what are you doing what this isn’t the
one I was talking about that’s way too obvious look they’re going upstairs here
and I need a me so Rebecca George Chicago trying to steal golf cart with my best friend we went from top of the world
Dover A’s won top of the world with tick tock by the way I’m a tick tock or Never
I know y’all don’t like hearing that word and quite frankly I don’t either
don’t ask me to spell that e I am entering my name in the Logan Paul
challenger game try by the way though my name is Xavier my jobs puyos new school
college I am the fastest youtuber on you two I’m the fastest youtuber I’ve been
Bennett’s track star been running since middle school you already know I’m the
fastest youtuber wait you’re the king of you too
yeah I mean I made the ryan’s forehand diss track on this very field hey roll
clip excuse me just roll the clip you just tell my
viewers to clips gonna roll trust me right now this boy is barbarian for
making fun of children to be fun with vegetarians anyway it’s glad to finally meet you
are you but first wait can I actually question so it’s like this thing I’m
doing so you know I just got back from VidCon
I mean Adobe Brothers and it’s like I don’t have any friends can you be getting back in yeah back in Chicago so
I ask you a serious question can you be yes really love to be your first friend
only if you can beat me in a race prove you really are the fastest YouTube
right now I know a little bit about how you do like the track thing but yeah but
alright let’s do it right I’m let you go I’m gonna let y’all
know right now stay all right stand back now I’m not gonna actually race him why
does he think I’m stupid but watch this are you ready to race yeah I’m ready get
in you didn’t hear that right didn’t hear what we can do a 400-meter 400 years that oh we add the hopsicle for you yeah
Fisher the mr. trek yeah I don’t want to go on a win like yeah because he’s like
good at tracking yeah guys we set this up perfect right here cuz like yeah
alright yeah yeah okay so you start right here he has no idea he has no idea what what here look right
behind me the whole time what happened I bit the thing already already ran across
things you just didn’t see me top speed right I did hey let’s go how
are you I’ve been late this is like the first time I filmed another person for
like a year yeah that’s great and it’s like this is
my first time seeing you yeah but that love would serve one just
drop it’s been going crazy why are you wait wait wait wait wait why are you
promoting on my channel I’m not saying anything I’m just saying facts like love
love sir district just kind of goes crazy that’s it ay-ay-ay-ay-ay
yeah just your top notch making district oh yeah pretty much
Do You Know Who I am or who I used to be good you used to be
the king of this room I think you’re mistaken like I’m the king of districts take a good I’m the king of districts
take you back I can’t it’s just the truth you know I
invented the sentence King a discharge I mean you might have invented it but I
kind of took the title best like your final answer you’re saying you’re the
king the district yes I wouldn’t know any doubt of your mind
without any doubt in my mind I am the king of distress I know it okay
it’s word at a college right now it’s kind of the perfect place to film a
district why don’t we just team up so you see you has the better bars I’m
gonna carry you no I don’t think so but I will see see on the track all right
let’s go with some music v I know it’s been a long long
a long time but that’s what music video and I can’t do this why cuz it’s been a
long time but come and still no all right yeah yeah you know last time I
said that come out of retirement you’re French but if I get on a song does that
made me look at it okay okay thank you
now what since you didn’t wrap like recently do something crazy we need to
get I want you to cook Bay yeah if I would what are those videos too short
yeah so hey you see those golf carts over there why don’t you go steal one okay too much yeah I can’t do something
like come on for the clickbait think of the views so we just go in there and
just take yeah all right but okay doing this this is my first time actually did
you know we’re so used to talking to my students this is crazy
do you think I could like arrest us or something for this is like pretty wild
I mean I am which what are you doing huh what are you doing
hey it’s our I think we can just walk in I don’t think there’s no one controlling
right what are you doing what this isn’t no
what I was talking about that’s way too obvious you know that makes more sense all right but yeah that would have been
swell yes okay sorry about that yup okay well I think
this somebody right there hey just take off of it as long as we’re driving fast
there I can get me there’s a golf cart even finished oh look they’re going upstairs don’t go
do something do something do something desk is he trying to get us caught looks like they’re all gone
just take it how do you see if hey wait how did you cope this
idea we can’t even I can’t even you know you’re not turn it off okay there’s no
key this one but look the next one is the next one is on the one next to us is
on oh wait it is oh all right do you know how to put it over first she’s
gonna run it under mine every weekend macoco oh shoot no what what what oh
wait here if you said it no that’s forward
you’re here just that one it’s going on first I don’t even know I didn’t think this
actually work see this throw this is crazy I never thought this would work
okay so you don’t want I don’t know I guess we’re free to go Oh another golf
cart up there we need backup right now is
yeah we’d everybody’s needed it back up so if you don’t move right now applying
energy calm yeah that’s what that’s the that’s where everyone was so yeah that
might be a problem well it could just push it to avoid making a loud noise
yeah yeah really really really mr. trash really really mr. track hmm Oh a little bit cooler it’s gonna be so loud he’s pretty
wait what it’s not going where are we no it’s not please nobody c’mon please
nobody is nobody saw I think we go back right there his back is turning though yes now he knows that leave now I work here
I don’t think I work here I’m pretty sure we’re here the other
school yeah

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