Starstreet Golf Mk7R Pekin Ibrahim Close-Up (Partly Eng Sub)
Starstreet Golf Mk7R Pekin Ibrahim Close-Up (Partly Eng Sub)

You guys think this car fast enough? FAST!! Demmit my ears Hi we’re back again at SEKUPAS Oh, there’s the camera So, we just made a video Pekin Ibrahim with his car, Golf Mk7 R The video have just reached 100k view in the period of… ..around 3 weeks and we’re pretty surprise by it And a lot of people ask regarding the video If we are going to explain it ourselfes we absolutely know nothing about it. If it’s about Golf R we don’t know that much, but.. if you ask us about Perodua Myvi that we can answer it If you want to know more.. We will bring the owner of car Pekin Ibrahim to come here and you guys can ask him wait, is it us or them Both can ask welcome Pekin, to 10Bucks studio Thank you.. So Pekin, we have did a video before this about Mk7r Starstreet before this we did just focusing on storyline and cinematic shot and this time we are going to ask what is this car all about Pekin’s Mk7R Starstreet Okay, “Starstreet” we will talk about “Starstreet” Okay “Starstreet” is a new community It’s like a motorsport team so with “Starstreet” we are going to have merchandise performance parts and cosmetic accessories and we’re not just about Golf.. ..we also catered to other kind of brand actually, this should be launch next year, and we are going to have our own garage motorsport vendor all in one place So have you read all the comment at the previous video First of all I would like to thanks.. ..the viewers and we will going to read the comments? and we will try to reply What you guys want to know? SInce you ask, a tonne of questions definitely this is not a standard car The engine is 2.0 L The standard horsepower which is 300 HP It’s 4wd The part that have been changed are air-intake from LEYO Motorsport The oil catch tank also from LEYO Motorsport The intercooler from Revo Motorsport This is carbon lip and also from Revozport And the rim Rays ZE40 It’s a 6-port brake 380mm I like this brake because it’s monobloc Monoblock is when the braking is depend on how strong the pressure put on the brake lever and it will only use one piston at a time And the outcome will be efficient braking system that will control the grip And on the interior carbon steering and come with alcantara leather I change the seat to Golf R bucket seat The digital dashboard meter is from Golf Mk7.5 and it come with moon roof And the rear brake I change to bigger size The rear brake is a bit disc from the stock which is 355 mm The tail light also change to Mk7.5 model And this is Oettinger carbon spoiler and this sharpens for Worthersee spec from Maps Garage (Ming) The skirting is carbon also from Revozsport Full system exhaust from the turbo to the tip and it make a sweet loud noise remap by Revo and tuned by Kevin Tan from VW Club Malaysia you can check em out on Youtube and there’s lot of other Volkswagen car Golf, Scirocco, Mk6, Mk7 Lot of people tell that Golf is a small car but actually when you sit inside its not that small And the difference is Golf R has a bit elevated trunk than because of 4wd if Gti the trunk base a bit lower So, Pekin has 3 Golf which is this one, Mk7r the other one is Golf R32 and before this he used Golf Mk5 Gti R32 is 3.2 L V6 N/A engine stock horsepower is 250 HP the sound is crazy loud its N/A and 4WD Every car has their own characteristic The horsepower is around 400++ HP (still try to hide the actual HP πŸ˜€ ) How about the top speed? So far, if you saw the Starstreet video (Link in the description) if not mistaken, around 267km/h but I’ve tried before, it can reach almost 300km/h

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  1. TheTwerker 69 says:

    pekin ni duduk putra heights ke? selalu nampak golf dia kat putra heights

  2. labu labi says:

    malu ape bosskuu

  3. Faizal Yahya says:

    Murah je kereta ni

  4. Khafrizal Khalid says:

    Rse ni la first vid malaysia wat review kete conti yg da 'mody' performance… JDM mody da byak vid… Bkan na ckap conti/jepun yg bgus… Sptutnye kt Malaysia byak lgi vid mcm ni… Na taw jgak geng2 conti mody mcm mne… Maybe sekupas bole cari kete2 conti di Malaysia yg da mody tuk dityangkn ke org ramai… JDM pon lyan gak… Cme sye na taw modifikasi kereta conti ni mcm mne.. Tu je… Cuma sye hrap geng sekupas kne tmbahkn ilmu psal kereta supaya owner x ckap sorang… Xpon shoot je owner sorg pon da ok…

  5. Mal Darul Naim says:

    Pndai jgak pekin buat lawak..

  6. Butter Flight says:

    Padu pekin explain wlaupun dua orng ni x tau nk tny apa

  7. Miq Off says:

    haha 🀣

  8. Wan K says:

    Macam mane nak join star street tu?

  9. Nur Jannatul Imani says:

    Kemah bossku Pekin..hnya yg prnah drive vw golf ni jew yg fham feeling dia mcm mna dan tambah pulak sistem exzos REMUS pergghh..semoga impian aku untuk beli vw golf mk6 1.4 TSI akn trcapai suatu hari nnti..Aamiin

  10. Amirul Zurhan says:

    Anti lag mantap paduπŸ‘

  11. Ahmad Muhammad says:

    Padu bos

  12. Syafieq Fairous says:

    Nissan turbo kaki kondem , semua youtuber dia kondem πŸ˜‘ ..

  13. tiada nama says:

    Ehhhhh steering myvi gt. Try lah porsche. Btw jambang tu nmpk cam bodo jer

  14. Bunga Sakura says:

    pekin ibrahim nie dia tetap boss dlam sesebuah pembikinan kita nie nartizen aje untuk comment je. modal tetap jgk dia yng keluar hahaha.. okey lah tu standert kemampuan kita lah hahahaha kau ada ke? hahahahahaπŸ˜‚

  15. pokwa 345 says:

    modal kna ad byk bro nk tiru mat salleh .. πŸ‘

  16. My Channel says:

    Ape youtube pekin? Hee nk tgk jgk mk7 main

  17. Anip Rahman says:

    Ini kalau calar menangis nieπŸ˜‚

  18. john azri says:

    Kereta ni mk7 laa satu2 nya street car yg boleh potong R35…padu ni baiiii…

  19. Tengkulup Tengkulup says:

    Plate tk pyh la tunjuk

  20. Shafiq Azam says:

    Terbaik bosskuπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  21. Labu Phalanx says:

    Sorry bro sebab tahan mk7 ni masa di gua musang haritu..hehehe

  22. Princess Solace says:

    Cayolah mu, yg mengecam dibaca dahulu!😘

  23. Tareeq 24 says:

    Bukan AWD Ke 4WD kan toyota hilux hahaha

  24. FIAN_ LEE says:

    Bapaaakk serabaiii

  25. mohd fahmie says:

    Emm. Laju lagi basik unta ayh aku

  26. Iman Zulkar says:

    Bang vw scirocco buat lah review

  27. John Dick says:

    Nissan turbo tu legend haritu pena npk komen dia hahaha

  28. Syafrizam Syah says:

    dengki jer banyak… tp tgk jugak.. nmpk sgt jiwa n hidup btrabur… skurang2 nya dorang dua ada view 50k lbih… DONE.. ni komen utk smua yg aq spesifikasi kan sebagai "uncultured swine"

  29. Tok Adi says:

    Murah jea keta ni.. Cuma kita tak mampu beli.. πŸ˜‚
    #malu apa bo55ku

  30. Speed chaser91 says:

    Hanyir lagi . masih hafiz.

  31. mar joko says:

    Abg dua ni kena belajar lagi dengan pekin ni. Dah macam show pekin dah ni. Haha by the way goodluck bro for future dalam industry ni.

  32. nik taufik says:

    Tnya bdak laju la..haha

  33. Everything is gonna be allright says:

    "VW" .. The endless money pits πŸ˜›

  34. Shaz23oficial says:

    terbaik review !

  35. Asmat Wafri says:

    Racun itu benar

  36. Yana Hilmi says:


  37. tin kosong says:

    Sapa yang suruh buat citer ala2 mat saleh tu , eh babinya hang tak sedar diri dalam Malaysia kot woii

  38. 10BUCKS TV says:

    WOWOWOWOWO tetiba dapat view banyak video ni! Tapi apa pun maaf atas "performance" host sebab memang tak tahu pasal kereta tapi kita cuba usahakan untuk memperkenalkan kereta Pekin kepada peminat motorsport di luar sana. BTW hargai semua yang view video ni!!

  39. Aiman Kim says:

    vw pakai straight piping ke custom?

  40. Muhammad Haziq says:

    pekin da main r34 dulu. xpyh layan komen nissan turbo. itu org isap gam lebih

  41. Mr Junuh says:

    Pakai vw dh pekin ni….kawe housemate dia dlu maso dio paka evo lg…woi pekin

  42. Kuda Liar7 says:

    Nissan turbo tu aku tringin sgt nk jotos kepala dia..mneΒ² video dia nk kondem..hahaharam

  43. Muhammad nasrial Bin jaafar says:

    Bese laa bro..sikap negatif org memang mcm tu…
    Kritikan memang buat kita boleh lg up up up lagi..hahaha..
    Die mcm bateri..kalau ada positif mesti ada negatif baru bateri Ada function..
    Kehidupan lebih gitu laa..
    Apa2 pun good car..walaupun saya belum punya kereta…saya dpt rasakan kereta superb..

  44. ainulzero says:

    Dah kereta conti / kereta mat salleh, memang lah repair / servis mahal. Sesuai untuk gaji tinggi. Gaji kurang tu elakkan lah beli. Tak berbaloi in long term.

  45. John Khan78 says:

    Nice BroπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ€™.. acctually your show present u is a pro driver..Broo.keep it up.. we will support u "AL"….(MATMOTOR)..
    SORRY TO SAY,KPD MANGKUK2 yg mengutuk tu biasanya hati jenis DH JD aranggggg…HUKUM SCRAP SEKETURUNAN
    memang penyapu NK mengutuk je… sdgknYG ADA MODAL air liur je. realiti SENI IS kucing [email protected] penyapu kontot..
    . maaf ckplah. sakithatidgrkritikkorang

  46. AMER MOHD says:

    Tenang ja pekin jwab..xmelatah pun..baca tenang ja..steady..

  47. Fitri Ijam says:

    Seratus ribu k view πŸ€”

  48. alex lam says:

    Kereta kencing ni. Ada extra 1L engine oil kat boot tu. Leaking tu.

  49. Augustine Axxico says:

    tngok intake besar. Ni memang dah ubah suai habis. 🀣 12:20

  50. Zairey Missmei says:

    Fuhhh viral gak.. nissan turbo ni yg sllu kecam video org🀣🀣🀣 smpai kat sni pn dia nak kecam.. bapak la

  51. coc says:

    ni vw yg sama dengan filem kl wangan tu sbb no plate sama

  52. cruz armada says:

    M3 e46 3.2 tkde turbo …stock tkde mod …rpm 7000 cecah 300kmh😎

  53. Mr.Asmadi Sir Duai generation says:

    9:15 …"dua jari ker? Biasa satu jari je" …..hehehe

  54. video viral says:

    Dah macam ambik lampu depan, lampu belakang πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

  55. Ahmad Rohaizad says:

    steady ar pekin. .aq slalu nmpak kreta dye dekat hartamas. .dulu kreta kaler merah. .skrg lawa bhaii, ape code kaler eh. .huhu. .

  56. naim yaakob says:

    Bro, jam tu jenis ape? yang pakai spek hitam tu.

  57. budak baik says:

    Bila NK dtg interview Aku ,Aku pki Mustang

  58. Darren Seow says:

    Eh bro, Nombor plate tu bukan JPJ standard lah

  59. Megat Muhammad Asyraf bin Megat Badarul Hisham says:

    bro cuba tgk Dustin Williams channel, ajak abg pekin sekali tgk. content dia boleh jadikan inspirasi as video maker/car builder. transition video, pengunaan mic etc. Anyway, keep up the good work!

  60. Anan 5605 says:

    Pekin bukan dtg kosong ni. Kepala sedap semacanggg hahahaha

  61. Arif Zain says:

    warna kuning ni wrap ke bro ? kalau wrap , kt mana wrap nya ?

  62. Amydiamni Roslan says:

    Eh ehhhhh jep la tuuu

  63. Bos Big hugo boss says:

    Bang cute kreta ni montel cun melecun bang.sesuai utk gadis2 yg ingin bawak pi sekolahπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  64. vithylingam lingam says:

    Next car , gtr 35 boss

  65. Bos Big hugo boss says:

    Bang cantik rambut bang tuπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ln kali klu nk berlakon bang biar betul2 cerita matsaleh bkn rojak2 dgn hindustan atau filem tamilπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  66. Anjang 2585 says:

    Tajuk filem baru pasal kereta malaysia.. yg seakan sama fast to farios.. laju nk kemana.. akan datang..

  67. Syaff Aliph says:

    1 je nak tahu brp kos pembuatan

  68. Mrs Fingerman says:

    Channel kelantan ke?

  69. abg lenjan says:

    bila nk datg interbiu aku…aku pkai toyota se limited..

  70. emzaffar says:

    Apa la melayu…support la one another maju sama2…susah sngt ke??…mungkin rezeki seseorang individu tu hari ni..dan mungkin turn kita hari lain..buat apa nk dengki2 ni?…kalau x suka diam je la

  71. AlleviatE says:

    Myvi lg lajuu

  72. syah roulettezoku says:

    Pekin Ibrahim mmg trbaik,buat film mmg mncabar..saya tengok berulang kali crt kl wangan abg Pekin Ibrahim..mmg the best..🀭🀭

  73. Fad 91 says:

    Aku pernah jumpe kete ni dkt rawang bulan lepas.. atas hihgway..

  74. Muhammad azri Zainudin Zainudin says:

    Golf ni satu aku x suke…auto..racing2 auto..kalau manual susah cari,mahal GILEEE..

  75. Sucimuci Motorsport says:

    terbaek pekin.. tak melatah dengan kecaman.. u got my respect bro..

  76. Zulfariq Yunus says:

    wow kimi

  77. paihz says:

    AWD dan 4WD tak sama, walaupan empat2 tayar pusing.

  78. Hafz epie says:

    400hp lebih lebih adehhhh… Paduuu

  79. ku wan says:

    Banyak duit boleh la.. Dsg kacau la, nak repair.. Set waze new power speed.. Harga cantik puas hati

  80. Ceim Peighn says:

    mate tu bro matee tu…pedih nau tgk screen πŸ€ͺ

  81. tengku hairy says:

    🀣brg2 spare part smua order dkt cino..cino ckp import cye je..haha..brg2 kete smua mreka handle mlyu pki je..

  82. vlog agusto fadlullah says:

    Idola kawe nihh

  83. syamin nazmi says:

    Rock bro…
    Ada perancangan utk membikin mengembangkan cerita watak slash ?

  84. Muhammad Ashraf Mat Roof says:

    apahal previous video tak boleh bukak?

  85. Abey Runner5669 says:

    Pape pon abg pekin ibrahim terbaik sye minat citerΒ² abg belako. Nice bang memang terbaik

  86. diri axoe says:

    Vlogers yg xlyn pengikut nubis

  87. Zfrost Zfrost says:

    Bro tu… Jambang lain mcm je tengok… Cm pelik aarr

  88. AimanRS2 says:

    Mark 7R βœ… EmmKayy 7R ❌

  89. G-Auto Tech Maniac says:

    Not only fast in straight road, also in windy road so stable and fast. See this video GOLF MK7 HILL CLIMB

  90. apheif says:

    sialla jawapan untuk every soalan terbaik πŸ˜‚ orang troll dia tepis je

  91. mhmdnaim foods says:

    bro saya nak tanya ni kalau vw scirocco 2.0 okay ke tak eh ? sebab inshaAllah hujung tahun ni nak angkat scirocco 2.0 or gti 2.0 … minta pendapat mana satu lagi better n sedap

  92. az zahar says:

    Suruh buat citer best kata takde duit. Beli VW ada plak duit. Pantek

  93. Afif Fauzi says:

    MK stands for MarK. Mark1 Mark2 smpai la Mark7.5..

  94. CODE NAME VAMPiRE says:

    wrap tu kod color apa…lawa sehhh…

  95. Bujang Senang says:

    Boring.Artis mlysia klo x psal keta,psal moto,xda idea lain lg dh nk tiruπŸ˜‚

  96. Wehhok !!!! says:

    100 ribu k views 🀣

  97. Mohdafiq Sham says:

    Asal tak cat luar dlm pekin..

  98. Mohamad Hanafi says:

    Ok abam pekin, pasni otw beli mk6, tp 1.4 tsi je πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  99. capital danny93 says:

    Mmg lawa kereta pekin..

  100. Mohdsufian Sufian says:

    Pekin ngan R…..due gua minat bossss

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