Speed Golf featuring the Veloster Rally Golf Cart and Rhys Millen | Hyundai
Speed Golf featuring the Veloster Rally Golf Cart and Rhys Millen | Hyundai

75 thoughts on “Speed Golf featuring the Veloster Rally Golf Cart and Rhys Millen | Hyundai”

  1. MPGomatic says:


  2. Ranko Frka says:

    Probably most of you didn't know that's a private rally track owned by Millen Senior… thumbs up!

  3. TeamTOS says:

    Will Hyundai be in the WRC?

  4. Bucc i says:

    This video actually makes me WANT to play golf!

  5. Mikeado66 says:

    Beats an EZ-GO.

  6. Rey says:

    Whats that squeaking sound?

  7. knk0806 says:

    you should change the wordings a bit
    "a hole in one" appears to be vulnerable to mistranslation. what about a hole-in-one instead?

  8. Marc G says:

    So… what series is this car competing in again? WRC? Rally America? I suppose he could drive it up pikes peak as practice.

  9. ViperTuner says:

    @reylit23 turbo blow off

  10. ElearTW says:

    @reylit23 its the Blow Off Valve (BOV) to release pressure from the turbo system when you take your foot off the accelerator.

  11. DEADHYPE says:

    @himselfhim lol definitely not WRC. he's not as dumb as block. millen knows where he belongs. maybe rally america but idk prob something smaller

  12. ¡dn ʇǝb ʇ,uɐɔ ı puɐ uǝ11ɐɟ ǝʌɐɥ I `ǝϣ d1ǝɥ says:

    Ahole in one. what a cow field?

  13. Andrea Colombo says:

    @reylit23 Mouses-powered car. There's not an engine, there are a lot of little mouses running into a wheel.

  14. Gavin Butterworth says:

    Right Hyundai stop fannying around in America. Develop that Veloster to WRC regs and jobs a good'un!

  15. MotorsportMonkey says:

    @shintyfan hell yes as VW are back would make things more intersting…subaru and mitsi back aswell…WRC might be worth watching again one day!

  16. BoostGear Turbo Shirts says:

    Interesting to see what she will do and how far Hyundai will take the program.

  17. BoostGear Turbo Shirts says:

    @BoostGear I also agree, Mitsubishi and Subaru should keep it simple and campaign again in WRC!

  18. walperstyle says:

    I wish I got to take apart and re-design new factory cars… humph

  19. Petrol head says:

    The Cow at the end is like, "WTF are they cheering at?"

  20. Maxim says:

    There is a person called freddiew could have asked him 4 the ball in the hole part 😉

  21. The Retro Lab says:

    Will Hyundai be entering the WRC next year with this car then? cool video anyway!

  22. Romain Ternier says:

    POWAAAAA a biggest driver!! and a really nice and agressive car!!

  23. kaj750 says:

    @knk0806 my smart-assnes read it as a-hole in one. LOL. but just for a second. nice vid, by the way.

  24. Ramon says:

    the cow at the end is all like wtf mate

  25. texasGarage says:

    LOL great video! that's how I'll be golfing from now on… just hook me up with a Veloster Turbo Hyundai!

  26. Dominik MJ says:

    Does that mean, that the Veloster will come in all wheel drive? [I don't think so… 🙁 ]

  27. chrisknows says:

    brb going out and trying this in my sonata, gonna report back in a bit

  28. chris friske says:

    The grass on the green is way to long

  29. Drake Nazar says:

    I'm not a fan of Hyundai but I love this video.. 😀

  30. iWrap says:

    Cool video but it's like short version of gymkhana

  31. dankap says:

    hey hyundai – you're not subaru, ford, dc, or monster. plz stop.

  32. Tony Tran says:

    @dankap Hey dankap, hyundai rallied before ken block did.

  33. dankap says:

    @AMTonyT and probably much better too. Ken's kinda full of suck lately. And no one's denying that. But this video feels like an attempt at "me too"ing the gymkhana series.

  34. Xénos Polemistí̱s says:

    The cow is just like "WTF" lol

  35. jus1029ph says:

    Hyundai Veloster WRC: your new golf cart

  36. jhon smith says:

    dubstep remix with the golf ball

  37. anyusernamesleftest says:

    @FrkaPimp And it's in New Zealand?

  38. Zach Buchowski says:

    Thumbs up for Rod Millen eatin' a sammach!

  39. Trevor Wray says:

    Millen > Block

  40. Vherbal Assau1t says:

    what a boss!

  41. Michael Lu says:

    it's a fucking hyundai

  42. JamesTheFiddler says:

    @GridXLu and looks amazing. Korean engineering has finally caught up. Don't let that badge fool you

  43. Gavin Butterworth says:

    @BoostGear Hold on did you reply to yourself?

  44. DirectedByEyaare says:

    Seems legit.

  45. ReflexEight says:

    @TheUrbanDrame I brought my own god damn self here so I guess I should promote myself. Hey everyone! @ReflexEight sent me! Isn't he funny and awesome?! Watch his videos if you haven't!

  46. Roberto Perez says:

    @GridXLu Yeah Thanks god is not a fucking bankrupted GM or a recycled Ford crap or a dangerous Toyota or a Ford owned Fucking Aston Marting. 😀

  47. Tim Bardong says:

    Anyone else see the hand come into the camera angle that threw the golf ball at the car?

  48. FuckGoogle+ says:

    His Shocks are Made out of Live Gophers.

  49. 420apache657 says:

    hes from new zealand like bruce mclaren

  50. Wayu Omruk says:

    funny ending

  51. Tivoy Cunningham says:

    @NastytheGREASERZOMBI, they don't paint rally cars they're more like stickers.

  52. uroswolf says:

    Accent WRC, now Veloster. Nice to have Hyundai back in game 😀

  53. hashrulsubzero says:

    @uroswolf If only that Veloster decides to return to WRC. It would be interesting to see how that Korean rally car does on the rally stages 🙂

  54. yourauntcindy says:

    Love the first 1 !!!

  55. richard bender says:

    dat anti-lag

  56. a Fantastic channel says:

    thats a shitty putting green

  57. Jigsjigz says:

    should have used a vw GOLF

  58. RobAlpacaflip says:

    better than a gti

  59. ItstheChi says:

    That cow at the end's looking at them like "what the fuck's wrong with you guys?"

  60. royaloreca says:

    No it isn't

  61. RobAlpacaflip says:

    Yes, it is.

  62. royaloreca says:

    we could keep going at this but let's agree to disagree, haha 😉

  63. JonnySage says:

    Now if only Hyundai would sell a AWD Veloster.

  64. Lonewolfoperations says:

    I hear they are dropping out of racing altogether to focus on rally. I thought you had to produce the car for production just to be in rally. What gives

  65. MrKdr500 says:

    ford do it with fiesta and did it with focus. not bagging ford as i own a focus st.

  66. Ye11ofrog says:

    Im surprised they actually stayed in their golf clothes 0:42

  67. RealMadridSuperiority says:

    The Hyundai Veloster is the best and fastest selling sports hatch in America and Europe of 2013.

    Viva Hyundai!

  68. TaiL FRXII says:

    It is…….

  69. Ammar Bukhari says:

    I love my veloster

  70. 666thorben666 says:

    I'm waiting for a Veloster 2.0 Turbo AWD

  71. rorschach775 says:

    I know what popcorn sounds like you fucking anorexic bitch. GO EAT A STEAK.

  72. Jaycob Merritt says:

    seeing that car reminds me of forza 4

  73. HayateV3 says:

    WTF? its 4wd? Why isnt this one on the consumer market?

  74. Ford Men says:

    I want Hyundai decals for my Elantra. And when I get my Veloster in 6 months.

  75. Chris Johns says:

    I have a Volester but it doesn't sound like that how can i make it the same as this one :/

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