Sport V3 for Samsung Galaxy S5 |

Hi, I’m Britney and I’m going to show you a V3 Sport Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Let’s open it up and take a look inside. This is made at of a tough polycarbonate shell, along with a soft TPU liner. It comes with 2 to inserts. Both with anti-slip grip and to mount your phone magnetically. This one, uses a Rokform mounting system. To work with all our V3 accessories. This is to fully cover the back of the device, and to still mount magnetically. To install, you simply snap in, to enter. As well as snapping your device. The kit will come with a magnet mount, to mount any flat surface. Our favorite is the car dashboard. Be sure to clean the surface before installation. Also, read the instructions while your at home. And that is our V3 Sport case for the Samsung Galaxy S 5. Be sure to check out our website at Thanks for watching.

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