Spring Valley Golf Club Member Testimonial Video
Spring Valley Golf Club Member Testimonial Video

– Been a member here now
for just on two years. First impressions were it’s,
it’s an amazing golf course. It’s not the longest course in Melbourne But it’s one of the tricky ones. It’s a course that you’ve really got to think your way around. Probably the best thing that’s happened to me since I been at the course is my eight year old daughter
joined as a Cadet member. So the fact that I get to come
down here with my daughter, have a hit, have a practise,
walk around the course, that makes me happy. – I think I was about 18
or 19 when I seriously started golf and fell
in love with the game. I’ve been a member for 14 years now. And the course is always
in great condition. So yeah, you can’t lose. It’s playable throughout the year. When she was about six years
old, I used to take her down the driving range with me
and I used to hit balls and she used to watch me
hit balls and then one day, she goes, can I have a hit. And that was it. – I love the course. Well, I started young, so it was good to start on there, with tight fairways. – Very competitive out there. – [Woman] So who would you
say is the better player? – Definitely me.
– Me. Me, me.
– Me, me, definitely me. – I’ve been a member of
Spring Valley Golf Club for 16 years. It’s been a long time. I would tell anybody, you
know, who wants to join here that, you know, Spring Valley
is really a friendly club. If you want to join a
golf club to play golf, you don’t want to drive more
than an hour to the golf club. Location, I think that’s
the great advantage here. The people here, they’re really friendly. The ladies are so friendly. They embrace me, you know. I really feel at home. – We have a really good community aspect. Everyone supports each other. – Favourite part is, is
the people at the course. They’re fantastic, always tee
off with someone different. Weekly, you walk around for four hours and you spend time with them and you end up finding a fair bit about them. I think the members are one of the best qualities of the place here. – I’m very happy to be here. And I love to have a lot more
people to come and join here.

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