Soccer Politics Course Offers Duke Students a Global Experience
Soccer Politics Course Offers Duke Students a Global Experience

(Four people saying same phrase in French,
Italian, Spanish and English) “Soccer unites peoplel” [[Luisa Stalman/Freshman in Soccer Politics]]
“I think I’ve been in love with soccer ever since I was born, but I think that’s
more because my father immigrated from Argentina to the U.S. because of soccer. When he was 22, he came to play for Boston
College. That’s basically how my family even got
to the U.S.” [[Eyram Klu/Junior in Soccer Politics]]
17:53:26 “I think my interest in soccer really started at the age of 8. I was so gracious and privileged to be able
to travel to Germany in 2006 for the World Cup.” “Just so much emotion. So much passion. From that point on, I was hooked.” [[Sounds from class]]
The great midfielders in soccer have that sense of ability to predict where their position
is, but then what that kind of pass will lead too, right?” [[Klu]]
What made you want to take soccer politics? “So what made me want to take soccer
politics?” “I wanted to take the class to become more
of an expert, to be able to talk to people who had lived through different ages of soccer. Maybe like the age of these legends like Maradona
and Pele and Zidane. Be able to have conversations with them about
what was going on during that time of the world. It really is a window into seeing the world
change.” [[Stalman speaking in Spanish during class]]
“When I heard about this class, the lecture being in English and the discussion section
being in Spanish, I thought it would be a really cool opportunity to meet people from
Latin American countries or Hispanic countries that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.” “Soccer has the power to go beyond language
or identity so I think that’s really cool.”

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