Spring Valley Golf Club – Members say it best
Spring Valley Golf Club – Members say it best

When I came out to Melbourne I wanted to
join a club that was first and foremost the thing I wanted to do I didn’t know
any of the courses I didn’t know any of the clubs and we were playing at
various public courses and public courses aren’t all that great
particularly in winter. I was looking for a club that will allow me to play right
through the year and I contacted the club with a view to coming down and
checking out the facilities and then yeah straight away they said yeah whenever you want, come down and have a hit I came and played around here just to suss it out –
just driving in, it was impressive had a hit, really enjoyed it had a
couple drinks afterwards and from there I decided – I’ll join up. My decision
was based around the facilities the golf course this is just what I
needed let’s join and give it a go I’m lovin it. The course is epic,
really great condition super practice facilities and playing on
these sorts of fairways I never played before anything like this. I think the
way it’s set up – it’s friendly but at the same time it could be quite
challenging. Sandbelt golf is very different golf to the type of golf I’ve
been used to playing in Scotland and I did a group clinic on how to play in
the Sandbelt bunkers and that really helped me. The facilities here are equal
to none and I think the price to get in is better than you’ll get anywhere else. For me the best thing about Spring Valley is not the course though it’s the
members, the members are very open and receptive to new people joining the club. Everyone I’ve met has really set out their way of welcome me and wish me all the best
and offer a round, it really sort of gives you a reason to come down here and play. Every time I walk around here I enjoy I like the facilities, I like the
members, the course is magnificent; I love it I personally come down, really enjoyed it
and everyone I met has been great and I think you really enjoy the course and
the members, if you’re looking for a club definitely recommend coming down and
have a go see, what you reckon

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