Star Wars Black Series Cal Kestis Jedi Fallen Order Action Figure Review

it’s Times review cow Custer’s hey guys Miho supersorrell a bear was
June and look what huh its pal so this is tall casters from the New
Jedi fallen order video game I’m very excited to have him in my collection
Carl is number 93 in the Black Series line-up and like I said it is from New
Jedi fallen or the video game age due out later next month
I’m very excited to play College from the order 66 era and narrowly escaped
the order 66 I believe with his droid BD 1 and he’s being chased by the
inquisitors if he’s from the area that does actually mean that he could be he
could know well you might bump into the rebels at some point how cool would that
be to have some form of additional content I’ll comment but where he
actually teams up with Kanan oh I’d love to find that out and that would be sick
yeah I’d love to see them integrate that’s a rebels and brim do something
with the rebels at a video game I’d love to look to the explore Kanan you know he
is in a video game or something oh I would like and then maybe a so katana as
well could fill that time gap obviously with the new series of Clone Wars as
well coming out it just makes it more the more exciting to know what happens
in that area so guys let’s get cut out the packaging but before we do let’s go
straight to the desk camp so you guys can take a look at the packaging itself
and have a read of that below alright guys here is it’s cold testers the box
is awesome he actually looks at like the actor it really does
I’m digging at that face clubs got really cool looking lightsaber as well I
like that I’m liking all the bangles and stuff he’s armor and he’s you know
things he’s wearing do like that she was thrown together and as well he’s got his
little droid as well I forgot the name of his little droid on the back of the
box that I’m sure and there’s an artist rendering of Cowell and the Fallen Jedi
Order logo this is number 93 in the Black Series collection if we go to the
back of there is a nice little blurb here all about a cow that states a Jedi
Padawan during the Clone Wars Colchis this narrowly escaped the horrors of
order 66 and was forced into hiding together with Explorer droid bd1 he
embarked on a journey to rebuild the jet order well evading the terrifying
imperial inquisitors oh yes let’s not forget about the second sister because
she’s in the shadows skulking cow waiting to strike along with her shadow
troopers or the purge troopers I believe the cold in the game yeah so let’s break
cow out of the packaging all right guys let’s get cow out of the box but before
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box so how many of you have already got this game on pre-order I know it’s
always dangerous doing a pre-order these days because you never know how the
game’s gonna actually measure up when it finally comes out we have that sting on
the bomb thanks to shadow of Mordor and for the
games on that over the years whether they really live up in my opinion especially when there ain’t got
PewDiePie one in the pit you did a paid review you got paid to say good things
about shadow water alright I am very much looking for this
video game though I was a big fan of the Stowers Unleashed video games so it’s
nice that we’re going back to being a Jedi in the video games again a force
user been a long time since the other Star Wars video games so I’m very
excited to this one my college is really cool character so here is Cal out of the
packaging he has a really cool resemblance to the character itself and
to the actor playing him he looks really awesome
after the actual name of the actor bruh it’s the kid who played joke in the
Gotham series actually looks like him an articulation though bed is on a ball
drains you can make him head look down as well as up
and left and right also a bit of it till there as well the arms do lift up and do
rotate that top hinge their elbows are those nice slightly elbows I’m not fun
of those but they do work and the guy doesn’t hinge on them and their hands
are on ball joints it is not a few harmless pieces but that doesn’t stop
the articulation from allowing as a bob from left to right there on the roller
AB as well as forwards and backwards with a nice crunch you can we can rotate
him there at that hinge there’s no further waist width as far as I can tell
the legs do lift out though pretty far as well as forwards and backwards with a
top five cut double hinge neither is that a boot break that there’s no break
of the boot suddenly but the feet are on rocker and pivots so all in all the
figure is very cool and has a lot of articulation which hand does he use for
his lightsaber though that’s the question because he does have a very
awesome lightsaber I’m loving the design of the lightsaber
I’m hoping that when I go to Disney World next year and I do the build oh
I’d say but they have this style of why I say because I love that with the break
just look so nice and does the blade power at this one I don’t think it does
now I don’t think I blame pops out though and doesn’t feel like he wants to
come out no I don’t pull too hard probably will do but it’s a bit stiff
maybe and let’s talk about the paint apps so there is a bleeding issues I’m
not gonna lie especially on this arm where you can see I think the original
plastic with all coated blue and then the paint’s just chipping off leaving a
blue arm rather than a you know tongue : arm it’s it’s a bit that’s it be a fee
for me the face sculpt though is pretty decent the paint apps about face sculpt
is beautifully done it’s just there is bleeding issues in the actual leathers
you know a natural light shaded colors the color having blended very well it’s
kind of bubbled especially there that strap look at that
eyes awful you can tell the difference between the two straight away look yeah it’s not without issue but to be
fair when you’re not looking that detail that and you’re looking at it from a
shelf perspective or from a display point of view it blends in nicely and he
looks like he belongs so I’m not gonna know too much about it he does have his
little droid as well she does have a little bit of articulation you can move
the legs on it as well as hinge up for the actual little knee joints and the
head as well Bob’s around and move from left to right so there is some little
articulation points for the little droid as well which is pretty nice I wasn’t
expecting the drags have little articulated points either fact that
Calkins law is nice little fancy pieces as well on his belt that’s pretty cool
so I’m gonna have a good guess that he uses his glove hand that would make him
left-handed but I feel he uses the glove hand over the saber but I may be wrong yeah that feels wrong another way I’m
gonna go with the left with the right hand Colt doesn’t have a blaster or anything
I’m not shooting the video game we saw him with a blaster gun it was just got
the lightsaber in this incarnation doesn’t have a holster anything nice
costume so you might not but I wondered if he had a gun as well or he does just
seem to have the saber so guys what I’m gonna do now is I want
to go to the desk come to give you guys a little whispers look at Kyle on these
droid bd1 so I’m gonna go to the desk um so you guys can take a close look at
this figure and if you haven’t seen my reviews of these guys then please go
ahead and check those videos out we do have the awesome purge trooper here
there’s a Gamestop exclusive there’s meant to come with the video again but
we managed to get an import version of the figure to review and of course this
is the second sister and it’s the what they call this version is the the the
Carbonite version I can’t think then it’s more like a
silvery finish to the armor rather just plain black so yeah very nice figure
indeed but let’s go ahead and get this guy out the packaging all right guys the
air is cow out of that packaging looking awesome as always I’m loving about face
sculpt is a very nice figure actually and I do like the way he looks like I’ve
been saying and with these shoes aside is a great
figure and I still really do recommend grabbing him because I think he’s gonna
be quite sought-after once the video game comes out it’s a bit like when
Kanan ahsoka first came out they were kind of not very popular to begin with
but then as as rebels grew in popularity the figures are nowhere to be seen now
so I think that might be the same for Carl here oh yeah I’m just loving that
lightsaber is a nice big long ways everybody can Gil wield that with two
hands pretty well it’ll look pretty cool come on so yeah what do you guys think
of Carl is it I figure you’re picking up to your collection let me know in the
comments down below guys and what do you think of the paint apps and things is
yours like mine or is yours a little bit cleaner let us know in the comments love
to hear back from you but guys tells me mean a lot of trouble
when the Inquisitor shows up so I’m gonna get these to pose though
for a little deal I’ll be right back oh no guys it looks like it’s all over
the cowl now the second sister and the trooper has got him call it there seems
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your host supersorrell and I’ll see you in the next video may the force be with
you bye you

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