this leans back and creates a flicking motion that looks a little bit like this
with us standing up and flicking I hit a lot of top shots so we need to improve
your level of rotation through impact and the simplest way of doing this it’s
just true feeling so you get yourself set your sweet and make a nice air turn
and I want to imagine now just get to about here just feel like the club is
behind you a bit and now from here you get the feeling of okay is that powerful
to sling the club around sling it from here and I can sling in it around this
way so suddenly now the club’s coming more on an arc let’s have a look at this
in action so I’m getting the feeling of from here slinging it around the corner
back sling it around the corner completely different I’m bruising the
ground and brushing the ground all the way through and I’m starting to hit the
center of the face now do it slowly first this is the hit position we don’t
walk because that gets this motion just keep feeling I’ve got to be roughly
about here maybe do it slowly to start off with just to get a feel for it so
you swing it back swing to here and then go right
practice there we go slinging it and when I’m
doing that I’m getting this motion so suddenly now because I’m rotating
I can stay low to the ground I don’t stand up because I’m creating room with
rotation not creating room with standing up but the third and final point all
that’s well and good but there’s one thing that does stop that happening and
it and it was the major reason why my latest client could not stop his tops
and that’s alignment so many people who top the ball aim for right handers to
the right of their target now if you aim to the right of your target like this
there’s no way you’re gonna rotate your body wolves is a genius he will find its
best route to the target if I’m exaggerating here obviously but if you
aim to the right you’re gonna pick the club up here and it’s far easier now
just to pick it up and and chop it down and chop it down that hitting position
is always gonna be very steep and you’re gonna come down and flick the ball or
you’re gonna do this you’re gonna come up your lean back now again same
principle creating this flicking action there’s no way of getting rotation
because if you did get into the correct hitting position you would smash it
right and your body won’t allow that is clever it knows that it’s wrong so you
must learn to get a decent alignment for those of you who are still not sure
about alignment there are two lines you want to look at your target line which
is here this line here like an outside rail of a train track pointing directly
down your target line your foot line is parallel left of that that is your
inside rail and then all we’re doing this is the best where I line up his is
I get myself set I get a feel of the clubface see I’m looking down the target
line here just get comfortable I know where we go for those of you been aiming
right that might feel like you’re aiming a little bit left of target don’t worry
but now you’ve got the space look to rotate as a poster had needed to create
space by standing up that’s the two fundamental things I think are the major
cause of top shots I hope that really really helps you
let’s summarize for a second and what have we said well
nice and easy sometimes just trust your body get some foot spray spray on the on
the club here have a game just see if you can hit higher in the face you hit
high in the face you’ll simply get more loft you want to get more power with
this and get the ball up in the air so you hit it further
you’re gonna need rotation you want to start to work on a hitting position
that’s here not here hitting me here will give you more rotation it helps to
keep this beautiful angle here as a poster when it’s here you always tend to
lose the angle because it turns into a flick and finally watch that alignment
none of this is impossible if you’re aiming right of target hope you enjoyed
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