okay that was really heavy struck the
ground behind the golf ball why was that lets have another go that was absolutely ripped what is the
difference between those two golf shots why is it that sometimes you strike the
ground behind the golf ball horrible strikes versus striking that beautiful
ball first and you get our lovely ball flight what is the difference between the two golf shots
in this golf lesson I’m going to cover exactly why you strike the ground behind
the golf ball occasionally or maybe even way too much
before we do my name is Danny Maude welcome to the channel and if this is one
of your first golf videos please consider subscribing I release golf videos just like
this one every week to try and help you improve your game so what are you doing
if you strike the ground behind the golf ball well this is exactly what’s
happening if you’re striking the ground behind the golf ball what we tend to see
with too many golfers is this they’re coming into impact here the club is
releasing like this and their club grounds behind the golf ball you’ll
notice also the the left arm and golf club are very straight okay so the left arm and golf club
are almost kind of fully extended at this stage and you’re releasing it here
the best ball strikers you these are the images that you’ll see the best ball
strikers you’ll see that their weight is on their lead foot at impact and they have a lot of
angle in their club shaft the hands are a long way ahead of the golf ball the club
strikes the ball and then it strikes the ground that is what we’re
after how do you go about doing it without making it too complicated I see
lots of golfers trying this but they still struggle so what we’re gonna do
now is focus on how do you get this beautiful shuffling here as opposed to
the releasing of the club here where it gets extended and behind the golf ball
the first thing to do is you’ve got to understand how the wrists work so what I
see with a lot of golfers is this they get what’s called a flicking motion
they get this position here at impact where they start to flick through the impact position area
here and the more you get this flicking motion the more you ground
the club behind the golf ball it’s a weak golf shot as well and you fat the golf shot and you can also thin it as well why they do this is because they flick it
away on the backswing so they get this flick away on the golf backswing and because
you flicked it away here the body responds by flicing
the other way so if you flick it one way you simply flick it the other way it’s
as simple as that it’s like if you threw a ball if you flick this you’re gonna
flick it this way you need to reverse that process and this is
counterintuitive you want to get the hands here at impact
but you know what you start in the opposite way in the take way let me
explain watch this I call it drag what you want to do is
get the back of the club and what’s imagine you’re going to do
this only I’m showing this in a way that’s visual so you can exaggerate this
drag the golf club away on the way back here the back of the could drag it away now
look at this hasn’t been no flick at this stage you’re dragging the golf club away
here you get to the top because it hasn’t really flicked or anything it
then flicks the over the way on the downswing so you get the flick on the downswing as opposed to the flick on the backswing and beautiful for us that flick is
the opposite and it helps you to get that type of angle through the impact
area let’s have a look at this in action so we’re going to drag it in order to
lag it so watch this we’re gonna drag back with a back of the club here drag
drag drag drag and that is an absolutely beautiful flight okay so let’s do that
one more time so we’re getting ourselves set here we know we need to get the
wrists in a much better position so we do the opposite we drag here to get that
angle on the way through if you flick it here you will flick it on the way
through some another look at this get the back of the club
feel like it’s this is dragging on the back of the ground here it’s sort of
counterintuitive it because let you see in this horrible impact position almost
there we don’t want that but it won’t end up like that because it will reverse
on the way down this is the first thing to do back at the club drag it back and
then rip it through you so you’ve got the idea of this the wrist
working now how can let you make this even more efficient the second thing
that could really elite to this kind of releasing here is is great you’ve got
the wrist motion but if you don’t move the body on rotate the body and the
right we’re on the way through that will cause major issues a lot of people who
get into this kind of release motion here where the hip behind their bodies
are also very straight they get very what you call square on they’re not
naturally rotating through the golf ball this is an issue because if you don’t
rotate through the ball there’s no room so their body kind of freezes stops and
you simply get this release through the impact area what you’ve got to do from
here it’s from this position you’ve got to work out way on getting yourself
rotating comfortably and easily through the ball here’s how recommend it and it
works brilliantly well for also the drag martien what I want you to do here is
this I want to practice in a sense of getting both heels working far more
effectively initially as a drill start a head here so you kind of in a sense the
right hilt off the ground here and we’re gonna look as that right heel push it
down but naturally it’s just a Martian watch this born to you drag it back here
and as you then put that left foot down on the heel down towards the ground here
you create rhythm that there as that goes down it naturally look opens up the
body that opening up of the body creates natural momentum and it helps you to
naturally get on to your lead foot and finish through remember the golf swing
came first coaches like me came second you do not
have to try to get onto your left side or your lead side you don’t have to try
and get the hands ahead all those things actually to be honest with you they push
achieving that further and further away you get there naturally by getting
motion here we’re dragging it back with a back of the cup on the ground that
heels coming up and as we push it down just a mere fat look of pushing down the
ground creates the rotation creates the space and helps us get through the golf
ball let’s have a look at this so it got yourself set here we’re now
going to send drag back and literally come through and because
I’m pushing through and naturally finish in a much much better position turn
through to the target and something never look at that in slow motion so the race that has to come down I get
absolutely soaking wet for you go there who cares so we’ve got those two things
mainly here we’re getting the drag back on the ground we want to create this
wrist action how do we create it how do we keep it we create it by getting it
dragged back on the way back here forcing the flick on the way through and
then to help maintain it even more so we’ve got to have proper rotation
rotation is created by the feet so what you want to do here is again just work
on that we start here we drag it back here we put that foot down and look at
this as soon as I put our foot down my hips start to rotate that rotation helps
naturally to keep this angle without that if it doesn’t if we don’t get
rotation there’s no room we’ll create room in a different way by standing up
and that releases the club too early and gets you hitting the ground behind the
golf ball let’s have a look at that one more time in action and then we’ll
summarize so I get myself dragging back push forward first drag that back there
and then put it back down on the ground so let’s summarize two major things what
causes their ground behind the golf ball well it’s very simple you release the
club here too early you get very extended you’re going to start to strike
the ground behind the ball we’ve got to basically get this shaft lean ahead here
quite naturally going to get away on our front foot please do not try to get that
there and one of the downsides to innocence trying to force is what I
found is this it gets people chopping down on the golf ball that is not what
we need at all getting this motion is should be fairly natural but as you know
it’s not so we’ve got to kind of go through these exercises so you’ve got
the drag on the back of the club here and then just simply hit you flick it
early you’ll flick it on the way down leave the flick to later and you’ll get
it on the way down maintain that motion how do we do that well you’ve got to get
those that body rotating out the way it can’t rotate if you don’t move so simple
actually you can always calm this down move on to the heel here drag it back
that heels off push that back down that helps the rotation and then just
fully commit to the shot I know where we go I’m getting soaked in love to
shooting this video for you so any questions leave them in the comments box
below give it a thumbs up if you liked the video and if you’re new to channel
maybe subscribe but until next week I’m get soaking wet have a great golfing


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